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  1. I wish McCoist had thought like that
  2. "But Record Sport understands " = We have made this up, same as the rest of the shit we print
  3. And who are these "people that matter" ? UEFA ...... Paedo FC ....... Scottish Media ........ SNP ? It doesn't mean Catholic to me, one of my best friends is 52yrs of age born and raised a Roman Catholic but he is as big a Rangers man I know so you are telling me that these "people that matter" say I'm including him in any chants/songs I have about Fenians ? Nah mate don't think so and neither does he Why don't the club & club1872 come out and tell these fux that attack us day after day, week after week etc etc exactly what the real meaning is......... FENIAN is not a Religion .....
  4. You actually believe there has been no Fenians since the 18th century
  5. So now you are telling me what I'm meaning when I call someone a Fenian yet you still cant answer my initial question
  6. I have no idea where the church of H*** is and nor do I care, as stated I know exactly what a Fenian is so now I will ask you again what religion is a Fenian ? and don't give me the usual media peddled pish
  7. So what religion is Fenian & where is the church of Fenians ? I know what a Fenian is but its dressed up by our haters to mean something else
  8. They found out The Dude was writing for them
  9. Hauptbahnhof, Europaplatz and the train takes you straight to Leipzig in about 1hr 15mins, you are then only a 10 min taxi/bus/tram ride to the stadium or less than 30 mins walk I'm booked along with my lad flying from Glasgow via Amsterdam - Berlin leaving Sat afternoon and returning late Mon plus a 2 night stay in a Berlin hotel for just over £160 each, then £30 (ish) for train return
  10. Right thats me finished with RM i will never return until its free again.
  11. What a load of rubbish. GCL done it to himself infact he instigated the closing of most of VB's thread the ones that are left are sly and to be honest very crafty and most probably very smart. PS.. Dont always trust anyone you meet on the internet unless you know for sure.
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