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  1. Fiorentina Captain found dead in a hotel room.
  2. Dundee United

    A coloured cunt...?
  3. Fuck the taigs.

    I remember my first pint.
  4. Lafferty spotted at Glasgow Airport.

    His ex wife is/was better looking.
  5. so much goals in the premier league today.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo Sexual Assault

    No cunts going to read all that.
  7. Footballing talent inheritance

    Zinedine & Enzo Zidane Think he has 3 other son's, also at madrid.
  8. Football buzzwords

    "He's covered every blade of grass." Naw.
  9. UFC live.

    Meisha Tate is looking tidy
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Messi has rejected a new contract at Barca and cunts on twitter are saying, Messi to celtic because he has always loved "paradise".
  11. UFC live.

    That's all the wee arseholes back on Facebook pretending they're UFC experts already, just because McGregors on the card.
  12. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Plus the stadium sponsor.
  13. 2016/17 football kits...

    Hard to rob cunts in that.
  14. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    Load of shite, never happened.
  15. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    Remember my PM.
  16. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    I'll take a PM please..
  17. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    Show me the tits.
  18. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    Fucking booo!
  19. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    There's a Monday every week mate.
  20. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    This is his dug
  21. UFC live.

    Not meaning people here just most cunts on social media.