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  1. Apparently he doesn't even like football, he just sees it as a job which hes good at.
  2. Carlsberg don't do transfers but if they did it certainly wouldn't be organised like this.
  3. TBH we have been waiting on rapid for 2 weeks now and chasing this guy all summer, if they keep taking the piss then Bain is doing the right thing. 4 mill is a lot of money and we could easily find someone like Jelavic or even better for that kind of money IMO. We should never be hold to ransom.
  4. I can see this slowly but surely ending dead in the water. I am being quite optimistic eh!
  5. And Rangers promised you that we were signing Eagles? I wasn't just on about eagles, its to do with the promises on the finances side of things, selling and buy players and contracts all seems to be a big circus and no one has a clew whats going on. Eagles wasn't interested fair enough, but the supposed transfer money the wage gap the not needing to sell players and big fiasco at players signing contracts no one has 100% explained it they dodge the questions. Eagles it was 2 good to be true TBH was happening to fast something was going to fuck up sooner or later, now all the stupid rumors are appearing e.g. Bullard. All we need now is offers for Boggie or Davis and thats when things get really intresting. On the other hand i'm still 75% optimistic about the new season should be fun.
  6. What a waste of 2 days, oh well thats Rangers for you, full of broken promises and half hearted targets.
  7. Fucking knew it seemed to be taking so long after progressing so fast yesterday
  8. It's been two years mate. Two years & Counting
  9. O KYLE LAFFERTY :craphead: :craphead: PMSL
  10. I think Rangers should of offered him a new contract under the same terms and if he didn't take it then I would of sold him as I don't think he deserves more money or an improved contract. As for Chris Eagles I do like him as a player would love him at Rangers.
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