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  1. There's over 4k in TC.
  2. You got flights etc booked?
  3. Made an arse of it in other thread as well, google was saying we're on CET just now but we're an hour behind.
  4. Google is a bawbag, only see that when drill into first site.
  5. I googled CET and it says it's same as ours, and they're an hour ahead - fuck knows.
  6. 7.45 CET = 8.45 their time?
  7. Kick-off 7.45pm CET So 8.45pm their time?
  8. So we'll be wearing last seasons kit all the way through to Lyon? Mental.
  9. Yeah I reckon they'll sort it out, if not the (worst case scenario) flights won't go to waste - would assume it'll be moved somewhere close by.
  10. It can't be at theirs, doesn't meet regulations.
  11. After last few weekends and what's coming it's too much (both money wise and turning into an alchy wise).
  12. You get rid? Put mine on Gumtree and gone in seconds. Got plenty numbers of people looking if you want a hand? @Queen's_highway - I'm no going!
  13. As above, PM with contact number if interested. FV £65. Can meet in central Glasgow to collect, collect from Ibrox area or I can possibly drop off depending on where you're based.