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  1. There’s a lot made of fact that he hasn’t scored against the tarriers. Gordon Durie never scored against them , but he was an excellent player for us. I’m hoping he breaks his duck this season against them, but if he played well without scoring and we win , then it won’t really matter. Alfie needs to grow up a wee bit but I’m in no hurry to see the back of him. However, he wasn’t fit enough in the Second half of the season and was looking overweight. There is no excuse for that and the manager needs to address it.
  2. Hopefully the fucking virus is rampaging through them.
  3. It’s all beginning to unravel. The house of cards is startling to unravel. Doncaster and company will not survive this, although they will soldier on as long s possible. They’re a bunch of fucking incompetent idiots at best, and a pack of corrupt bastards at worst. Either way, their number is up. Good fucking riddance.
  4. I knew Donald well. He was a great guy and loved the Rangers, as did his brothers and his Dad. RIP Donald.
  5. In these situations the worst case scenarios are always given. Nobody actually knows how this will pan out. There is a lot of click bait scaremongering going on as it sells articles . This is a new virus ,so as I said , nobody knows. I’m staying positive and think that we will have football again by autumn. But that’s only me guessing. However, it’s as good a guess as the folk who are saying we’re all doomed. Take care fellow bears and stay safe.
  6. Dundee hold all the answers here and must be shitting themselves. The rats will soon start throwing each other overboard as they fight for survival. We have not made that statement unless we’re holding a royal flush. Fuck the lot of them , keep the pressure on now. Dundee must come out and state exactly what went on. Big respect also to the ICT chairman who is taking no prisoners.
  7. Well beaten by a vastly superior team. We gave it a decent go in the second half and Kamberi and Hagi did well. If we look over the whole European campaign then we can be very proud of our achievements. We were eventually going to come up against a really top class team and that’s exactly what has happened. I think after Sunday the season will be over anyway as they will probably suspend the league. Will maybe give the manager a chance to decide on who he will keep and who needs to go. If your a bear tonight there’s no need to feel too disappointed.
  8. There’s fuck all anyone can do when a big dumpling of a centre half thinks he’s Franco Baresi. Fucking ridiculous defending and a forward line that couldn’t score a motor with a hatchet. I won’t be watching another minute of us in the league this season. It’s too fucking depressing. I’m out.
  9. If there was an experienced manager out there who we could realistically attract and who had a decently pedigree, then things might be different. However, I don’t think that person is out there at the moment and Gerrard leaving would be a total clusterfuck. My judgement is probably clouded here because I’m desperate for Gerrard to do well. The tarriers hate the fact that he is high profile compared to Lennon. I appreciate that this means nothing in terms of league positions etc, but they would love him to quit just now and for us to bring in another project that no cunt has heard of. I hope that Gerrard sorts things out and sees this season out at least. It will be interesting to see if these imposters wearing our famous jersey give themselves a fucking shake now, it would also show us if they are prepared to fight for their manager. I have my doubts.
  10. One of the hardest things to take is that the tarriers are no better than an average team. They have 2 very good players in Edouard and McGregor and a good captain in Brown. Apart from that they are shite and when we’ve played them we have looked a much better team than them. Unfortunately, the fucking imposters in our team can only seem to raise their game for what they consider to be the big matches. They fucking implode when they have to get their hands dirty against the Hearts, Killie, and St Johnstone of the league. That’s a team that is never going to win fuck all. To be outfought by these teams is absolutely criminal and inexcusable. Every week since the winter break I’ve kidded myself on that we would turn the corner and start playing again . I’ve now realised that this bunch of shysters don’t give a fuck and will be home now enjoying a drink whilst we’re all fucking gutted. Bastards aren’t fit to wear the jersey.
  11. He looks totally lost and shell shocked in his interviews. It’s difficult to see how he can salvage things from here because this isn’t a team that are running through walls for him. He has undoubtedly raised the profile of the club in England especially because of his playing career. He may go on to be a great manager, but Rangers is not a club that can wait for that. I like Gerrard and was desperate for him to succeed, but he’s in the middle of a shit storm that I don’t think he can get out of. He has brought a lot on to himself by continually playing guys who are just not good enough e.g Ojo, Kent etc. At the moment I don’t see how he will survive this, but I honestly hope I’m wrong.
  12. I honestly don’t know where we go from here. There’s not enough money in the Bank of England to sort this mess out. You look about that dross tonight and your struggling to find anyone who should be kept. I’ll give young Hagi a pass as he at least looked as if he was interested. As for the rest, they can fuck right off.
  13. On what planet should Ojo be your first substitute? He is possibly the worst professional footballer I have ever seen. What the fuck do you see in him that we can’t see Stevie?
  14. An absolutely fuckin disgraceful performance. Bunch of fucking imposters. They should be fined and the money given to the poor bastards who used their hard earned to go and watch that shite. An absolutely average tarrier team will be winning a quadruple treble. Fucking beyond words. Useless bastards, every last one of them.
  15. The referee is having a fucking shocker. However, we are brutal again. Every other club in the league is ripping Hearts a new one and e are constantly being outfought by them. Please bring Hagi on as he’s the only player we have who can produce a bit of magic.
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