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  1. The club badly need us here, what did you think they would do?
  2. No way he would have left that pitch without at least 2 goals with morelos chances.
  3. When he's on it physically and mentally he's a terrific player and must be a nightmare to defend against. He will always make chances for himself, not many strikers can do that like him. I'm not convinced we will win the championship with a striker who misses so many guilt edge chances though. His old firm goalscoring and general disciplinary records are indefensible. Wish him well and hope we get a good fee.
  4. UEFA president Alexander Ceferin states if football seasons don't resume by 30/06/2020, the seasons will be considered "lost". Tancredi Palmeri (beIn Sports)
  5. If Ally wasn't in charge in 2012 Rangers as you know them may not be here you little bitch.
  6. Ferdinand thinks its should be void
  7. This is it now tbh. Fuck the scum they are disgusting.
  8. What are you trying to achieve here? We know your views on what will/should happen. They go against all other Rangers fans, Rangers Football Club, everyone I've seen talk on sky sports about English football and surprisingly a good few tarriers. You are either trying to antagonize everyone on here or hope your predictions come true so you can tell us all how clever you are, again. Either way pretty sad.
  9. Your a better man that me not to have banned him being an admin mate.
  10. None of the pundits or ex scoucers are demanding the title without winning it. They want it done properly if possible.
  11. This point is very crucial to why it won't happen don't you think? It proves no one can predict the future. How can you gift a trophy when you don't know if they would have won it.
  12. Number 2 will never happen, it's barely being discussed outside our country. No one even at the dominate liverpool has any appetite for that.
  13. Great statement but I think we should leave it there for now our agenda is correct and clear. The taigs wont get their way without a fight. This seems worse than possibly imagined, football is on the back burner now big time.
  14. Absolutely perfect for now.
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