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  1. Many of that filthy mob got the jail then ,or were they only being over exuberant
  2. Or to start it where ever the fuck ye choose , Funny looking Clyde St https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17665077.celtics-trophy-parade-disrupted-as-fans-flood-streets/#gallery0 Flares as well ,cunts should be done
  3. well played there hearts ,green n greys defence is woeful ffs , lustig will start no fancying this , again ,fuckin shitebag
  4. That's what the club should be doing ,tailored strips training gear for the fans
  5. Is that available with a zip the full length of the top
  6. Aye n there's also the Guinness PRO14 Rugby Final getting played at their shithole at half six on Saturday too
  7. Hope it's no serious n he recovers quick ffs Dirty bastards to do that to anyone
  8. Sorry Bru , you can give yerself a wee pat on the back for posting the pics/updates
  9. Beautiful ,thanks for posting , nice to see how the wee big fella is getting on
  10. Southampton coach was at the wrong doing as well ffs , Well done to those courageous enough to come forward to tell the truth about what happened to them ,whilst they were teens A former youth football coach who held "supreme power" over the futures of budding players has been found guilty of indecently assaulting boys. Bob Higgins sexually touched and groped 24 victims, most of them trainees at Southampton FC and Peterborough United, between 1971 and 1996. Bournemouth Crown Court heard his status as a "God-like" figure enabled his decades-long campaign of abuse. A jury found him guilty of 45 counts of indecent assault. Higgins' conviction will allow a Football Association (FA) review into child sex abuse allegations to conclude its investigations, a spokesman said. The independent review, led by Clive Sheldon QC, would continue working to establish what the clubs and the FA knew about Higgins. During Higgins' trial, prosecutors told the court the defendant was "idolised" by trainees, who viewed him as a mentor and father figure. Dean Radford said trainees treated Bob Higgins like "god" Victims said they were abused during post-exercise soapy massages, in Higgins' car while he played love songs on the stereo and at his home where he cuddled with boys on his sofa Adam Feest QC said Higgins had shown a "systematic and all-pervasive pattern of grooming behaviour" in gaining the trust of the boys and of their parents. 'Keep quiet or risk losing everything' During his time as a coach, Bob Higgins worked with young footballers who would go on to become national heroes and household names. But others were not so fortunate. Some were haunted by their ordeals, and gave up on football entirely. Such was Higgins hold over those he abused, many felt unable to say anything, even to close family members, for up to 30 years. Read more: The 'star-maker' who abused young footballers The allegations arose after the NSPCC set up a dedicated helpline for people who had encountered childhood abuse within football. It was launched after a number of former footballers, including Billy Seymour, spoke on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme in November 2016. Higgins faced trial last year, but a retrial was ordered after jurors failed to reach a verdict on all but one count of indecent assault. Billy Seymour died in a car crash in January Mr Seymour, a Southampton youth player who went on to play for Coventry City and Millwall, waived his right to anonymity to speak publicly. He gave evidence at last year's trial but was killed in a car crash in January before he could give evidence at the retrial. 'Arrogance and lies' Quiet sobbing from the packed public gallery became audible as guilty verdicts were returned on all six counts relating to Mr Seymour. Higgins showed no emotion as the jury returned verdicts after more than 41 hours of deliberations. In a joint statement issued through police, his victims said: "Higgins's arrogance and lies have finally caught up with him. "When Bob Higgins returned to court eight weeks ago, he gave a clear message to us all with his continued refusal to accept responsibility for what he did to us as children. However, that message made us all stronger and more determined. "At last, after all these years, we can finally get a sense of closure and try to move on from this nightmare." 'It doesn't disappear' Greg Llewellyn waived his right to anonymity following the end of the trial At Higgins' earlier trial, the single guilty count related to former Southampton junior player Greg Llewellyn. He was abused in the defendant's car around the time of his 14th birthday on their way to a training session. He said he had an "overwhelming sense of anger" afterwards and had punched Higgins during the practice. Now aged 50, he said the ordeal had "caused me many difficulties in relationships, marriage, none of those positive." "It doesn't disappear because there are always circumstances or scenarios that remind you of what happened," he said. Although responsibility for the abuse lies with Higgins, Mr Llewellyn said Southampton FC could have done more to protect the young players. He said the coach's "total carte blanche control" allowed him to