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  1. Is he just calling Costa Rica "Chile" constantly to piss everyone off? Because it's working.
  2. Me anaw. For the predictor and my £5 double!
  3. Glad to know you're feeling alright at home mate.
  4. Wouldn't say ridiculous, they have some quality players in their squad and qualified with ease. Fair enough they've not looked great in that first half but the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Spain haven't looked anything special either. I would say they are probably being over-hyped, but can see why they were fifth favourites.
  5. Can't believe Italy are playing someone already registered for another squad. They'll surely get disqualified. That guy in your sig is playing left back for Ghana.
  6. So what happens if an England player requires treatment? Maybe need to rely on the Italian physio to help out.
  7. I've genuinely muted the channel, can't stand him.
  8. Aye, probably have Andy Townsend to look forward to again tonight.
  9. Aye he does actually mate, such a boring voice
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