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  1. Cummings is not good enough

    Was a conservative figure.
  2. Spine of the team

    Defence is pish and must be sorted in the summer. On paper we have good options in midfield but they aren't doing it yet. Morelos and windass are two of the best players in the spl but they both have massive failings. The new manager must find a way to solve those or both must be replaced
  3. Cummings is not good enough

    He is ten times the player cummings is. If murty won't play both it has to be morelos as cummings is not good enough to lead the line on his own.
  4. Cummings is not good enough

    Killie didn't sit back though
  5. Cummings is not good enough

    The fan fare he gets is Bizzare. Decent finisher but not nearly good enough to lead the line. Even when morelos is up with him he is anonymous.
  6. Too many handwringers

    Been this way for a long time. Admin has done more damage than I thought possible. Just another club now untill we get a shot in the arm (A good manager/cash boost) the fans have changed now.
  7. Cummings Over Morelos

    Don't think cummings is good enough
  8. ***Official Golf Thread****

    Tiger really in control of his game
  9. The sheep are a disgraceful joke

    What chance do they have with that pussy manager. He said celtic could slap them down pre match. How can his players believe they can win hearing that?
  10. Said after the sheep game in his snide venomous way with his dodgy teeth gritted. Apparently we have had it easy compared to their long journey in Europe all the way to the first Europa league knock out round. He's feeling the pressure and the mask has completely slipped. We must beat st Johnstone and them and it's game on.
  11. Anything less than the Scottish cup

    Hibs didn't really dominate first half and second half untill the pen we were good. Listen I think murty had lost 7 out of 19 games that's not nearly good enough but we should have won yesterday. Tav had a moment of madness and even then I don't think it was a pen
  12. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Can't see him getting it. Too inconsistent
  13. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Will be a season we will regret for sure they are shite. Aberdeen could have a chance.
  14. The ibrox crowd

    See that's cos your on the gear. It's the way forward.