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  1. Andy Halliday

    I feel gutted for Andy. I wont lie, its my pals son although if I'm honest I don't know andy.. He is living the dream we all wish we had done. I went to many euro games abroad with his dad on the Govan True Blues. rangers to the core the whole family. However, no point in lying, a good few performances have been poor. I hope he can overcome it. I know all bears want him to as he is one of our own.
  2. Queen Elizabeth stand

    I would say that we are still a proudly unionist club who admires the monarchy?
  3. Queen Elizabeth stand

    OK some on here may not like this but to me the govan stand is still that. I wouldn't have named it after jardine. Cooper was more a legend than him imo
  4. Derrys walls to amazing grace

    Another one "as he lay on the battlefield dying" isn't heard much anymore. Again, we launched into derrys walls after that
  5. Derrys walls to amazing grace

    We still sang it not so long along ago at certain games and then launched into derrys walls version people know. Edit: was at the odd away game in the 90s etc
  6. Safe Standing at Ibrox

    See the people going on about seats being there's for x amount of time. You do know that buying your season ticket isn't a guarantee for that seat? It guarantees you a season ticket. Now we all know you will get your seat to be truthful. If anyone remembers the old debenture schemes etc, these were the only ones that guaranteed the seat you sat on the season before.
  7. more hated now than before demotion

    Quite frankly, fuck the lot of them
  8. On a side note, now at 2853 gbp. Well done and I have a feeling when a few get paid at end of month this will rise.
  9. Get your videos deleted now.....

    I didn't see anyone rag dolling a wee boy. Where you getting that from? The only one close to that is the guy who had two hands on a wee boy. And if you watch it it looks as of he is moving him out the way yet a hibs fan went ahead with him. If you mean the idiot who the guy in pink was involved with, he is around 18-20 and deserved all he got. He was taunting all fans at the bears end and giving it the come ahead shite
  10. Jim, If you read the link to the just giving. The originators ask the rfff to get involved. However, that's not VBs call to make. So VB started a fundraiser. I fail to see what is wrong with that. Hopefully RFFF do come aboard on this.
  11. **Assaults on our players - evidence thread**

    see to be honest. get this act to fuck asap. I hate those hibs retards but the sooner this act is binned the better
  12. exactly. I have people I know who don't agree with supporting this. Ok, not my view but I respect their right to that. But surely on somewhere like FF you should have the right to say whether yes or no? On a side note, when it was first posted on FF, quite a few posters donated so this nothing to do with the people posting. this is to do with a shocking attitude within the admin. and well done greg and the louden tavern!
  13. Wallace Withdraws From Scotland Squad.

    its sad the way we have all become over Scotland. I always support Scotland but I understand our animosity towards the tartan army and the sfa. Its a sad state of affairs when I cheer more watching our rugby team than I ever have with the football one.. Hope one day we will reclaim our country
  14. its fucking scandalous mate. Honestly I will be telling everyone that will listen to steer clear of it. Really hope that VB, RM and other sites promoting this cause get vindicated. Feel sorry for the bears on FF that were contributing to it as well
  15. Finished with FF. Fucking idiots FF POST: Good luck guys in here. As someone who used to sell the FF outside the ground and has known many people in here, including GMS, I am finished with this. How this site, the biggest forum for rangers fans cannot allow a post by other rangers sites fundraising to keep our bears fans out of court/jail is a disgrace. Shame on you FF (I know many involved with FF and I'm honestly disgusted. I sold the fanzine for many years when I was younger) Give my regards to GMS and co.