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  1. From this: To this: Is special.
  2. Willing to take it in the neck but at this stage I reckon he’s utter dog shit. Overall think he’ll flatter to deceive and we’ll punt him for a small profit - not up for the fight.
  3. Far too sensible for on here. Would have a fit Flanagan over Halliday any day of the week, he’s always needed a few games to get back to speed after being out the team though.
  4. BEE

    Rangers vs Killie

    New phone can you drop me a text.
  5. Aye mind that, looked like a tramp - but even worse in the tracky.
  6. Sure at least a few times McCoist, McDowall and McCall all wore tracksuits while gaffer and people went nuts.
  7. BEE

    Novo's Bar

    Posts deleted from Novo’s insta and twitter, massive thread deleted on FF. Guessing he’s made up with the owner.
  8. BEE

    Rangers vs Killie

    I’ll not make this, mine spare CR5.
  9. Sadly this will go straight in David Martin’s bin.
  10. Abdul is not a Muslim, he's a fucking idiot who is a total embarrassment to our support. Obviously massively generalising here but I think it's fair to say that the majority of Glasgow Sikh's support Rangers and Muslim's support them. Never met anyone of Jewish descent who follows the filth for obvious reasons.
  11. Andy Dibble’s son in goal for them.
  12. Looks unlikely as Alba picked a game yesterday. Probably, given we’re only allowed two and Barjonas qualifies as one.
  13. Any idea who the over age players are @The Dude or @Elfideldo?
  14. Just noticed Andrew Dickson asked same question on twitter, was going to call him out and realised was much earlier than me
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