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  1. Will they be selling our official merchandise ? such as the home kit
  2. So this isn't Elite then ,is that for sos academy ? (Why not start a topic of it's own anyway )
  3. Don't like to slur any Ger or Fan Groups relating to us ,although looks like it's a hijack of this thread ,as it's nothing to do with Elite (shop in the town )
  4. Lovely looking Dog Bear , big lad for ten month ,look at they paws
  5. How the fuck are they gonna call this a "Rangers Shop" ,
  6. Ref is staring right at the action there ffs ,they bams change it to suit their own agenda ,even mcinnes never mentioned it ffs
  7. Glendinning might as well have written it in text speak
  8. Really surprised it got passed their editor
  9. Breath of fresh air n bloody nice to see for a change , compared to this from dodds ,ffs McGregor 'likes to leave a bit on you' - analysis Former Rangers striker Billy Dodds on Sportsound: "I know Allan McGregor well. He is a good lad but he has developed a habit of picking up the ball and shoulder-charging people. He likes to leave a bit on you. It is the first time I have seen him do that with his foot. I think they have called it correctly."
  10. Fucking green n grey keeper only got a yellow for his KUNG FU kick v Alloa ffs
  11. Aye but wee Alfie also has Tourrettes ffs . Anyway ,How can mckenna ,when falling to the ground manage to kick outwards n upwards with both feet towards Alfies face ,in an agressive manner intentionally , yet get less games banned ffs We need a statement from the Club ,stickin it to they bastards
  12. So has the sheep mckenna got a 2 match ban immediately n 1 match ban from 20th Feb ????????
  13. Is it BlueMe that does that kinda thing n the photoshop stuff too ,in the OT
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