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  1. Boycott?
  2. I've still not seen our UEFA final as I was in Piccadilly gardens and heard the score without watching it just don't want to see it
  3. Correct we should have maintained our traditional values
  4. 3-0 doon tae shelbourne at half time
  5. I agree with this mols really could have been the greatest guy was a star
  6. Mo Johnston
  7. I may be paranoid but here goes Liewell,sturgeon,Doncaster,o'Kane,spiers,English,Regan,Strachan,o'Neil,Jackson,police scotland Lemmon,stokes,Griffiths, Delacunt,Sutton,salmon Brenda,north korea,terry fucking butcher the fucking prick,the dude,the pope,chris mcgobilin,phil 89 names, and coral bookmakers naw there fucking cunts as well Feel free to add to this list of fienian bastards
  8. Cunt needs a fucking few smacks aboot
  9. A fucking heed for an eye I say
  10. Fuck up cunt
  11. I think the cunt was thinking about cock he seems to light on his shoes
  12. I was wearing mine today went to work yesterday morning and seen the band oot so jumped aff the bus and walked was the band
  13. Good fitba taps other than that they are shite
  14. maybe it was basketball releated then
  15. naw fuck that uefa should be involved fans slashing in the stadium get the shithole closed