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  1. Hand-on-heart, if Steven Naismith ever walks through the doors of Ibrox as a Rangers employee again, I will give-up my season ticket and never return. This isn't about strengthening the squad. This is about genuine self-respect. As we lay bleeding to death, financially, the little Ayrshire bluenose-from-birth, our captain and co. denied us the right to a much needed transfer fee in favour of enhancing both their salaries and signing-on fees elsewhere. They couldn't have played in the Third Division or sacrifice their international careers? Cop-out. Of course they couldn't and nor could we afford their wages. For a prime example and how they should have conducted themselves, look no further than Bocanegra and Edu, two full internationals (one being the captain) of a nation much more competitive on the world stage, therefore more at stake. To add salt to the wound, Naismith - raised a little Bear in Stewarton before fulfilling his dream of playing for the Queen's eleven - pro-actively organised a press conference to justify his actions, saying - and I quote - "Rangers Football Club no longer exists in its original form" I mean this wholeheartedly; I would rather sign Scott Brown and hand him the captain's arm band than have any of those back on trial; at least he's loyal.
  2. I still can't believe he ran that ball out of play twice. Your instincts take over in the heat of the moment at the football, often resulting in you shouting the first thing that comes into your head. I stood there, speechless, then asked the guy next to me if that just happened.
  3. I don't really understand the question or suggestion of this topic. On the subject of the hand shake at the end, I hope Pedro won't lose his rag. Smile and move on. Do so now and do so when, or if we return to the top. What we must never become, ever, is bitter and twisted to the extent that, when we score against them, putting one foot in a cup final, we focus our attention on them. Just like their captain did after their first. We are not wired that way. Someone mentioned training today, then someone else reminded us that they were on it last night at the POTY awards. I hope Pedro had them in, absolutely. After that performance, had the POTY event not been organised and many fans spent money, it should have been cancelled. Seeing some of the videos, though, I'd have been surprised if many of them surfaced before midday.
  4. The lowest I've felt as a bluenose was not the 5-1 defeat at Parkhead, but instead hearing the Union Bears singing Eurasia's A Little Respect at Ibrox.
  5. I die a little inside when I hear that Joe Garner song. The Union Bears' songs are shite. We had some cracking songs between 2008 and 2011; Cuèllar, Bougherra, Weir, Boyd, Novo, Pedro Mendes, etc. I liked "Allan McGregor... shags ten birds a night". I don't know if it was ever a widely sung song, but a guy on our old bus used to end every journey with "What's that coming over your wife? Is it McGregor? Shagger McGregooor" to the tune of Monster by The Automatic. EDIT Too bad he's a fucking ship-jumping traitor fuck.
  6. O'Halloran, ya mad roaster?
  7. What happened that day, mate? I tend to delete their title wins from my memory.
  8. Sadly, one of the most accurate posts I've ever read on RangersMedia.
  9. Absolutely not; he is not immune to criticism, just because this is Warburton's squad. Graeme Murty, our fucking under-20s coach, managed to take a point from Parkhead with that squad. Caixinha got his set-up badly wrong. I'm willing to put his post-match comments down to the language barrier, but organising the team to sit very, very deep at Hampden, allowing Brown acres of space, setting-out with little to no width; that is on Caixinha. Next week is too late. Next week means fuck all. We can achieve absolutely zero next week.
  10. I could not give a fuck and I don't think I'm the only one. I've followed this club from Barcelona to Villarreal and Manchester to Inverness, but never before have I felt so deflated supporting The Rangers. Yesterday had the potential to compensate our season, but within five minutes, that showing on the pitch reflected in the stands; that was up there with the quietest I've heard us at Hampden. Understandably, though; how do you motivate yourself, sitting 30+ points behind them in the league and failing to string two passes together, never mind get out of our own half?
  11. He doesn't speak great English (ridiculous in itself), so it's difficult to comprehend his exact point. I don't think for a second, however, that he quite literally meant "my assistant said the players were shitting themselves, so I should go easy on them". I think his point has been lost in translation.
  12. What a laugh that was when Waghorn was sent free down the wing and we were all screaming for Miller to get in the box, eh? Next thing I know, it's went out for a goal-kick. Then I realise it's not a goal-kick, it's actually a thrown-in; he'd ran the ball off the side of the pitch and it was his second touch took it past the by-line.
  13. I honestly couldn't care. This season has left me deflated. We had one meaningful target left - today - and never mind selection, the set-up was all wrong from the beginning. We fucked it, again. Give Alnwick, Kiernan, Forrester and O'Halloran a run-out for a laugh.
  14. I've said it all season; Dodoo will start, underperform and struggle, then we'll moan that Waghorn and/or Garner need to start. It's a little to late to gather enough weeks for us to forget how pish Waghorn and Garner are, though. I absolutely agree that he should start and be given a run to the end of the season, but that's largely due to the disappointment of the other two's form, not the wonderful talent that is Joe Dodoo. I just don't rate him. I'll never forget how poor he was against the lower league sides in the League Cup group stage and in particular, how woeful he was when he came on in the semi-final of the same competition at Hampden. There's a few times this season where I've questioned whether or not we've been duped by Leicester, so half-hearted have his efforts been.
  15. He made an error with the set-up, not the selection. He is not immune to criticism, though. With all due respect to them, Dodoo and Windass are pish. Time makes the heart grow fonder, though, and this season has been a massive disappointment filled with the viscious cycle that is underperformance; play poor, get dropped, get touted for a return, play poor, get dropped, get touted for a return and repeat. Windass must hold the record for cycles this season. If Toral was fully fit and he actively selected Halliday ahead of him, then I retract the above comments.