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  1. Took till the flare to spark it but was great after that the noise at the goal was unbelievable.
  2. Whether the media are willing to write about it or not, the paedophile cases are looming large over them. They are going to be hit for millions.
  3. More, tv companies want their money and the shafted clubs want compensation. They may also have to void it anyway after all that if hearts get their way.
  4. I'm sure they will be all over this...
  5. What a glorious irony it would be if celtic/the sfa who rushed to gift the title in the fear of the season being unable to be finished and declared void by uefa, were stripped of the title because of their own corruption.
  6. The one that has just been replaced.
  7. Looks shite. No one ever complained about the old one. Who sits in an office and decides we need a new badge.
  8. If I had to guess the 2nd guy. I'll say faure the French defender?
  9. I think my brain has managed to blank out those years. I have great memory for old Rangers stuff from 20 or more years ago but I can barely remember a game from 2012 till warburton came.
  10. If we are to win the league he really has to become the best player in the country and score 20 goals from the wing. He is capable.
  11. Not really sure the financial thing is true Gerrard has been well backed. Started from a worse position to be fair. 7m on Kent last summer can't be dismissed.
  12. They didn't win the 9th. They were gifted it after the season was cancelled. Talking about stopping 10 even if it was true should be stopped. It's a negative spin, we should be thinking about winning for us.
  13. Personally I'd rather replace him even if he is in a good frame of mind. In his 3 seasons with us he always massively loses form after new year. He accrues too many booking points and is very stop start at that stage of the season.
  14. Well I thought I was maybe being a bit negative but seems nearly all agree. The early start to the season/very late transfer window is harmful to us. We could be well up against it by the end of October. Only positive is Aberdeen aside our early fixtures should all be easy(if they aren't we are fucked)
  15. Working on conditioning. Manager talk for unfit.
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