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  1. Gerry will probably fuck off to thailand to be with his ladyboy
  2. Here ano your a bear but Fuck sake writing for they cunts mon tae fuck
  3. Fuck sake ya stupid cunt!
  4. .......woudn't be arsed with your shit I'm more inporoviled with getting the taigs demoted i hate they fucking cunts ah want titles striped aff they bastards
  5. You give a cheeky question you get a stupid answer
  6. You want this to escalate don't you cheeky cunt 😃😃😃
  7. Do you get paid for grassing?
  8. The blue pound you make aff of rangers by getting paid by the daily rhechord your employers....... Much do you get?
  9. Does that make it allright for you? Bread on the table and all that!
  10. Fuck you cunt you can lie there with the bheast you have behave your soul to the devil you fucking bheast anycunt that takes the blue pound for their own gain is nothing more than a bheast not worthy of our support so stick your blog up your arse you turncoat bastard
  11. Ave ran oot of skol supers! Shit!
  12. Thought he was to appear on monday and was held in??
  13. Thats fuck all when i come home from work and sit down to dinner i get the pyro oot
  14. Working for septics official partner Dirty bastard
  15. Oh hes getting the jail allright it looks like he didnt declare his convictions on his etsa which is a crime it's self let's see how mr trump deals with this