do things "that simply wouldn't happen today". "I can't hold the club responsible but you have to point the finger and there was some negligence there but there was only one perpetrator," he said. Det Ch Insp Dave Brown, of Hampshire Police, said Higgins' victims suffered "horrendous experiences" at the hands of a "predatory paedophile" "He thrived on controlling and manipulating his victims and knowing that he held the career prospects of many young men in his hands." he said Bob Higgins "did not speak a single word" during 15 hours of interviews, police said Police believe there could be more victims, who Det Ch Insp Brown urged to come forward. Higgins is due to be sentenced at a later date. Southampton FC said it offered its "sympathy and support to any player who suffered any kind of abuse or harm while under our care". A statement said: "We have been working closely with the police, the FA and the Sheldon review for nearly three years to help to uncover the truth. "While the offences cited are historic, the club is committed to constantly reviewing our current safeguarding provision to raise standards." His is the latest in a string of high-profile prosecutions of former football coaches. Earlier this month Jim McCafferty, 73, a coach and kit man for the celtic youth team was jailed for six years nine months after admitting a series of child sex abuse crimes George Ormond, who helped in Newcastle United's youth set up, was convicted of a string of sex abuse offences spanning 25 years Last February Barry Bennell, who worked at Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra, was jailed for 31 years for 50 counts of child sexual abuse Michael 'Kit' Carson, who worked at Norwich City, Peterborough United and Cambridge United, died in a car crash on the day he was due to face trial The FA also said its review was also awaiting the outcome of further investigations into allegations of abuse by Barry Bennell. A BBC South Today documentary about the Higgins case, A Saint and a Sinner, is available until 21 June on BBC iPlayer
  11. wee braceface pulled out of scotland squad earlier , going for a double hernia operation ,although he'll be playing in the cup final
  12. Fuck him ,n even if he was ,it still wouldny make me wanna support scotland
  13. Just read that , ffs the amount of £ the scottish essenpee government have laid out on this is huge , also they put a wee dig in to the British Government ,laying the blame onto them The rate of drug deaths in Scotland is the highest in Europe and numbers are still on the rise, a report has said. Drug-related deaths in Scotland have almost doubled in eight years, with 934 recorded in 2017 - up from 545 in 2009. The Scottish government spent more than £740m on tackling problem drug and alcohol use between 2008 and 2018 but Audit Scotland said "there is still much to do to reduce deaths". Most drug-related deaths are caused by heroin, according to the findings. The use of psychoactive substances such as Spice "has largely reduced among the general population" since it was made illegal, Audit Scotland found, although it remains a "problematic" issue in prisons. More than three-quarters of deaths due to drugs in 2017 were of people aged 35 and over, up from 54% in 2009 to 76%. Auditor General for Scotland Caroline Gardner said: "The last decade has seen several notable achievements in drug and alcohol treatment in Scotland, including more recovery communities, improved drug harm reduction strategies and minimum unit pricing for alcohol. "But without clear performance data around what measures are working, the government will continue to find it hard to achieve its aim of reducing deaths and better supporting people to recover." Public Health Minister Joe FitzPatrick said: "I believe that what Scotland faces in drug deaths is an emergency. "To determine what more we can do I will soon be convening an expert group to advise on what further changes, in practice or in law, could help save lives and reduce harm. "The Audit Scotland report recognises our support for medically-supervised safe consumption rooms but the UK government, which holds the power on this issue, has so far rejected them out of hand. "We want to keep taking innovative, life-saving approaches to public health priorities and if the UK government is unwilling to act then I believe they should respect the will of the Scottish Parliament and devolve those powers to allow us to do what is necessary." Graham Sharp, chairman of the Accounts Commission for Scotland, said: "Problem drug and alcohol use and their impacts continue to be significant issues for Scotland. "The commission welcomes this update, which will inform our future work around the activity and investment across Scotland's public sector to address the treatment and support of some of our most vulnerable people."
  14. Couldn't really care who wants a job for Scotland, lost interest years ago in them mate
  15. It's on parliament live TV ffs ,dont like to speak I'll of the dead but its nauseating as hell to put it politely
  16. N there was brendan ohara mp telling the story of mcneil to parliament last night ,think the only thing he left out was ,he knew too
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