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  1. Story telling by Joe Miiller .fuxache any more n he'll have enough for a book
  2. Loan move = Halliday will be in hope of returning to the first team in the future
  3. Furfuxache , the big man looks one mean man , he's even up to his knees already
  4. A CLYDEBANK councillor’s bid to have the highest civic honour in West Dunbartonshire bestowed upon the surviving members of the Lisbon Lions has been shown the red card by council chiefs. Bailie Denis Agnew put forward a motion to next week’s full council meeting arguing the seven remaining players from the 1967 Celtic squad which lifted the European Cup should be made Freemen of West Dunbartonshire at a cost of £17,000 in taxpayers money. But the independent councillor’s bid was booted into touch by the SNP administration – which he is in coalition with – who rejected his plan because none of the former players have any connections to the area, reports Clydebank Post. Council leader Jonathan McColl said: “While Bailie Agnew’s motion is well meaning, none of those he wishes to honour have a connection with West Dunbartonshire. “The SNP group will move an amendment recognising the immense achievement of the Lisbon Lions, but we could not possibly justify spending this level of public money or bestowing the Freemanship on people who do not have a local connection.” There were just three Freemanships given out in the five years of the last West Dunbartonshire Council, for Rev Ian Miller, Sister Rita at St Margaret of ScotlandHospice and Father Joseph Mills. Bailie Agnew’s motion, which includes mixed up names of surviving players, reads: “This council recognises the immense achievement for the Celtic football team in May 1967 to be the first British team to win the European Cup. “This achievement brought global recognition from a home grown group of young men at the peak of their performance. Sadly, almost half of the original Lisbon Lions team have passed away. “However, the remaining individuals from that group (Jim Clark, John Craig,[sic] Willie Wallace, Billy McNeil, Stevie Chalmers, Bobby Lennox and Bertie Auld) are still with us and I would propose that this council recognises their and their former teammates’ achievement by holding a ceremony at some future date to confer this Freemanship of West Dunbartonshire on the surviving Lisbon Lions. The costs will be met from unearmarked reserves.” Labour also questioned the motion. Cllr Danny Lennie said: "What the Lisbon Lions achieved will never EVER be repeated. The Lions were the side I grew up watching and cheering. Bobby Lennox is my hero. "But it has to be a firm 'no' to giving the remaining Lions such an honour. "Firstly you dont hand out a freemanship just to be trendy. "You are made a freeman due to the work and dedication you put in to your community. It is a huge honour that is only given to a very select few who have earned this. "To even contemplate giving this honour to the remaining Lisbon Lions simply diminishes the honour. This motion surely can not be passed." Bailie Agnew told the Post it was a bigger issue than just whether the Lisbon Lions had a direct connection to West Dunbartonshire.
  5. So he says it was a training match now ,even after Linfield have already said they've never played the sheep in any capacity What troubles us most of all, however, is that Linfield FC has no record of having played Aberdeen at Windsor Park or elsewhere in the entire decade Mr Miller refers to, whether in a friendly fixture, training game or otherwise. In fact, it appears that Linfield have never played against Aberdeen at all throughout our entire history.
  6. What a strange strange chap he is
  7. Aye
  8. Azerbaijan FFS
  9. Wonder what Pumas thoughts are on resolving this are , considering they're selling the top for £40
  10. Remember we don't deal in Dembele Dollars mate
  11. Record for most hot drinks sold on a Thursday night Record for most fans that can't buy their teams home top
  12. That's probably for a player top mate , a ton ffs
  13. Could be right mate , they'll probably throw in "free printing " for the price hike
  14. Well done Linfield for taking none of their nonsense Liked this part at the end A statement regarding the possible match against Celtic and the ticketing arrangements for that game will be released in due course, should we win the upcoming tie against La Fiorita. Don't think the shite bags from.the east will be queing up for tickets
  15. Thought it was a paltry 7p in the pound we were getting before this new deal and not a measly 4p as it says in the article. Anyway onwards n upwards with this new deal as long as it's giving us plenty £££££££££
  16. Sold more cups of tea before the game in BF1 anawl mate
  17. What a brass fuckin neck .I've had a bigger number for when I'm waiting on my Chinese ffs Probably sold more away tops anawl. Even though we're gonna be getting new design ones soon
  18. Hahahaha ,The safety and security of all cellik supporters Except the ones that fight with each other or even kill another fan
  19. Nell Mc Andrew was no bad looking a few years back when she modelled the new strip
  20. Fuckin Admin. Yeve changed mate
  21. Read on here gogzy ,he sold his shares for total of £2million n they cost him £2.3 million I was only talking about a loss on these shares nothing regarding the retail side .
  22. Bloody good men fighting/fought for this country and the unrespectful scum try it on with them ffs .make yer blood boil
  23. Fucking outta order .scum bastards .hope yer mates were ok .physically and mentally
  24. Bastards .the police no see this mate .they cunts seem to get away with most things ffs