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  1. Throw the taig down the well
  2. Men White Red Stripe Navy Blue Silk Tie Match Hanky Pocket Square Set Lot BWTHZ0101
  3. Stand out from the crowd mate and wear a kilt (tu)
  4. Jesus fuckin christ
  5. Get the full version played again rangers fuck the rest if fans want to sing the add ons whits the sfa gonnae do about it fuck them its not europe so uefa can go take a fuck anaw and focus and that peier piano cunt fenian bastard that he is
  6. What a fucking cunt that houston is
  7. Then drive a tank over the cunts to be sure
  8. I would rather we told them to fuck off and we'd go it alone on rangers tv
  9. LD 😃
  10. Fucking cunt needs tore a new one
  11. The daily record can get fucked cunts fuck aw there reporters of that shit fucking rag fucking pile of piss
  12. In the brit in greenock
  13. Welcome the Portuguese proddy only us can single these guys oot FTP