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  1. Refused to play as hasn't been paid. Admin 2 coming up.
  2. I think our biggest challenge is ourselves. Need to put away shite teams like we did today but if we drop points against dross then it's going to be difficult. The rest of the league is a lot worse than last season. Don't care what they do. Rangers keep winning and see where we are in May.
  3. Gentlemen, I do believe we have a left back! Barisic has strolled it today.
  4. Blueshoff


    Indeed. A goat in sheep's clothing.
  5. Decent match report in the Daily Mail for some reason I can't copy link.
  6. And the other old classic - "you'll never reach the station" sung slowly
  7. Did Rangers ask hibs for a reference before employing him? Be interesting to see the content if so.
  8. I think a lot of those are posted because of the perception that the parents are to blame and not wishing any harm to a little girl.
  9. No doubt police Scotland looking for this pair.... Taking hatches to a football game ffs.
  10. Blueshoff


    They probably never will.
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