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  1. MacBoyd

    Hullo Hullo.

    Was alf mo we were singing mate
  2. MacBoyd

    Uni emery

    Would be easier mate
  3. MacBoyd

    Uni emery

    Away ye go
  4. MacBoyd

    Uni emery

    Won 9 in a row today. Are arsenal contenders again or just on a great run?
  5. MacBoyd


    Slightly concerned now how little he is featuring. Surely his fitness is getting there now? Is he not looking good in training? 2m is alot of money if we have got it wrong here.
  6. MacBoyd

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Think they will start winning now we need to keep in touch
  7. MacBoyd

    Joe Worrall.

    No offence to the guy and he's not that bad but katic is miles better I don't get the thinking here. I actually think katic is better than goldson who can be sloppy at times.
  8. MacBoyd


    Seem to be a better side with him instead of barasic
  9. MacBoyd

    8 points behind but it's really only 2

    Absolutely spot on we are up against it from the off already. Just like the first season in the championship and both spl season. The arrogance that hearts will just fall away is incredible.
  10. MacBoyd

    Our attitude to away games

    We just look for a battle and don't try to play it's utterly bizzare
  11. MacBoyd


    He must not be trying
  12. He deserves sacked they are a terrible side
  13. MacBoyd

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Hope he does it but Rory will come out flying. Will need at 67 at least.
  14. MacBoyd

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Woods and rose lead the way