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  1. Fight back bears no surrender fuck they cunts
  2. Hospitality? rangers should tell them tae fuck off our own fans deserve the seats
  3. Joe Miller wrote it mate
  4. Tell them to fuck off it's a sell oot
  5. Fuck them fucking dirty bastards hopefully sumcunt gives them a right good shoeing
  6. And pay for it
  7. They bastards claim titles during the war we don't fuck them
  8. Pm the dude just a misunderstanding there is no bias towards us and he needs a wage to food on the table
  9. Fuck the mexican wave get the bouncy going yassss
  10. Gonna be fucking bedlam bring it you dirty fenian bastards
  11. I win again yasssss 3 in a row next up Churchill to win thunder snow eachway
  12. Lady auruilia
  13. 1690