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  1. Now is the time to put real pressure on these bastards roll out the barrel..........
  2. Need to apply the pressure on these cunts
  3. Everyone anyone a club for All. Unless your from Londonderry ulster now ????? Strange times these now a-days.
  4. Soul bar was shoulder to shoulder inside on Saturday along with the 2 big tents down the other side of the road
  5. Next 3 should be points per game and goal average conceded
  6. Great honest interview he really is a class act, young hungry manager who wants the best on Alfie damned if you do damned if you don’t if he didnt play the noises would be louder, big game Sunday is the main priority
  7. That’s what we will do to teams this season and what we done to Aberdeen on sat
  8. No fans is shit drinks break is shit simple fact is they are a better side you don’t mind us playing like this against better teams it’s when we do this against shite you crack up
  9. My big flag got nicked at Pittodrie by the police one year☹️ Wouldn’t let me in with it.took it off me and never got it back - same night the door hinge fell on my head split my head open after the game total shite night that was the more I think about it!!!!
  10. Tony on Twitter will be off a bridge the now
  11. I seen the flag outside went back for a photo and to say hullo but was crossing back over the road ☹️
  12. We started well became to passy at times need more directness can’t believe we have 5/9 subs and 1 made long old season ahead good to get 3 pts tho
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