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  1. I’m the boozer waiting on ma bus buzzing for this
  2. tom1780

    Moscow Away

    Plans in tatters my pal has been refused holidays from his work....... not doing the day trip it’s too dear ffs
  3. tom1780

    Moscow Away

    Going tues to Friday just waiting for my pal to get time off work confirmed for him to come too
  4. tom1780

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    What route you take for Moscow pal?
  5. tom1780

    Bear Stabbed

    Rest easy and once the anger has subsided think how much worse it could of been take care
  6. Want to do Moscow any tips on visa requirements
  7. Will I get a visa in time to travel
  8. Thinking about it just want the dates confirmed
  9. tom1780

    Apt Songs

    For Sunday......... here for a disco we’re only here for a disco......
  10. Just picked my self up off the floor fuck me that was wild
  11. Easy Rangers come on slow it down
  12. The wee ball boys a fucking cunt too
  13. They still need to score 2 come on to fuck Rangers
  14. Fuck rite off ya cunt
  15. It was offside it was a 2nd yellow and stupid from Alfredo hope it dosnt cost us and the fans who have travelled over
  16. Need to hold on till halftime didnt think they would score 3 but 2 and there tails will be up
  17. tom1780

    New song for the UB on Thursday

    Why oh why did I watch that it’s so shit but I’ll start singing walking round my work tomorrow
  18. tom1780

    Team Selection Thurs/Sun

    With his comments after ufa game about only naming Wallace on bench to get him used to surroundings etc again and not being ready but chucking him on all be it for 30 seconds could he be a wild card and play any part in the 2 games??
  19. Never in doubt rocky start after the slip but by far the better team some game should go on to win comfortably now
  20. tom1780


    Deserved his goal playing well today