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  1. anyone know where Ewan Chester? has been recently?(if ive got the gers scout name right)
  2. Would agree mate i agree too mate ,but we aint dealing in rangers class now ,its what we can afford ....bargain basement comes to mind .. There must be a better class of player avaliable on a free,thus no fee involved,so we could pay them the bigger wage no fee 20k a week =1million 40k annual,or 1million fee 10/15k a week for the two mentioned,to me a no brainer ,imo
  3. I dont think any of the two mentioned are Rangers class
  4. Guti, Shittu, Petrov, and 3 new signings to work in the Superstore Been told by my contact within the Superstore that John Terry is one of these new signings :pierre: Im sure weve allready got Shagger
  5. Come on CanadianBacon,this is turning into a Derren Brown telling us the lotto draw numbers after theyre drawn fiasco if your not spilling the beans ,im sure a clue would be appreciated by all
  6. If thats right ,and i think it is ,i'll need to give my (missing the point award back)lol cause im sure my passport says on it GREAT Britain AND NORTHERN IRELAND You the man Badger,You the man He is the man-he let me play in centre mid today so I was happy with that! Always wondered what the C was after Mister Mister C(entre mid)
  7. If thats right ,and i think it is ,i'll need to give my (missing the point award back)lol cause im sure my passport says on it GREAT Britain AND NORTHERN IRELAND You the man Badger,You the man
  8. I think someone must of guessed it right,by the absence of the CB,LOL
  9. <cr> <cr> I've not played a full international yet? Am I not British? Of course your British,just not an international player,lol(or not too good at footie,lol)
  10. what bit of not british is it you dont understand He's not played at full international level(yet) And todays winner of the 'Missing the point' award goes to......................................Broombrox! oops,fuc£ed that one up, deserve that slaggin,lol
  11. what bit of not british is it you dont understand what bit of not british is it you dont understand He's not played at full international level(yet)
  12. ?Shane Duffy(Northern Irish )Everton,not got much first team games,maybe moyes moving him for experience(tough tackling,defender,ball player?
  13. Im gona have to start guessing,im easily excited at the thought we are gona buy somebody(lol) Dorian Dervite(spurs)young french defender
  14. Walter is good friends with Rednapp im sure,come on CB spill the beans,are we getting someone from Spurs
  15. 1=We are skint 2=We are supposedly being run by the bank 3=Tony was third choice 4=Kris Boyd is SPL all time leading scorer 5=larsson is not 6=Kris Boyd scored more goals in one game against united,than fortune has scored this season 7=samaras is a pre-op tranny 8=We are the People 9=God save the Queen 10=No Surrender HAVE I MADE MY TEN POINTS CLEAR (might be old ,but it's gold)
  16. Unfortunately i think Walter will stick with Laff at the fee,for the first half at least(see if he can give himself a boost,by scoring)if he doesnt and we get on his case, he might sub him at half time . Think we will win 4-0 Davis Novo Lafferty Whittaker
  17. Heres one for you Numans What's the difference between a hold up and a stick up?
  18. Police stopped Tony Mowbray for speeding on his way to parkhead today,when asked why he was speeding,he replied"I'll do fuckin anything for three points now" WE ARE THE PEOPLE
  19. Im Boyd up on him signing,good things come to those that wait
  20. Boydy will be staying ,what would he ever achieve at Birmingham,Aston Villa,Middlesborough or Newcastle (fuck all to be honest,except dosh ) stay at the club you grew up supporting,love,and earn 1 million a year WE ARE THE PEOPLE (anyway the increase in his wages would be easily afforded,cause in this freezing cold weather ,it only roughly 6k more bovrils bought at the game)
  21. We have moved on, as all religions are welcome at our club. But we will never band together as a support the reason being that some fans dont want anything to do with our Protestant past and traditions. People can put a spin on it, but we are known as a Protestant club all over the world, yet some fans seem ashamed of that fact. People should never forget that its was Protestant fans who helped build our club into the great club, and that includes our fathers and grandfathers. Its sad to say but all the attacks from the media, newspapers and goverment and Eufa are all from catholics who hate what we stand for. In this country it now seems to be a crime to say you are a Protestant Rangers fan. They keep coming after all our songs yet turn a blind eye to the scum who sing songs about bombers who blow up innocent people, yet some of our fans sit back and accept anything flung at us. That is why we will always have a divided support as most of us will fight back, and defend our culture, and to do otherwise would be a sell out to all our absent bears who gave all their life to our club. INNOCENT BRITISH PEOPLE AND INNOCENT BYESTANDARDS ARE KILLED BY THEIR GLORIFIED BOMBERS and these bunch of wannabe oirish fuckin worship it,in my book they should all be done for TREASON, also another poster mentions ,he's not comfortable with the FTP lyrics incase theirs a catholic sitting next to him ,since RANGERS signed Spencer and Johnson all they years ago ,ive still to meet a catholic that supports Rangers, itall stems from seperate schooling (but thats another discussion) BRITISH CLUB FROM BRITISH PEOPLE FOR BRITISH PEOPLE
  22. Aye,think its at 11am, 99% chance its gona be off,i think, even if the pitch is playable, with the cold here to stay for upto 10 days, it will be safety concerns its called off for, regarding the stadium footprint also the lack of grit/salt in the area doesnt help either
  23. Cant see us loosing this one , hopefully if we get to a stage of three up or more, Walter might use some of the youngsters , or ALLY ,if he's picking the team (or is that the other cup he supposedly runs team affairs for? )
  24. I seriously cant see us slipping up ,think we will trounce the dundee hibernians by 3 ,possibly 4 WE ARE THE PEOPLE
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