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  1. Agree with that. It again highlights the need for a "no.10" or a winger on top form. If we had either or both we could have scored twenty goals in our last three games. The defence though us still the biggest concern. We just don't look capable of a shut out. There's always something going in back there and it only encourages our opponents. Anywhere we're through which is more than can be said for the mhutants. I'm hearing whispers they were on the car park tonight.
  2. If McCoist and this present regime are still at the club next season then I'll bet my kids eyes we won't!!!
  3. Why do certain people continually post the same entrenched views?

  4. How many times do certain people have to keep repeating themselves?

  5. You've identified exactly how I feel Temple. It is gut wrenching but I strongly feel that for the sake of the club then these hedge funders and opportunists have to let go or we will go nowhere.
  6. It's been a hoot reading all the posts in this thread.
  7. I think you'll find the seats you gained have probably been empty all season.
  8. You can't read mate. I'm saying it's 1200 more I.e. 3200 You probably read GW business review the same way!
  9. Nope it was 1200 more two days ago however only a very select few in the TO have access to the total now However "sales are trickling in"
  10. 16-18k? ���������������������� Give me 24hrs and I'll give you an actual up to date but it was less than 3200 at the beginning of the week!
  11. You mean like some players who went to the premiership two years ago?
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