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  1. Although it's probably a good idea and will improve their leauge in the long term but fuck doing that here after what we have been through just die ya Bastards
  2. linfield1690

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    His Facebook looks class Fuck the ira watp and he rants about Muslims hahaha The big man knows what 55 is all about
  3. linfield1690

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    Big matthew wipes his arse with the Scottish and english version of the sun in one shite
  4. linfield1690

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    I like how the story carries an advert for Jacomo at the bottom
  5. linfield1690

    Thank You RM

    Admin please move this to the ot
  6. linfield1690

    Gollum Gone ?

    They will probably replace him with the hag Fuck them keep them banned
  7. linfield1690

    Gollum Gone ?

    Fuck letting a peado organization into your hoose tell them to fuck off
  8. linfield1690

    Gollum Gone ?

    Moving him to a roundabout in Manchester?
  9. linfield1690

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Return of yellafang?
  10. linfield1690

    Dundee United

    Won't be long till the cunts fold now
  11. linfield1690


    Five cups after we win the super cup Istanbul we are on our way
  12. linfield1690

    Dundee United

    Are these cunts playing today? I expect them to get another fucking tanking
  13. Right Rangers intae these bastards