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  1. Isnt that the exact same statement as the last one, with the McCafferty bit added on?
  2. £110 for the new Man Utd shirt, or £182 for the full kit
  3. Fiorentina Captain found dead in a hotel room.
  4. EcosseBear

    FIFA 18

    How can anyone sit and play 40 games? I get bored after 2 or 3 games.
  5. Messi has rejected a new contract at Barca and cunts on twitter are saying, Messi to celtic because he has always loved "paradise".
  6. 80 quid for a game? Are you fucking mental?
  7. That's all the wee arseholes back on Facebook pretending they're UFC experts already, just because McGregors on the card.
  8. Shopto are always the cheapest, don't know about vouchers.
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