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  1. MacBoyd

    Left back

    Didn't see the other thread apologies
  2. MacBoyd

    Left back

    Flanno, I'm sorry but hes utter pish. Puts us in trouble with his passing and has already cost us alot of goals. Halliday, for me has not done badly in this position but he has his limitations and the gaffer clearly doesn't see him as first choice. Borna, Croatias left back, clearly has a very cultured left foot but tbh hes been terrible for us. Looks afraid to play. What do we do here? Do we put our faith in borna and hope it happens for him or do we need to sign someone? Taylor from killie is a decent player but how much would he cost?
  3. I'd be happy if he went for that. As you say scores alot of goals.
  4. Think that's low compared to their usual pish and how must the rent boy went for.
  5. Fucking trying to spell andres name man
  6. Dont know mate a year as one of the highest paid players in the world then a move to somewhere better...
  7. Boumsong for free then 8m 6 months later 15 years ago.
  8. Tiger really seems to be struggling since the masters
  9. We are going to be well short again. We needed quality to make the next massive step to be champions and we have improved the team by one, young, player.
  10. He didn't exactly say he was going nowhere...
  11. That's my worry. If you asked everyone before that run, they would have ripped up half the team. If arfield in particular can show that form all season we will be fine. I'm not sure he can though.
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