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  1. Maybe no take them for a win in the next game n they might fucking lose then ,It'll also be better odds than taking the fuckpigs
  2. "Maybe even take the red bricks as well " FFS Mate
  3. When they first went up we were told they were temporary ffs , now they're permanently temporary . Definitely look dreadful , get them tae fuck , sell them /auction them or hang them up at Auchenhowie
  4. This should come with a public health warning ffs , this guy must be dressed like that for a bet
  5. Aye arse banditos
  6. True although it doesny matter who they get in the CL , no way will Saint Brenda be showcasing anyone , he'll be wanting to try n get them further , They also won't be scoring a lot of goals in it either
  7. Maybe there isny actually a buyer for him
  8. Was their goal an own goal ffs
  9. So according to the live texts updates from Sky , legoman n brace face lucky no to be booked ,surprise surprise
  10. What huge crowd they expecting for this then greatest fans in the world fuck all
  11. (Admin please join my other severe lack of information thread here or delete it )
  12. Yet again tlb does as he wishes n gets away with it .Absolute joke ,he must have been on the phone to his uncle liewell before he even left the away changing room ffs "I've done something again to wind they bastards up Peter "he probably said n liewells response woulda been "No probs I'll get that sorted ,leave it wi me "
  13. Looked like a pen even though the thistle player went down a bit dramatically (did he get booked if they never got it ) As for tierney.,he'd be lucky if he's even their best player called tierney ffs .Never mind best in 40 years in Scotland or whatever nonsense it was
  14. A football fan has been charged after Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson was allegedly assaulted. The attack is said to have happened in a stairwell in Dens Park following the Dundee v Dundee United derby on Wednesday evening. Thompson was allegedly shoved to the floor before being escorted into the Dundee boardroom. United lost 2-1 to their rivals in the second round of the League Cup. A Police Scotland spokesman said: "A 24-year-old man was charged with assaulting a 51-year-old man at Dens Park, Dundee, immediately after the Betfred Cup match between Dundee and Dundee United. "The victim was not injured." (What's going on at other teams grounds ffs )
  15. If the bbc is showing it on the red button on BBC 1 it'll be 6 o'clock like yesterday then coverage for a post hour from the back of 11 tonight Piss poor coverage from them
  16. The rhecord truly are laughable ffs "Will likely suffer permanent damage" Naw ye don't fucking say
  17. Only if ye live on Planet Lieswell ffs
  18. We're gonna need to beat they bastards too .Which can be done
  19. McInness stayed at the sheep cause he said they were backing him , that's why he never took the job offer in England , Stevie May ffs
  20. No way will he get that if the competition is they two mentioned (and others if there is )
  21. No doubt he will though ,early days
  22. Certainty to happen mate .absolute certainty
  23. Is he fucking at it again ffs