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  1. Thread about a shite paper urging not to buy but being vague so that cunts are intrigued and either search the net or go look for it.. Well done ya fucking balloon
  2. Overreactional nonsense at best
  3. Other fans? Least of our worries...Weans from are coming on here to cheer themselves up with this shite
  4. We will 2-0 it will be shite as always but the Told ye there is fuck all to worry about brigade will be out in fashion...
  5. I am actually affronted by the fucking nonsense on this thread This is on the open part of the forum.. Admin do us a favour and delete's just embarrassing now..
  6. BP9 you just don't yourself any favours.. You get utterly slaughtered from most and i sometimes think you are just trolling to get the reaction but if you think this scenario is overreaction then you seriously need to have a word with yersel... This is up there with sitting in a burning house and thinking Christ its a wee bit warm better turn the heating off rather than actually getting to fuck out the house... Now turn in yer caper ya raving fucking crank and pull yer head out yer arse!! That said ye dying in a fire may spread a little joy in here
  7. its beyond laughable now... Utter fucking stinking
  8. Fucking shambles
  9. canny keep picking him cos hes a Rangers fan... Hes fucking horrific
  10. Halliday can get to fuck
  11. Fucking Yeeeeeeoooooowwwwwwww
  12. You watching this on the radio? ya fucking crackpot@@
  13. We are aw over the fucking place here
  14. Fucking Dreadful