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  1. Think he played for England U19s
  2. Also got the "S" on the chairs
  3. That's meant to be a question mate .Should be ( Is there nobody else in the running)
  4. Didny want Fergie , although if it's between him and Bomber , Fergie gets it for me . (nobody else in the running )
  5. Thoughts to you and Bobs family , RIP
  6. Wouldny put it past the board tbh , also Bombers certainly getting a fair amount of coverage on the Official site RANGERS fans are invited to play Spot the Ball to win exclusive RFC prizes! Download the app for free and watch clips of Rangers games where the ball disappears before your eyes. Then place your picks and pit your wits against the legendary John ‘Bomber’ Brown to guess where he’s put the ball in the final frame – the closest to Bomber wins! With new games starting regularly and guaranteed winners for each and every one don’t miss out on your opportunity to win exclusive prizes that include trips to the training ground, hospitality tickets, signed merchandise and much more! DOWNLOAD NOW Apple App store link: Android download link and instructions: Download the Android app to your device Tap the ‘Download’ button above to start the download Modify settings to allow installation Tick ‘Unknown Sources’ under your device’s Security or Application Settings Install the downloaded Android app Open the ‘Downloads‘ folder and select the app (.apk file) to install Rules – click HERE T&Cs – click HERE Bomber on the spot
  7. Well if gcc are involved , it will be rigged mate
  8. What's this about eejay?
  9. Bebellend hasny blinked yet ,even when he fell down . He ever been drugs tested
  10. Britney IS feeling it .great stuff .Probably longer than Sportscene will show
  11. Gordon Strapon Mark Mcgee
  12. Mrs Murcell n her cohorts in the essennpee
  13. Daily Retard right enough ffs
  14. Must be something in their holy water ffs , either that or their kafflik steak
  15. We are currently updating our records in readiness for Season 2017/18. You may wish to replace or update the existing credit/debit card held on file, to ensure payments are collected successfully. Current details registered with us are: card ending**** To change or update your details, please click on the following secure link Alternatively, print this email, complete the section below and return to the Ticket Centre either in person or by post. Please note due to changes in credit card compliance we can no longer accept changes by email or telephone. Ticket Centre opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 5pm, Thursday 9am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 2pm. Mailing Address: Rangers Ticket Centre, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2XD. Never had any bother collecting the ££££ , looks a bit over eager , given that it's only March , no matter if they're updating their records or not
  16. .

    Oh aye , spot on
  17. I'm loving the cut of Pedros jib , Seriously hope this man is our new "Souness" moment , even though he'll no be playing
  18. JFK ,
  19. The Famous Glasgow Rangers (also)
  20. If 9/17 is September this year , yer gonna be alright then
  21. I just thought it was near the end of the month when I went on holiday .could be wrong mind you Still enough for the both of ye mind you
  22. Three month away ffs BIB ,infact was it no nearer the end of June
  23. Aye matching Inigos