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  1. Imagine them being one boycott away from going bust and their next home game was against........ 😁
  2. It's quite sad reading all the posts on this thread - could have put some team together from the names mentioned.
  3. Chris Woods. One of the best in world until he got a head knock. After that shaky coming for crosses if there was a forward challenging.
  4. Was my 21st birthday - was in Rangers end but still got soaked to skin on way home.
  5. I think on the morning of an old firm cup final the record ran a story with a quote from his wife that she hated Glasgow. Cunts were up to it back then.
  6. Thanks for closing that other thread - stuck at home until further notice is bad enough without that shite!
  7. When the champions league and it's money is accessed by winning the league the spfl have to be very careful if they intend awarding the title before its a certainty. Losing a court case could cost them millions. Hopefully.
  8. Season will be completed when football restarts and next season shortened. Would be tremendous if we won either.
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