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  1. Do you aye. Quality new patter.
  2. Not sure your locals for me alky
  3. Which ones stream the games? Well game is sold out hoping to get tickets outside but if not wondering where to watch the game? Cheers.
  4. Love him. No pissing about Rangers through and through.
  5. Good comment. I think we have to be all in 100 per cent positive for the rest of the season. It might just get us to 55.
  6. He has a level of quality very few in our league possess. Great to see him show it at last
  7. I'm not sure we quite appreciate what we have. Not seen many young managers handle the media, implement an attacking style of play and a winning mentality as quickly as our manager. We are lucky to have him.
  8. Let's face it that table just looks right.
  9. Scum had games in hand. This is the first "genuine" time.
  10. Hes a fantastic young manager. Massive punt by king but its worked. Go get us 55 stevie.
  11. Would be a devastating loss. His knee problems are unlikely to go away without an op.
  12. Theres absolutely no need for it on the pitch.
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