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  1. I would be annoyed if players weren’t giving him daggers. Every one of them should be busting a gut to play. If they’re not then they shouldn’t be at Rangers. I think Gerrard knows and understands this, and is poking them with a stick to get the proper result. He’s been around changing rooms for a long time and knows how it works. So happy that he’s our manager.
  2. He loves the Rangers and you can see that from how he’s playing. Will be a massive player for us this year. No full back will enjoy that pace running at them.
  3. I thought Jack and Davis were both superb today. I must admit that I didn’t ever think that Jack would be such a good all round footballer. As well as being brilliant at breaking the play up , he can also pass well and is a very good runner with the ball. Keep it going son.
  4. I don’t think Waghorn is the best player we ever had , but he was far from the worst. However, the article isn’t about his football skills. It’s about how he struggled to cope with the pressure and how it dragged him down into depression. Thankfully, he seems to be coming out the other side and has the balls to talk about it. So as a former Ranger, who still speaks highly of the club, I wish him nothing but a happy life.
  5. Can’t believe some folk are writing the boy off before he’s kicked a ball for us. Kent wasn’t pulling up any trees before he came to us. Fuck sake, give the lad a chance. If he’s shite then I’ll join in with the crucifixion.
  6. Was well chuffed with this tonight. A bit disappointing to lose the goals, but more than made up for it with our forward play. Special mention to Flanagan who had a great game in my opinion. Also Jordan Jones looked an absolute handful. Very pleased with our start to the season and I think we will only get stronger.
  7. I think Gerrard will be demanding a bit more in the second half. Folk have paid good money and deserve a bit more. Mon the teddies.
  8. I was at the game and it wasn’t pretty. Probably the most frightened I’ve ever been going to and getting away from a game. If the tarriers didn’t get you then the fucking Garda did. I can’t see them risking anything like that again.
  9. Play up the famous Glasgow Rangers. Let’s finish the season with a bang.
  10. I thought the boy Kelly in midfield looked a decent player. Also thought Barjonas had a decent game. The boys fought back well and could even have stolen it near the end. From what I’ve been told by a pal, some of them didn’t do themselves justice tonight. That’s a pity in a final but I’m sure they’ll bounce back.
  11. Fucking brilliant. Singing and dancing is what it’s all about. Well done the wee teddies.
  12. I thought Gerrard got most things right today, and I still think he will be a good manager. He can’t legislate for fucking idiots like Morelos or for stray passes from players under no pressure. I thought his team today fought hard for him and that’s always a good sign. If we give him time,I think he’ll come good. Our biggest hope is that he’s pitting his wits against that fuckin idiot Lennon.
  13. Can’t say I’m bursting with confidence for tomorrow but you never know. My main reasons for a bit of optimism is that Lennon is a shite Manager and his team are no better than average. Mon the Teddies.
  14. I think a 7 is a fair score. Some disappointing aspects but also some plus’s. Biggest disappointment is that they are shite and we’ve not taken advantage. A couple more good results against them and i might go to 7.5.
  15. josmc


    The tackle near the end was embarrassing. He needs dropped immediately.
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