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  1. Fuck knows I’ll report back on completion. Until then:
  2. Is it that Poet and Vuj?
  3. Agree with everything apart from the last part, cunt was wanking off over Larsson recently.
  4. Listened to half of it and already impressed, be interesting to see what happens if / when he turns manager.
  5. Aye well fuck you! Ticket still available.
  6. I think she has something to do with that crank but could be wrong.
  7. Michael Beale on, ‘The Greatest Game’ too.
  8. My ST will be spare for this and the next two Wednesday games (County and Hibs) due to work. Also likely it’ll be spare for Aberdeen / next round of cup if we’re drawn at home. Would prefer to sell as a package to save hastle passing on but will consider separate.
  9. This is the club that nearly got the league suspended as the referees went on strike due to their behaviour
  10. Was last night, thread was chopped on FF - probably best stays same on here.
  11. Must have been busy for you to miss everything else. He got it sorted shortly after I read on FF.
  12. Been in a couple of times, the building is a shite hole and tiny but it’s good to have a Rangers bar in town - good atmosphere before YB game.
  13. From this: To this: Is special.
  14. Willing to take it in the neck but at this stage I reckon he’s utter dog shit. Overall think he’ll flatter to deceive and we’ll punt him for a small profit - not up for the fight.
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