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  1. Pretty poor show tbh. 31 up and went to sleep 😣
  2. 16.50 16th March 2019 to answer the thread title.
  3. Blueshoff


    Could the manager select a team plus subs on Tuesday that was capable of beating aberdeen? The answer has to be yes - yet its the dof to blame? Flawed logic
  4. His misses told him it's raining too hard to sit on the bench
  5. Hope the game is as good as the thread!
  6. PING! A 1 Euro donation from King Kirk. If his misses lets him spend his pocket money 😁
  7. Wind spoils a game more than rain/snow. Does make you play on the deck though- if you have the skill
  8. I wonder if that church in Govan that supplies the water for Ibrox will make a promo 😀
  9. Just before you started dealing with him 'resisting arrest' 😉
  10. Three things - the officials are shite and can't control a game the authorities can't control the fans Rangers can't kill off shit teams
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