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  2. GCC is more than pro indy , they'll be shown for "trying" although they could not give a fuck really at what time it starts ,also have they applied to use the green
  3. It's no meant to be orange anyway , it's classed as a mandarin top 😜
  4. Ye would now think that any new kit will be out reasonably quick ,now that the current kits have all been majorly reduced
  5. Looks ok ,no minging ffs , saying that like this Nice pattern on the sleeves
  6. Aye ,he's also been surrounded by too many of a sellik persuasion,
  7. Tell ye what though stg, his hair isny half looking good ,take it Broxi just had a shampoo n condition 😊
  8. Spot on , they'll be going into PR Overdrive this week ,with look at us n the good deeds we do
  9. Sheep manager in paper wanting taig fans punished for their sectarianism (Not a mention of what the filthy mob were shouting towards sheep manager ,on celtscene.then straight on to ,"what a comprehensive victory blah blah blah blah blah "
  10. Ffs dont say that, thought it was Keymar that had that wee fat tarrier
  11. No watching this nonsense n having been listening to any commentary ,watching the golf ,although jumped in the car up to the shops ,n radio were saying it's like a training match ffs ,who got sent off ,when ,who scored ,n was it a red card certainty
  12. Followed some choices on here for Beware The Bear , also went for Arthurs Gift n Red Infantry
  13. FFS Rorys ball lands in the golf buggy ,just beside the cup holders n a couple of bottles of water 😂
  14. 5 captured by police , on stv website , one of them is a female Five people have been charged over a mass brawl that broke out in Glasgow city centre following an Old Firm game at celtic Park. Officers attended the large-scale disturbance on Blackfriars Street in the Merchant City at around 5pm on Sunday, March 31. A 24-year-old woman and four men - aged 20, 23, 25 and 27 - have now been charged in connection with the incident that took place shortly after celtic defeated Rangers 2-1 in a heated derby match.
  15. Well I'll no be cheering any of them on ,although think the sheep might take the lead then fuckin bottle it ,the filth will win 2-1 with a late goal ,penalty/free kick just outside the box ,bastards
  16. Are the stars to represent each of the bastards that's been done for peadofile crimes
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