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  1. Don't think Arsenal can keep this up. Chelsea are a machine Long way to go
  2. 'tis hollow but it's beautiful....
  3. IF true I like the idea of pairing an up and coming centre half with old head Alves.
  4. 48 hours............. Looks the type of guy that would snap Broonaldo in two
  5. No
  6. Sounds like a hefty wage bill.
  7. The time is stuck at 1967
  8. Scottish journalism at it's finest. Anyone on here could have written a list and be 80/90% accurate. Plus throw in a couple of names that might stir up some of the supporters and job done. Not even a comment that someone actually has to want to buy some of these guys.
  9. Very strange. On the other hand he's made his money and he's 62 so why not enjoy retirement? Come out at Euro's and World Cups as a pundit to top up the bank account. Nice work if you can get it!
  10. On train in Essex this morning - local edition of the Metro had a full page ad of a souvenir watch
  11. I must admit my first thought after reading it was why wasn't the club making the statement or endorsing it.
  12. ...... The centre circle?
  13. That was a different legal entity obviously