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  1. A lot of the stuff doesn't look like it lends itself to people with a fuller figure.
  2. No point. They would have won it anyway in all probability and there are no grounds for the title award being challenged - action for cutting the season short slim chance, maladministration by the governing bodies more so but still unlikely to succeed. Not palatable but there it is.
  3. Worked with a guy who wasn't really into football who's pal was Liverpool supporter who had 2 tickets and went to the game with him. The Liverpool supporter said he was leaving at half time but the other guy said stay as he travelled that far and wanted to see the full game so they stayed!!
  4. If the resolution fails and Rangers (and others) pursue a legal case the msm will have a field day.
  5. Sad to think if we get say 70% in favour the spfl will get off the hook. Damaged badly but still hanging on.
  6. Basic business process - when a change is needed (whether voluntary or forced- such as the impact of Covid19) then options are assessed. This includes doing nothing as it may be less harm than the alternatives. The options are considered in detail and pros and cons are listed against each. These are then presented to the stakeholders and an option proposed before the stakeholders decide or ask for another option to be looked at. You don't say 'this is the only option or you are fucked'. That in itself is mismanagement or maladministration. Absolute amateurs.
  7. Would be fantastic to win the league with a goal from our fifth sub. The meltdown would be seismic 😂😂😂
  8. Hope he brings Billy Gilmour with him
  9. Can't remember who it was but the phrase 'bringing the game into disrepute' has been used.
  10. I've still got a horrible feeling the outcome of all these, irrespective of evidence is that they will be awarded the title and Rangers will be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.
  11. If we finish the league (which is highly unlikely) we won't win it anyway so getting rid of them would be a decent result.
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