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  1. In the first half !! Thought he and Goldson were quite sloppy in the second half which shouldn't come as a surprise given the pace they played the first half at and the number of games they have played recently.
  2. https://www.vipbox.live/Rangers-vs-st-johnstone-1-live Working fine for me !!
  3. Saw this piece in the Scotsman comments section after last nights game. Pretty good imo !! "Got what we deserved", says Ronny! Newsflash, Ronny! You got what you DESERVED a couple of weeks ago. Did you forget the pummeling, that Legia gave you? You didn't even deserve to be there last night. You had no right to be in the same company as Maribor. The whole football world knows that. Only the 'Shameless Brass Necks' who attend, occasionally, 'State Aid Arena' thought they had any business, rubbing shoulders with Maribor. For the few decent folk, who have to endure mixing with the 'Shameless Brass Necks', at 'State Aid Arena', watching 'State Aid Inc.', the embarrassment must have been overwhelming. Unfortunately, they will endure, further embarrassment, piled upon embarrassment, as 'State Aid Inc.', the cretins who are incapable of feeling shame, as they continue to bring derision upon themselves, and the contempt of all true football people. Confess your sins. Beg for forgiveness. Drag yourselves up onto your hind legs and TRY to behave like men. If you can do that AND give back the 'State AId' money, the Co-op dodgy 'loan' cash and return all of the money and 'trophies,'from the 'State Aid' years, decent people might be able to look upon you without shielding their noses from the stench which emanates your stinking carcasses
  4. Thanks. I think you know more than you are letting on but that's fine. So long as I can add her to my Rangers haters list.I would still pump her though !!
  5. Frankie, Jane Lewis seems to have been a complete nonentity until this . You have mentioned her a few times as being a Rangers hater. I'm not doubting you and maybe I have missed something but would you care to elaborate ??
  6. I heard we turned down the chance to join the Conference league south as we wont do Woking away !! I'll get ma coat
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