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  1. They will go for us and we struggle with that. Can't drop anything before parkhead or that game could end our season
  2. 352 katic goldson helander Tav Davis Kamara jack borna Morelos kent Really feel he will go with that after tonight
  3. I don't get the obsession with comparing him with Eduard. Hes a decent player but hes not close to morelos anymore. They can't handle the fact we have a better player than them.
  4. I just don't get some. They do more damage to us than any tarrier ever could.
  5. That's fucking pathetic. We know it's a stitch up but if you sing that pathetic line to that shite song how can you complain
  6. It crossed my mind when I heard the song but thought the fans would surely not be so stupid
  7. Reported by that fare celtic supporters club then
  8. Follow follow saying we are under investigation again
  9. Hopfully Douglas park takes over, would be uneasy with an overseas chairman.
  10. Last 2 mins very emotional
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