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  1. Nigel Pearson, absolutely fucking not. We either need someone who, as per your title, knows how to win ugly as winning is essential at this club or someone who's a tremendous manager. Pearson is neither, just like Pardew.
  2. Aye, I know what you mean. You don't want to judge them too much, but a professional footballer can't be drinking every single night, getting blind drunk.
  3. This season has been an absolute car crash of substantial proportions. Actually, since winning the semi-final against them, we've been a disgrace. We lost at Easter Road a few days later and in the Scottish Cup final, we were ten minutes away from lifting the trophy, securing European football and giving those bastards one last slap before we left them rotting in the Championship. Instead, we crumbled and gave them the greatest day of their miserable lives. Then, we went into this season with the club promoting a #goingfor55 campaign and our marquee signing Barton mouthing-off to Scott Brown. By September, we had nine points from six games, our maquee signing had been suspended, our other marquee signing, Kranjcar, has struggled massively and we had been demolished 5-1 at Parkhead. By the halfway point, Barton had been released, Kranjcar was out for the season, we lost the League Cup semi in the dying seconds to them and we were 20+ points behind them in the league. Then, they came from behind to do us at Ibrox. Basically, we've lost three Old Firm games in the three worst possible ways; the biggest demolition in 16 years, a last minute winner and a comeback to win on our turf. Add to the above, we've lost to Aberdeen, Hearts (twice) & Dundee and we've drawn with Kilmarnock, St Johnstone (twice) & Ross County (three fucking times). Barton has been released after a circus-cum-comedy show surrounding his suspension, Kranjcar's build-up to his season-ending injury involved six or seven sessions of sweating profusely, what on earth is going on with Rossiter is anyone's guess and Senderos has been utterly fucking abysmal. From nowhere, on a random Friday night, the club released a statement that Warburton, Weir & McParland had resigned. It was then taken off the website, then re-added and while those three deny it. Sky Sports News read "Rangers say they've resigned, but they say they haven't". Read that, again. How is that situation possible? Imagine that anywhere else. No, I'm not enjoying this season.
  4. If you've ever been to an away game in the central belt, you've probably met Novo and if you've ever been to the Ibrox Bar in Tenerife, you've definitely met Goram. I met most of the first team - swapped pleasantries and got a picture - at the 2013/14 end-of-season charity ball. I also seen Little, Perry, Rory Loy and Andrew Shinnie in Ibiza five or six years ago. It was the summer we were relegated to the Third Division. At Café Mambo and Pacha, to use examples, we seen Halliday (I'm not sure who he was with), Snodgrass and McGeady sitting in private areas while Perry and Little (The other two weren't our problem) were rolling around the West End (Ibiza's Magaluf) inhaling laughing gas and getting drunk on €1 shots sold by Essex geezers. It was their summer, their time to do as they please, but it just didn't sit well with me. Don't get me wrong, I was blazing and was dabbling in the odd narcotic, so I don't want to seem hypocritical, but I just didn't expect Rangers players to act like that. It set the tone for that season and that period for me, to be honest. Non-Rangers related, I said "hello" to Colin Calderwood in the Emirates Lounge at Manchester airport as he made an espresso and I filled my plate with anything I could get my hands on. I'm not sure why I said it, to be honest. It wasn't until we were standing next to each other that I realised who he was.
  5. It's made it to Talking Baws, as well. You're famous, @tannerall
  6. This. Barring an impressive burst of speed past Hamilton's (Or was it Ross County?) last defender, then their 'keeper before seeing his poor attempt at a shot cleared, he's offered absolutely nothing to the team this season. At Parkhead and against them at Hampden, he was like being a man down. Collect the ball, head down and run. Barton, Kranjcar and Halliday's performances in those games allowed his to fall under the radar, but he was terrible. His attitude is shite, as well. That comment on Twitter to the fan asking for his shirt in Leipzig was in bad taste and even when I've seen tongue-in-cheek pieces for RangersTV, he's come across as a wee arsehole. It's incredible how our priorities of discussion have changed over the past few years. Ten years ago, if I'm not mistaken, we were chasing one of Scotland's best young talents in Kevin Thomson from Hibs and on the verge of a highly productive summer of spending in anticipation of our greatest ever season in my time. Today, I'm moaning about the attitude of Dean Windass' 21 year-old son who we signed on a free from Accrington Stanley.
  7. The bad bunch being him, Waghorn and Garner. Hence, I would replace all three.
  8. Ronald's comments about his brother only being interested in the job in the summer put me off, to be honest. It sounds like he blamed his time at Inter on a rushed pre-season and lack of organisation as a result, as if everything has to be prim, proper and folded neatly for him to be interested. The state we're in, time management will be his last concern.
  9. It's got to the stage where we're so poor that I'd start players like O'Halloran, Forrester and Dodoo, just to try something different. Technically, it isn't different because they've had their chances and they've been shite, but it's just a vicious cycle of shite. Foderingham, Tavernier, Wallace, Hill (or Wilson, fitness dependent), Kiernan, Toral, Hyndman, Windass (if fit), Forrester, O'Halloran & Dodoo. Miller, Waghorn, Garner, McKay, Halliday, Holt & Alnwick on the bench. Dropping Miller might seem harsh, but he hasn't actually been great in the grand scheme of things; he's been the best of a bad bunch. My opinion? They'll do us.
  10. Unfortunately.
  11. One goal in four months, that's the record of the guy you keep defending holds. Its no surprise that you started that post by defending comments you hadn't even made yet. Your opinion on Garner is strange. Very strange. You regularly leap to his defence.
  12. I remember how buzzing I was with the signings of Barton and Kranjcar, then the England under-19s captain in Rossiter and the Premier League champions' rising star in Dodoo. The #goingfor55 campaign was in full flow. We now sit 30 points behind the Tims. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  13. Perhaps "sitter" was the wrong choice of words, but it was an excellent opportunity that he failed to even get on target.
  14. Nae danger, what?
  15. I actually felt sorry for Murty; he should not have been in charge yesterday. He should have been doing his own job with the under-20s, not caretaking the first team for a second week. That's being hung-out to dry, in my opinion. A caretaker manager is a stop-gap that very rarely works, especially not in a toxic situation. From a professional point of view, it'll be doing his career no good. Then, I seen him doing that backwards handstand roll on the touchline and thought, "fuck him".