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  1. Spurs getting horse in second half Watford just got a pen Spurs left back having a nightmare Deeney just missed pen 😞
  2. Before anyone gets too carried away look at the price movement over 5 years.
  3. My mate was in prison and said a lot of east Europeans would come over rob for a while send money home get 6 months jail 3 meals a day, warm better than home. Deported then come back again and repeat. Absolutely no deterrent
  4. Used to get subway all the time but gave up a couple of years ago because none of the staff could understand fucking English
  5. Jimmy Phillips. A guy in the Bolton office of the company I worked for at the time he signed lived next door to his parents. He asked me to get all the press cuttings so he could pass them on, Was about two sentences in the Evening Times when he signed and nothing else. He was also one of the most one footed players (yes I now he has two actual feet so no clever replies) I've ever seen.
  6. And the 'keeping Eddie after all the interest from top clubs is as good as a new signing'.
  7. What about getting a massive grant from GCC to add another tier?
  8. Interesting. What happened to the safe standing initiative?
  9. Apart from the dozen plus ballistic missiles it just fired.
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