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  1. An article posted somewhere in this topic referred to Ferguson being hit with a £1.4M tax bill. That's where. I'm well aware of the bankruptcy procedure; both a previous employer and my football club went through it. My comments were in reference to wealthy people - let's use 50 Cent as a random example, given that he previously filed for bankruptcy. Transfer all your assets over to a relative and declare bankruptcy. You're liable to the charges (Tax, outstanding invoices, whatever, etc.), but you have "nothing". Immoral, but sensible. Fucking idiot.
  2. It'll be a tactical bankruptcy. He's been hit with a tax bill and rather than paying it, he's taken an escape route. Its the morally wrong route, so to be speak, but it's his choice and I'd do the same. Coincidently, The Secret Footballer writes about ex-footballers being hit with a huge, crippling tax bill, himself included. I can't remember the exact cause (Image rights complications comes to mind in his case) and Ferguson's case sounds similar.
  3. "Ferguson, who lives in a gated mansion near Larkhall, Lanarkshire, has declared that he has only £3,000 worth of assets available to help pay off his creditors." At it.
  4. I'm hardly cutting around the forum, dishing-out negative shite. I've been doubtful about our capabilities this season since Caixinha started building this squad; you'll see a drop in my activity on here as a result. Without going into too much detail, I wasn't impressed by Caixinha last season, but I acknowledged that it wasn't his squad. I haven't been impressed by his transfer activity and I'm afraid the Progres result tipped it for me. What on earth are you talking about? That's just a rant. Caixinha has brought in players who I don't believe are good enough, a number of whom demonstrated that against Progres. In terms of the overall result, I blame that on Caixinha; that's the lack of optimism I referred to in my first post.
  5. For @RFC Eagle's benefit, I'd like to clarify that, by the "Power League team" comment in my last post, I don't literally mean a team consisting of five players.
  6. For fuck's sake, do I need to explain every comment's literal purpose? When I compared Cardoso to Svensson, I didn't mean there style, nor do I literally mean that Caixinha has introduced a 100% Portuguese squad when I say "filled it". It was an off-the-cuff comment, but I include the South Americans in that, too. I'd kill for a coffee right now, but just for your benefit, I wouldn't literally kill someone... Sadly, yes. I don't like friendlies and haven't been since we beat Newcastle at Ibrox in 2009 or 2010, but they're meaningless warm-up matches. My opinion is based on the two-legged tie with a Power League team from Luxembourg.
  7. Not in terms of style, no. In terms of impact, though, I'm anticipating similarities. Again, I'm sorry, but from my honest perspective, Caixinha's filled this squad with Portuguese shite who won't have the desired impact. I genuinely hope I'm wrong.
  8. A modern day Karl Svensson. Apologies, but I'm exhausted of any optimism.
  9. I signed him on Football Manager 2013 upon our return to the SPL (That was the version where we had just been relegated) and he was a massive let down. Based purely on that, we should not go near him.
  10. I hope they're both hounded to the extent that it tarnishes the memories they hold from their time with the greatest club they've every played for. Then again, they're mercenaries, so they won't give a single fuck, as demonstrated in the summer of 2012.
  11. I'm not a boxing nor am I an MMA expert (something this country has recently been flooded with), but as the event grows closer, my money is swaying towards McGregor. I think Mayweather's boxing style plays into the hands of McGregor and any other MMA fighter, for that matter. Mayweather is a world class boxer, but boxing matches can be won tactically and he's a master at that. On the other hand, I think a boxing match will be a bit of a novelty for McGregor; he won't have to anticipate elbows, knees, takedowns, submissions, etc. For the pessemists amongst us, suggesting that the whole thing is staged, I don't think Mayweather would entertain losing his 49-0 record or be humiliated by McGregor as he has been. Lets be honest, McGregor has embarrassed him, big time, and shown Mayweather to be the by-product of someone surrounded by yes men.
  12. Correct. It should, but it won't be. I believe Pedro should be sacked, too, but he won't. To be honest, regardless of how little faith I have in it happening, I'd vote for "Yes" (It feels wrong saying that) for Josh Windass being suspended for gross misconduct.
  13. I voted yes because I agree that he's woeful, but it's a ridiculous suggestion. Of course his loan deal won't be terminated.
  14. It's obviously far too early to judge him accurately, but I feel like this signing had "disaster" written all over it from the start.
  15. I voted Go, but he won't; the board have just back him in the transfer market. I'm scunnered with watching Rangers. It's one thing after another, embarrassment after humiliation. I'm preparing for another fuck of a season.