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  1. Rugby GIP

    Up and under, tight head etc.
  2. Nemane

    I didnt say he played well, just better than usual. Probably because as you say he had a lot of touches.
  3. Nemane

    Thought Windass had one of his better games.
  4. At the end of fhe day it was a game away from home against a team with the same number of points prior to the game. We won, scored 3 goals and kept a clean sheet. Great result and very encouraging.
  5. Anyone travelling to perth tonight - TRAFFIC !!!

    I'm expecting a bit of congestion around the fridge area but nothing out of the ordinary between the kitchen and the turn off for the sofa.
  6. Anyone travelling to perth tonight - TRAFFIC !!!

    Friday the 13th!
  7. Football Lads Alliance

    Would have loved to see them counter protest against those guys especially in those numbers 😁
  8. Football Lads Alliance

    some amount of Stone Island on display!
  9. Probably. Game where we can't rosk youngsters or Pena.
  10. Pena is the big question - start or sub. Needs game time soon or what is the point. Huge game given the two teams league positions and points Can't afford to lose this one.
  11. Forum activity.

    Point proved 👍
  12. Petrol has been on fire away from home. Four star stuff with high octane performances 👍
  13. Slovenia v Scotland

    And they are quite tall.
  14. Slovenia v Scotland

    Never defeated always genetically disadvantaged