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  1. BEE


    I think they already have but doesn’t count as they’re semi-pro? Walking home today and there was a wee boy from Ulster infront of me saying to his dad that Linfield would smash us and Rangers are shite etc - felt like flinging him in the Clyde.
  2. BEE

    Kidding ourselves on

    So bad I’m expecting @K.A.I back tonight.
  3. BEE

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    I don’t think ‘everyone’ would and those that go to every game would be in a, atleast marginally, better position. The fact is the ticket office have no appetite to change the system as a points system etc won’t bring any additional revenue in but will increase their admin burden.
  4. BEE

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    Some would, but fuck sake some buy additional season tickets just to put them on the ccs. There’s no ideal system but a points system would be A LOT better.
  5. BEE

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    Was doing a piss round the back of it years ago and a boy hit me so hard I thought my jaw was broke My Mrs stays in Greenock and I’d say the vast majority of the residents are papes, I’ve been on the Greenock Brit before though and they were a good bunch.
  6. BEE

    Reddit streams is gone.

    Moved to footybite.com
  7. BEE

    Loan Review

    How did Beerman get on at the team he was at earlier?
  8. BEE

    The Family Stand logo

    Personally think Rangers should be pushing the fact the Broomie is the family stand more, too many bleeding hearts dotted around the stadium judging by some posts I’ve seen on another forum.
  9. BEE

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    @ForeverAndEver Change title to say ‘til split - this thread title always confuses me
  10. BEE

    ***Feedback Thread***

    No problem, hope you enjoyed game.
  11. BEE

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    To be fair I went to none of them.
  12. BEE

    Ticket Office Contact

    He’s still there - I’ve got my own contact too but I was just looking for the main mailbox rather than annoying someone specifically
  13. BEE

    Ticket Office Contact

    Doesn’t make a difference mate, unsure if you’re at the wind up! Cheers I’ll forward it to that.
  14. BEE

    Ticket Office Contact

    Is it still: webmail@Rangers.co.uk Sent an email ages ago and no reply.