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  1. Usually Callum we get linked with... Every fucking window
  2. The same record thats posting this comedy gold
  3. They sent me a similar one for my wee boys 8th Birthday with a signed Lee McCulloch picture.. Wee thing like this Shows why We are the People
  4. Well done the Queens 11 Great performance
  5. This fucking zoomer ref must have left his cards in the house......cunt
  6. Fucking honkin decision
  7. Unlucky Deano
  8. Hes rancid so this must be true
  9. Super.... Good to watch. Team full of Good Peeps
  10. Well played Big Jon
  11. Evening Lucy
  12. Shitebag
  13. Yeeeooooooowwww Big Jig
  14. Yeeeeeeooooooowwwwww Well done Nicky