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  1. Fucking brilliant. Singing and dancing is what it’s all about. Well done the wee teddies.
  2. I thought Gerrard got most things right today, and I still think he will be a good manager. He can’t legislate for fucking idiots like Morelos or for stray passes from players under no pressure. I thought his team today fought hard for him and that’s always a good sign. If we give him time,I think he’ll come good. Our biggest hope is that he’s pitting his wits against that fuckin idiot Lennon.
  3. Can’t say I’m bursting with confidence for tomorrow but you never know. My main reasons for a bit of optimism is that Lennon is a shite Manager and his team are no better than average. Mon the Teddies.
  4. I think a 7 is a fair score. Some disappointing aspects but also some plus’s. Biggest disappointment is that they are shite and we’ve not taken advantage. A couple more good results against them and i might go to 7.5.
  5. josmc


    The tackle near the end was embarrassing. He needs dropped immediately.
  6. I believe that we’ve made some progress, but not as much as I was hoping for. I think the football we play is better but we are nowhere near clinical enough. We also have too many players who don’t have a winning mentality and that is a huge problem when you’re trying to challenge a team that have won 7 trophies in a row. Progress can only really be measured in trophies when you’re Rangers, and if we go another year without winning then we’re fucked.
  7. The boys a decent prospect but he would have made no difference last night. It’s a midfielder that can see a defence splitting pass that we need. McCrorie is useful if your trying to make it a scrap,which is by he did so well against the tarriers on the 29th. He’ll go on to earn a decent living but I don’t think he’ll ever be a world beater. I also think it’s unprofessional to be having a go at the manager in public. That’s something he should have the balls to do in the managers office. The whole thing is probably a non story though.
  8. It won’t say much for him if he chucks it after a season for fuck sake. I still think there’s a good manager in there. He has a lot to learn, but he’s taken on a massive club for his first job and that was never going to be easy. We should also remember that he took us into the Europa league and we didn’t disgrace ourselves there. We’ve also beaten the tarriers this season and for those comparing him to Pedro and Warburton, they should remember that. If he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, he’ll be another also ran and won’t last till next Xmas. I’m hoping that’s not the case and I’m still relatively confident that he’s the man for the job.
  9. josmc


    I like Morelos but there’s no doubt that some of his antics are cringeworthy. If we get a good price for himinthe summer then I would be happy to see him move on. I watch the matches expecting something special from him, but also shitting myself that he’s going to do something stupid. Hopefully he’ll have a good end to the season and a club will pay a decent price for him. I’ll wish him all the best and hope that we can find a goal scorer who is less of a liability.
  10. josmc


    Goldston looks like a bundle of nerves recently. I think he loses confidence if he makes a mistake in the game and then sort of hopes that the ball doesnt come near him for a while. I don’t think he’ll be a big miss against celtic as I don’t particularly rate him of Worral.
  11. The only positive to betaken from tonight. Looks like he’s played for us for years and was the best midfielder on the park by miles. It also looks like he is one of these players who’ll be a 8 or 9 every game.
  12. The most annoying thing for me just now is that we’re going to be 10 points behind a bang average tarrier team. After the disappointment of tonight, it’s hard to be positive. However, I do believe that we have made improvements under Gerrard, and he needs to be given time. If we get past Aberdeen then we’re definitely capable of beating the Taigs in a one off game. We can forget about the league this year, which is gutting, but can still go all the way in the cup. Inconsistency is our main problem and that is something we will have to address for next season.
  13. Season officially over bar the cup. Just not good enough. Plenty of chances to win 2 games but far too sloppy in front of goal. Poor decisions against us but they shouldn’t have mattered. Fucked off with it all yet again. I’ll feel better in a couple of days but at the moment I just wish the season was over.
  14. This puts the club in a great position when the time comes for him to move on. Personally, I think that will be in the summer, but we’ve made our hand a lot stronger when we’re dealing with clubs sniffing about him. The tarriers have been doing this for a while and to be fair it’s paid dividends for them. Good sensible move for all concerned. We seem to be a lot more professional in our business management than we were a few years ago.
  15. The banner’s a wee bit below the belt to be fair. Anything about Morelos himself is fair game but slagging off somebody’s maw is taking liberties. However, he’s a big boy and I’m sure he’ll get over it. Score a couple in the replay and get it right fucking up them is the best retaliation for him.
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