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  1. josmc

    First Rangers game you attended?

    First time seeing the Gers was actually at the Oval in Belfast against Glentoran. It ws either 66 or 67 and was a 1-1 draw. Glentoran had a fantastic team at that time and they also drew with Benfica round about that time. I can remember the crowd that night ws incredible with lots of Linfield fans there supporting the Gers. I think Rodger Hynd scored for Rangers and started my love affair with the Teddies.
  2. Every player has to show up today. Do that and we will win. Simple as that. Gerrard should have them whipped into a fucking frenzy for this. Time to show our teeth, pull out of nothing but be fucking clever about it. I’m expecting to be in the next round.
  3. josmc

    McGregor banned 2 games

    When I saw the replay of the McGregor incident on Wednesday, I honestly thought we’d got away with one. It’s not the first time he’s been a bit naughty this season. I was half expecting the ban so I’m not that surprised. What does surprise me is the fact that Brown, Simunovic and Burke have got off Scott free. It makes you think that all the greetin and moanin done by some other clubs is paying off. If that’s the case then the football in this country is fucked.
  4. josmc

    Build my gallows at the start

    Amazing from the bears tonight, unbelievable support.
  5. josmc

    Morelos incident

    Unfortunately,I think Alfredo has got involved there unnecessarily. I don’t think there was anything violent in what he did but he has to be cleverer than that. We should be talking about a fantastic hat trick instead of whether he deserved a red card or not. I love the boy but I wish he could be a bit cuter at times.
  6. An excellent article but ruined for the conspiracy theorists by putting all those pesky facts in. Tom Boyd is a fucking no mark. He was a shite player and he’s no better as a pundit. As I’ve said to many tarriers over the years, for every decision that Rangers ever got against them, I can give them one that they got. They don’t like that as it doesn’t suit their agenda. Fuck them all,paranoid bastards.
  7. josmc


    Roman Catholic goes to mass on a Sunday. How the fuck is this a story. The press in this country are a fucking joke. Someone from the club should really be challenging them on this. I don’t care what other supporters etc say about us but journalists are supposed to be professional for fuck sake. Lazy incompetent bastards.
  8. As previously said, a must win game. We’ve got to be brave in this game and go for it. High press right from the start and impose ourselves on the game. I appreciate it will be difficult but we have to be beating teams like this if we want to challenge for the league. It’s going to be a difficult watch probably but I think we’ll sneak it .
  9. josmc

    Petulant morelos

    Barry Ferguson, Gazza, Tommy McLean, Davy Cooper, etc etc. There’s a long list of greetin faced bastards. All great players and all winners. Sometimes you just have to accept the way certain players are. Alfredo just needs to be a bit cleverer at times re his petulance, but he probably can’t help himself.
  10. josmc

    Applaud them not abuse them

    I’ve been follow following since the early 70s, including the John Greig years. As a young man I did far worse than the laddies are doing at the moment. However, that doesn’t make all their actions ok. I still think coming on the park should be avoided unless it’s a massive game for us and then I could see the strength of it. I unfortunately can’t go to the games now, but I do realise that these young lads are the future of the support. I also applaud them for their singing throughout the games and making the atmosphere better at Ibrox than it would be without them. I sometimes have a wee moan about them with the flares and pitch invasions, and probably still will. There’s no doubt though, that they are spending their money following us everywhere and genuinely love the Rangers. So for that boys and girls, I salute you.
  11. josmc

    fans running on the park

    If we score the winner in the last minute to win the league this year I’ll expect half the support to be on the pitch. Until then, stay off the pitch fuck sake.
  12. josmc

    Ross McCrorie

    I really like this lad. One of the things that Pedro got laughed at for was saying that Ross would be a future captain of Scotland and Rangers. I honestly believe that he will be. He is maturing at a rate of knots and is getting better and better under Gerrard. In the old firm game he looked like a seasoned pro and will continue to learn his craft and get better. He also loves the club and you can see how proud he is to wear the jersey. There will be times when his form dips but I definitely think he’ll go on to be a Rangers great.
  13. josmc

    Alfredo as a number 10

    The formation we played yesterday is the right one for difficult games in my opinion. If we’re going to go with 2 up front then it should be at home to Hamilton and St Mirren and the like. Trying to shoehorn Davis and Defoe in against Killie was a big mistake and I think the manager realises that. We are better when we have width in the team and I think we should be starting with Ryan and Daniel whenever possible.
  14. josmc

    Niko Katic

    Thought he had a very decent game today. Dealt with the surface well and took no chances. Happy to see him back and will hopefully forge a decent partnership with Goldstone again when he’s back.
  15. josmc

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    The pass he played for Alfredo to hit the post was unbelievable. Didn’t deserve to be benched for the Killie game and I was glad to see him back today. Work rate is fantastic and he rarely lets us Down.