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  1. I've just seen that wee Wullie Henderson was there, too, for fuck's sake. What's that all about?
  2. I don't know if it's been mentioned, but whatever one of those twins isn't Lafferty's missus, is Darren O'Dea's. Yes, as if that cunt couldn't get any worse, his brother-in-law is O'Dea.
  3. I agree that he needs to improve, but that advice is applicable to our entire squad and not reserved solely for Foderingham. I believe it could be argued that there are many who need to improve before him. We won't see another Andy Goram or even another Allan McGregor, for that matter. I'm not accusing you of failing to adjust your expectations, but if you're waiting for someone to replicate Goram, then you'll be waiting a while. Scottish football is getting worse on an annual basis. The money isn't there to attract that calibre of player. As a side note and not directly in response to your comments, I think Foderingham has had to adapt significantly to his new surroundings since arriving here. He went from playing for lower league Swindon in front of small crowds to Rangers, under intense pressure on a weekly basis and in front of 50,000 fans every other Saturday. He was also blatantly instructed to distribute the ball to feet; punting it up the park was very rarely an option. In that sense, credit to him.
  4. I think it's difficult to judge an 'keeper who doesn't make glaring errors, like Foderingham. I appreciate that he's conceded five on two occasions against the Tarriers, but I see that as a collective fuck-up; the whole team take responsibility. On the other hand, his saves stand-out for me. I'm not and never have been into goalkeeping, but his shot-stopping looks good to me. His fingertip save in the last minute of extra time in the semi-final last season, from Griffiths free-kick, kept us in it and as a result, gave me the most joyous day supporting the Bears in many years. Last Sunday up at Perth seemed like it was being treated as a kick-about by Caixinha, given the volume of changes, so I'm not looking too much into Alnwick starting.
  5. Written by Keith Jackson; journalisms equivalent to Ashton Kutcher in the film industry. Fabricated, made-up nonsense. The Daily Record isn't even controversially interesting, it is a comic.
  6. Absolutely - pro-IRA songs are the way to my heart and I love nothing more than an anti-Protestant sing-song. You've got me, I'm busted. I've never hidden my opinion of the Union Bears; they don't impress me. I couldn't even tell you where they were seated for the last Old Firm game at Ibrox. As I said in my first post, I'm disappointed to admit this, but it's true. "Rheptiles", by the way. That sort of patter is absolute shite and cringe.
  7. Hand-on-heart, I believe Perry chucked it that game. I'm firmly of that opinion. Between Perry on that day and Little in the 3-0 loss at Parkhead after administration, I've never seen two players look more out-of-depth in a Rangers jersey.
  8. Aye, that's very true. Caixinha may now be of the opinion that Bates are Wilson are ahead of McCrorie in the pecking order.
  9. That's interesting. I've heard a lot about the McCrorie brothers, but things had gone quiet, so I assumed they had fallen away. How do you see the situation panning-out when McCrorie returns? We certainly won't be playing with three young centre-backs in Bates, Wilson & McCrorie. I'd be spewing if I was McCrorie, by the way. Missing out on a first team opportunity due to being out on loan, resulting in a player further down the pecking order getting the nod.
  10. The boy holding the camera is bouncing, so l don't think you can tell.
  11. If it's the one that posted Lloyd put in the first post of the topic on the subject, Caixinha is not joining in.
  12. Prove it. The clip I seen, taken from the main stand, didn't include him doing it, but instead those around him.
  13. @K.A.I You're angry as fuck.
  14. He wasn't doing the bouncy; why is this fact being over-looked? Why let the truth get in the way of a good story, is that it? The jury is still out on Caixinha, in my opinion. I haven't been impressed so far, both in his tactical approach and in his antics in press conferences. However, that video clip clearly shows him posing for photographs and autographs with fans who happen to be doing the bouncy around him. You can't just say that he's joining in when he isn't, for fuck's sake.
  15. I can't even remember. The Alnwick one was an adapted version of Allan McGregor shagging ten birds a night, then he was doing that 80s gay disco "alwaaaaaays believe iiiiiiiiin... Jason Holt, Holt". He was singing David Bates name to the tune of "Oh Barry, Barry...". Then, he was jumping on the heads of Glasgow Celtic. This was relentless for 90 minutes. No-one joined in, he didn't change his tone and when one song started, another began. I swear, it became unbearable. Am I wrong to expect more from the Union Bears? They are the fans group, after all, but I've been told in the past that if I want to better the support, I've to do it myself. Their opposition across the city has put them to shame this season and I'm disappointed to admit that.