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  1. Hope he makes a full recovery after being attacked in that manner by a lowly scum shitebag
  2. Breaking News , game to be replayed as sturgeon isn't happy with the result
  3. Just realised the keeper was wearing a fucking helluva lot fucking green on that strip ,when was that part of Scotland colours anyway fuck them
  4. Lovely just absolutely lovely viewing ,wonder who lieswell will choose next ffs .hope they send out grant for the after match interview 🤣
  5. Wouldn't accept any sleekit apology from him n his ilk ffs ,also hows the police investigation getting on with the "Fenian" letter he was supposedly sent ( if that's what is was, as I canny even remember as it was that long ago )
  6. Apart from babn ,what's yer tips for tomorrow ?
  7. Doubt it THL ,in fact I'd go as far as saying there's no chance he'd go back ,unless Scotland have a keeper problem n ask him back ,which I think he's also a strong enough character to turn them down
  8. Good that he's taking Rangers first n there's no need to worry about him crawling back ,as some have said , when Scotland qualify for a tournament , cause Scotland aint qualifying for fuck all any time soon
  9. Correct on all fronts BD,gotta remember Mrs Murrels husband supports the Edinburgh tramps though
  10. Crufts is on Ch4 the now ,bet Broxi woulda won his "Best in Group " if he entered
  11. Thought it was but couldny be bothered googling it
  12. Happened at the tennis years ago (canny remember the female player it happened to ) That on grealish was a shitebags go on him , n there's Birmingham out with a statement before the game even finished ffs . Our board will probably put a statement out at 11pm tonight ffs ,away from the medias glare
  13. What's that monstrosity say for those of us that can't read tarrier
  14. No clinical enough n no doubt the sheep will cave in as per
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