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  1. Timplosian 😂😂😂
  2. Hmmm 😁
  3. BP9 in talking sense shocker! 😊
  4. Me too. We can only guess Pedro's reasoning.
  5. We'd be playing 5 a side? Can only assume they have a better attitude
  6. Final year of his contract and wouldn't sign an extension - so presumably one was offered and from that I would assume he was wanted. We have had years of threads appearing in RM questioning his attitude and application and when a manager actually does something about it he gets pelters. And people questioning why he has gone but some of the other duds are still there - it's because no one wants them, not because Pedro does.
  7. The Buckfast Bombers.....
  8. Maybe try Luxembourg instead?
  9. MW couldn't see that the shite he bought weren't good enough but kept trying anyway.
  10. Awful pun but I agree on your selection
  11. If that happened I'd go into business running buses from north London to the Erskine Bridge!
  12. The key factor in the charges is the thumb being charged for provocation AFTER the game finished i.e. after the bottle was thrown. If he had been charged relating to an act before that incident Linfield could have argued that the bottle shouldn't have been thrown but it was as a result of the wee rat's actions. As it stands it will now be a case of the poor wee soul being subjected to missiles and tieing the scarf as an act of defiance against the aggressors.
  13. Admin better order more servers if it is!
  14. Cue the petition.................