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  1. This. Fuck the bootlegger patter, want IRA loving Taffys greeting in the street.
  2. Buzzing for us to get a freekick and roll it back for Boyd / McCulloch to absolutely leather into the wall or 30 yards over the bar.
  3. Is 91 the two numbers you add together to get your age or are you just a bit simple?
  4. Surely Adam and Vignal could have played for Liverpool, they’ve got three subs
  5. GREGG WYLDE walked away from Rangers yesterday and locked himself in his room. The 20-year-old pulled the duvet over his head as he struggled to come to terms with the fact he is now a footballer on the dole. After becoming the first top team star at Ibrox to accept voluntary redundancy, the reality of administration finally hit home. The club he joined as a 14-year-old schoolboy is struggling to survive and after days of sleepless nights and soul searching, the kid from Kirkintilloch finally had enough. Gregg’s father Gordon put a comforting arm around his son and insisted the decision to pull the trigger on his days at Rangers was for the greater good. He said: “Gregg was listening to Fraser Wishart of the players’ union on the radio at the weekend and he was saying there were still people on the payroll at Rangers from his time at the club 20 years ago. “He asked me who they were and I told him it was the people that worked behind the scenes such as the laundry staff, the tea lady and those who work in the office. “That was when it all hit home for Gregg just who would be affected by administration. He told me there and then he’d had enough and would offer to leave if it helped these staff members keep their jobs. “In his mind, these are the people who are living from month to month and their livelihoods were under threat. He’s a young boy who would be the first to admit the complex financial talk taking place with the administrators at Murray Park were going right over his head. “He didn’t understand what was going on but he wanted to do the right thing. We had a heart to heart and I asked if he was sure – his mind was made up and it was a selfless decision from a brave wee guy. “It’s a terrible position to place anyone in and I stand by him all the way but he is emotionally and physically shattered.” Wylde senior revealed the writing was on the wall for his son when he confronted the administrators on Monday and they didn’t even know his name. He said: “Gregg had taken Ally McCoist aside and told him he was prepared to leave and waive his salary and redundancy payment but I don’t think the manager took in what he was saying. “But when the administrators were at Murray Park on Monday he squirrelled himself away from the group and chapped the administrators’ door. "They didn’t know who he was so he introduced himself and told them he would walk away now for nothing. They told him they’d get back to him and contacted him that night to tell him his proposal had been accepted. “I’m proud of what he’s done, Gregg loves the club and has shown that by sacrificing his career there. He knew players and staff were going to lose their jobs and he took the initiative. Everything hit home. “He’s not been the same boy over the past few weeks, he hasn’t been sleeping or eating and has been getting up in the middle of the night and wandering about the house.” After making his Gers debut last season, Wylde has racked up 38 top team appearances and recently penned a five-year deal. The contract is now worthless but dad Gordon is adamant they’ll never take away his achievements and he was determined to do what he could to preserve the history of the club. He said: “Gregg helped Rangers win the league last season and he has a League Cup winners medal. He’s proud of being a part of the history and wants that to remain intact. “He doesn’t want those memories being stained by the club ceasing to exist and just wanted to do the right thing if it helped Rangers from going to the wall. “He was scared and last week when he came back from talking to the administrators he said he couldn’t believe just how cut-throat they were in their approach. “He was frightened and told me it was heavy stuff. He wanted to carry on playing for nothing but that wasn’t an option which was acceptable to the administrators for whatever reason. “Gregg’s not the type to put his hand up in a room to ask questions, he’s quiet and didn’t want to attract attention but everything has taken a huge toll on him and his personality has not been the same. It’s a horrible situation but I stand by his decision and hopefully he’ll find a club soon.” And Wylde is adamant he made his decision despite being in the dark over what his football future holds. The youngster, who has also waived his wage for March, said: “I offered to walk away yesterday and the club told me they would accept that offer. “At the moment I have nowhere to go and don’t have another club. “I don’t know what is going to happen next but I thought it was important to play my part in saving Rangers.” Compare the above and attitude of some fans regarding Wylde against the general feeling for guys like Aluko, McGregor, Davis etc. - really are a confused bunch on here.
  6. Didn’t listen but he offered to leave and the club accepted (admin weren’t even sure who he was), he didn’t do what McGregor / Davis etc did. If the club wanted him to stay all they had to do was reject his request. How you work that one out? He got pelters at the papes for wearing a Rangers chain.
  7. Seem to remember him scoring an absolute belter with his right foot out of the blue, potentially vs Aberdeen?
  8. Real Kashmir FC. Got a link? Not on iplayer anymore.
  9. Pretty petty that he’s kept his Liverpool pictures off
  10. Yes, would assume it’ll be different if it’s adult / concession as there’s issues there but I used to make sure I was in a friendship of 6 people so I had more chance of getting tickets - doesn’t work like that anymore. I’m still in a 6 and not all of us got Livi. No idea best asking TO that one.
  11. Doesn’t work like that anymore (since this season). You can cancel up to two games a season per membership, anymore and you’re taken off ccs. Been stated one on here but I’ve not seen that anywhere else.
  12. If we’d spent over £1m and gave him two years then he turned out amazing and fucked off for nothing then others would slag the board for a lack of foresight Fuck knows whats happening with him, if we had loan bids and he’s not going to play then surely it’s better him going even if it was paying a small percentage. Maybe want to keep him around given Jones injury?
  13. Out of those mentioned in OP Holt, Rossiter, Alnwick and Herrera all expire at the end of season. Murphy contracted until ‘21 and Grezda until ‘22.
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