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  1. Like these videos, watched the one with templeton last night it’s quite good
  2. tom1780

    Joe Worrall

    Always has a mistake in him can’t stand him
  3. tom1780


    Done well up until the mistake feel for him worrell was worse
  4. Nah seen him with a bottle of Moët in the Marriott asking for directions to the jacuzzi said something about meeting number 10 of the night
  5. When was the last time an Aberdeen team beat us 3 times in a row in Glasgow???
  6. Right that’s me just in the door left the house at 12 today I made the effort which is more than I can say for my team. You knew Aberdeen were comming to battle sobwhay play Borna again Halliday is the answer there Midfield 3 were shite would of changed any of them for mccorie and got jack further forward Lafferty and Defoe on too late with no time to make any impact Morelos just shite today season officially over what a load of Shite
  7. Need a change now over due this is the frustration with Steve g
  8. Brilliant stuff was in cf behind goal to the right what a day 9 years ago man jeeezo
  9. Hope we blow them away need a quick start the longer it goes at 0-0 we will get nervy fans will grumble killie will grow in confidence
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