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  1. In Gibraltar now for the st Joseph's game v pristina as only 45mins from me. Will suss out ticket situation if required.
  2. I have said it before but I take my hat off to you GB. You put a lot of effort into many things on here and all for good causes. Really well done pal and thanks from me and I'm sure every other bear reading this thread.
  3. ive noticed you don't seem to be able to answer anything put to you. Chase yourself
  4. mate, I would not abuse guys on here for following the team but we are all adults?You ar right, some people go too far and I know that's not right but some people get the bit between their teeth and can't let go. Wrong I know but it's hardly going to hurt someone! I spoke with one of the posters the other week and he was just annoyed and wanted to out his views across. Shit happens I guess. At the end of the day, the main topic of this thread is a guy who absolutely slated rm and said he wouldn't post again but then comes on with a smug attitude which made even more people get annoyed (me included and I actually enjoyed many of his posts)
  5. tell me the personal abuse?Also, if he wants to be the bloody spokesman he so desires the he had better get used to people getting tore into him. He Has just proven, with his infantile behaviour that he can't handle that kind of position
  6. thats bs frankie.This is not follow follow you know. Some people need thicker skin and if he is as easily offended as that then he should be so outspoken (or indeed, crave a spokesman's job)
  7. I used to enjoy his posts Not anymore. A smug wee boy who acts although he has just taken his ball off his mates. If he got near the steps of ibrox I would be mortified. Turning into an absolute embarrassment with some of his posts
  8. Couldn't get next page to load when every bastard announced a penalty! I need a decent mobile live stream :-(
  9. Anyone know a link that will work on a mobile? Getting desperate, on the helideck of ship in singapore and trying to get a link to work
  10. Thanks for that. I just knew the show started at 9pm so didn't get a chance to log on as 7 hour time difference. will have a look at the lobby and radio but I fear the worst for the radio anyway as the internet speed on here is dreadful.
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