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  1. That and Pogba!
  2. My mate has a season ticket there - think he has only been once this season as the view/atmosphere is absolute gash.
  3. No sorry mate. Never been to Poland.
  4. That is an excellent idea
  5. Accurate comparison Viera would have eaten him alive and spat out the bones
  6. Not since Bonjour Bonjour made him cry
  7. Transfer budget - you can spend all the money from player sales in the summer....................
  8. succinctly put.
  9. He's not even a show pony.
  10. Like communism it sounds good but in practice. ........
  11. He doesn't even look interested. Man U are going to lose a hell of a lot money on him when he skulks off to Italy in the summer
  12. Just watching Chelsea very Man U. £89 million for him? He has done absolutely nothing.
  13. Is it red white and blue?
  14. Pitch geography Yes I know it's actually two words
  15. Wish it was the SAS giving the response