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  1. 4-0 today just get it done Rangers early goal to settle in to it
  2. Did ok tonight will do him well keep it up
  3. Any one got pictures of Strasbourg away 97?? From the march around the city up to the square or anything? Was my first euro away trip
  4. I really hope tav can come through this, Hope he does the basics right and builds back up confidence Has to be able to handle the pressure placed on him
  5. Greg docherty might get a wee run out ? Worth it against his old team on Sunday any way ??
  6. Let them do what the fuck they want we will do our own thing let’s just stick in like he would and be tenacious on the park
  7. Thanks Mark, seems like he enjoyed his time with us, all the best and welcome back anytime
  8. Get rid of him he’s fucked it stupid boy
  9. Looking at Porto just now it’s a bastard
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