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  1. Apparently his dad was in the army bomb disposal squad. His name was Stan.
  2. Got to be........ Mo Johnston 😂😂😂
  3. That gormless look rogan had on his face everytime he fucked up 😂
  4. There is no way there are turning down 25m for a raspberry ripple, especially when they have already bought a replacement
  5. If only @sash tap had been on holiday in Italy instead of Shrewsbury he could tell us if big Filip is any good
  6. If the victims keep pushing sellik are between a rock and a hard place. Make payoffs without admitting liability (as good as admitting their guilt in everyone's eyes) or fight it on basis of 'separate entity' (everyone thinks they are trying to get out of it on a technicality). Not great pr either way.
  7. Was just looking at BBC page of ins and outs for spfl clubs. sellik 3 in 16 out including loans ended
  8. If the club had ordered more black and orange tops for the shop he would be paid for now!
  9. If they rush him back and it reoccurs then he really will be worth zero. Plus he might sue them for causing it by overplaying him.
  10. Probably got to if you are a public company and one of your major assets has just become worth fuck all. If he has got this and it's advanced he could be completely fucked. If he has had a double hernia op AND got his they should have been begging Arsenal to take him.
  11. someone needs to find that clip of the 'am no a roamin kafflik just a kafflik' guy!
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