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  1. Actually makes me really angry. They will be the same ones who slated the rats but now sing about McGregor Davis etc and call that wee runt "naisy". Wallace should be held in the highest echelon in our clubs history. He stayed for the fight when we were on our knees.
  2. MacBoyd


    Kent's a world beater
  3. Anyone else wondering if its actually stopped. Surely the police must look into it.
  4. That Lampard song was genius but totally bit thrk on the arse
  5. Pep and stevie g, to name 2, talk about the low block, it was the magnificent bastard being touchy that caused that "debate". I think shes an ok pundit, but yes she is only on so much for publicity. Why anyone would have a problem with only ex pros talking about mens association football fuck knows, but I feel like an old 27 year old in 2019 tbh.
  6. I mean this game is meaningless in reality and I'm not feeling nerves here. The rest have felt the same. The one thing has changed is the banter with tarriers. There is none, any ends up going back to use are deed/peados etc. Never about the football anymore.
  7. See the we did 50 16 years ago thing, fuck off. They aren't having 16 years like we had. We need to get our act together now.
  8. Aye that guy got it wrong
  9. Why does he get more than any other deceased opposition player?
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