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  1. josmc

    Big Jock Knew

    Gordon Smith has them well sussed. His comment about clubs trying to hush things up is clearly aimed at celtic in my opinion. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the shit is going to really hit the fan in the next few months. The tarriers will be getting more and more nervous as new evidence starts to emerge. Stevie Wonder could see that people very high up at celtic covered this up and again i think their names will come out in the washing. I really hope for the survivors of this abuse, that celtic own their responsibility for what happened and firstly admit they are culpable , and secondly do all they can to make the victims lives more manageable. I won’t hold my breath on them doing this voluntarily, but I’m very hopeful that they will have no choice.
  2. josmc

    Teams who defend

    I would be more concerned if we hadn’t made any chances today. If you look at the game ,Lafferty has missed 2 easy headers but to be fair to him he almost scored a great goal when he hit the side netting. On another day we might have scored 4 or 5 . I agree that we definitely need a midfielder who can play a telling pass, and I don’t see any of our current midfielders being capable of doing this. For the next few games I think we just have to get results any way we can. I’ll take 4 scrappy 1 nils between now and the break.
  3. josmc

    Top of the League

    I’ve said this in a few other threads. celtic are bang average. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t win the league this season. The problem we have is inconsistency and if we can just get a wee run going then it’s definitely game on. Games like Wednesday night will tell if we’re capable or not. The manager has to have his team fired up for this but they have to be clever as well. Finish the game with eleven men and we should be fine.
  4. josmc

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    That was another hard watch, but the three points were all that mattered. Lafferty is a scorer of great goals but not a great goal scorer. He should have scored both those headers. We need to improve considerably on Wed night to take anything from that game. Creative midfielder and another striker please Santa.
  5. josmc

    Dream Day

    Brought a tear to my eye there. Well done everybody involved in that. We really are a special club and sometimes there’s just more to it than the football.
  6. josmc

    No passion, no heart

    When you get to this level it’s very small margins. Rapid weren’t a great team but their goal had a bit of quality about it. If Goldsons header goes in first half, it’s a different game. The one thing I wouldn’t level at this team is a lack of effort. I think it’s down to effort and hard work that we got this far in Europe. We are seriously lacking in midfield quality, but you can’t say that our midfielders didn’t bust a gut tonight. The Moscow games home and away again showed that we putin the effort but didn’t have the nouse to take more than one point off a team I feel we were better than. I don’t know if we have enough money to strengthen the squad with real quality( I doubt it ), but until we do no amount of hard work and trying will be enough to take us further at this level.
  7. josmc

    As a support (re: middleton)

    I think young Middleton will go on to be a decent player. It’s always great when a kid comes through and breaks into the first team. However, it doesn’t guarantee that things will be rosy. For every Ian Durrant and Barry Ferguson, there’s a Greg Wylde and a Barry McKay. The boy probably needs benched for a while and I think this will happen now. I can understand why Gerrard has been playing him but that in itself is a bit of a worry as it seems he doesn’t trust Grezda at the moment.
  8. josmc


    Thought he was a big positive from tonight. Said in another thread that he will become a very big player for us.
  9. josmc

    Deliver the League Title

    Spent the night fucking and blinding at the tv. I’m desperate to be optimistic but it’s being sucked out of me a bit at the moment. Anyone wanting Gerrard sacked though, are taking it a bit too far in my opinion. This was always going to be a very difficult job to take on. However, he had the balls to take it on and he should be given a fighting chance to take us forward. We can’t keep sacking managers and then trying to fund new players all the time. I am still hopeful that we can keep a challenge going (because I think the tarriers are a very average team) and if we can take the majority of our points between now and the 29th, I honestly believe we have a great chance of beating them on the day. So come take fuck Rangers and don’t drain the last bits of hope out of me.
  10. Unfortunately we’re just lacking a bit of quality. Can’t fault the effort and disappointed that we’ve lost to such a poor team. Plus side is I think Barasic is going to be a very decent player for us.
  11. josmc


    It’s a chance for young McCrorie to show what he can so. Ejaria clearly doesn’t have the drive and desire to play for us. I think he’s a decent enough player but you need more than that to play with Rangers. I really thought McCrorie was a great prospect when he first came into the team but he probably lost a bit of confidence for a while. Hope he has a great game as he’s one of our own.
  12. josmc

    it still sickens me!

    There is no team in this league that looks like winning every week. Whoever makes the least mistakes will win it. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t go on a good run and put them under pressure. However, the manager needs to decide who his top 15/16 players are and stick with them. Making five and six changes to this team will not work. I’m hoping he has sussed this out now and if he finds a winning team then don’t fuck about with it. We’ve still got a decent chance in my opinion ( though we’re not favourites) but any more bad mistakes and we will be struggling. The good news is that celtic and the rest will definitely shed points and we have to take advantage when. They do.
  13. josmc

    Big Jock Knew

    That’s good to know. Hopefully more and more fans will keep this in the public eye. It would be good if celtic fans started asking some serious questions as well.
  14. I’ve a sneaky feeling that Barasic will come onto a game and really be an excellent player for us. It’s been too start stop for him but if he can get a wee run in the team I think he’ll come good.
  15. josmc

    Big Jock Knew

    I don’t think anyone should be thinking that it’s up to Rangers to get involved. If this was a tennis club where the people in charge have set it up with the sole intention of grooming and abusing the junior members, then there would be a nationwide outcry. Personally , I don’t want to be branded as someone point scoring just because this abuse happened at celtic Boys Club. I would be equally horrified regardless of where it took place and I think that most folk would feel the same. The fact that it doesn’t seem to be gathering momentum in the press is the astonishing thing for me. I do feel that at some point they will have to go for the jugular, as the evidence will be too overwhelming to ignore. You also have to wonder where all the bastions of morality and justice have been lately. There were hundreds of them apparently appalled that Rangers had cheated the hospitals out of nurses, and old folk out of getting proper care etc. We were told this was as a result of us cheating the taxman. Where are all these pillars of the community now. I haven’t seen any blogs from celtic minded folk or supporters of Hearts ,Aberdeen etc demanding that the Government,Sfa and the main stream press demand answers. I wonder why!!!!!!!