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  1. Bayern Munich tried playing football against that Zenit side and were leathered 5-1; we set-up exactly as we had done all tournament and for 72 minutes, it worked. At the time, I felt like you do, but in hindsight, I'd have rather sat back and attempted to absorb their attacks with the odd counter than went toe-to-toe and no doubt been humiliated.
  2. I don't blame him, to be honest. It's easy for us, Joe Public, to call a move to Chelsea "daft", but I guarantee if you referred Gilmour to Islam Feruz at Chelsea, he'd claim to be better. Money will not be the only deciding factor in this, absolutely not. Gilmour has been sponsored by Adidas since 14 years-old and has generated media attention for almost a year; his head will be buzzing and his performances for our under-20s, as far as I understand, reflect that. He'll think that the sky is his limit. Whether it's Billy Gimour or Islam Feruz, Chelsea is a once in a lifetime opportunity. John Souttar, at 16 years-old, knocked-back Roma in favour of first team football at Dundee United. He's now playing for Hearts. That is gutting. My motivation would die, if I was him. I'm not saying he would in Roma's first team, but he certainly wouldn't be kicking about Tynecastle.
  3. Ball on the deck, Tavernier is a very skilful player. He switches off far, far too much, though. He lost his man for both goals at Tynecastle when they beat us 2-0 and he lost Sinclair for their winner at Ibrox at New Year. I like him playing further up the park, but Caixinha's team selection yesterday had him at right-back where he's a bomb scare.
  4. Are the Union Bears our equivalent to the tarrier's Green Brigade?
  5. Very sad. Condolences to his family and friends. Perhaps not the time to discuss it, but I'm uttrely against a minutes' applause over a minutes' silence. There is absolutely no novelty in applauding for a minute inside a football stadium; nothing unique is being achieved in appreciation of the person. In some cases, I also feel as if it's being used to drown-out potential disruptions. Being absolutely silent for an entire minute is the ultimate tribute. 50,000 fans, but not a peep.
  6. I'm certainly not. I'm not even entertaining it. If I was, then I'd also raise the topic of Hyndman not getting tight enough to Brown who passed it to Lustig (I'd then raise issue with McKay standing-off him). All prior to Holt literally fluffing a ball that is coming straight to him - it wasn't bobbing, weaving or coming at an angle - which gifted them possession. In additon to your point, I'd even raise concerns with Foderingham being beaten at his near post. Those are all minor details, though, in comparison to Holt gifting them possession.
  7. It's a higher standard than the SPL. Although that's hardly an achievement.
  8. It's consistency dictates whether it's a stupid mistake or not? Nonsense. You're clutching at straws with your second sentence. His poor control didn't cost us the goal? It absolutely did, but if you want to be particular, then I raise you that Armstrong's left boot cost us the goal.
  9. A "stupid mistake" is being robbed of possession in a dangerous area or misplacing a pass straight to an opponent. What Holt did is on show every week in the Juniors. You're at it if you think Halliday, in the same position, would have been passed off as a "stupid mistake". Go into his topic on the first page of the Bears Den and look at his reaction to signing autographs during last week's warm-up, never mind costing us a goal at Parkhead.
  10. I don't disagree.
  11. You've got a lot to say for yourself.
  12. Look at that head/face. What's he doing with his mouth? He's just a big deformity.
  13. I've never, ever understood the level of criticism Halliday gets on here. I completely agree that he isn't good enough. That isn't up for debate, but he's singled-out for criticism and it's often on the verge of abuse. I don't think I'm being deluded, having assumed that being a bluenose might have spared him that level of abuse. He hasn't been forgiven for errors that cost us goals against Hamilton & Hearts earlier in the season, but Holt's just cost us a goal at Parkhead and he's being raved about for tackle on Roberts. I can't get my head around it.
  14. We can't possibly imagine what will be going through Gilmour's head at the moment. For the past twelve months, he's had the media on toast with his performances. He's head-and-shoulders above anything we have at that level, I'm lead to believe and when you're that good, the belief comes with it. He'll be driven and motivated beyond belief, so he'll see Chelsea as a challenge; one much, much bigger than Rangers. Tell him to look at Islam Feruz and he'll probably claim that he's better. £2,500 and the rest, mate. As has been well documented by ex-Chelsea youth players, such as McEachran and Woods, go to a Chelsea under-19s match and you'll see boys never heard of before, boys who haven't played a single minute of first team football, but who are taking home £15,000 per-week. Chelsea had to chase Feruz and put up a fight for him, so he'll certainly be on more than £2,500 per-week.