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  1. Referees are a shower of bully victims who need the position to make themselves feel a bit better about spending 90% of their childhood with their head down the bog.
  2. Few short, be travelling up anyway (unless called up obviously...) if any become available due to late call offs etc.
  3. Referee was a disgrace, that’s worse than what we’ve seen against us this season.
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    As others pointed out been written by an idiot, wonder how the replay would of worked too given we won’t be in Florida when final game is played. We may aswell knock Ibrox down.
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Pedantic loyal, that’s next on the list though - fuck knows what they’d of done if had exact same.
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    They have a better goal difference so are top of table, we can’t win it.
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Would of looked shite next to the beauty that is the Petrofac anyway.
  8. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Weirdest signing ever. Winger.
  9. Wee Nacho

    Can’t be fucked reading the thread but he’s up and about (but not out hospital) - going to be a long road to recovery, got more surgery booked in when he gets back here. Don’t want to go into too much details but I assumed it wasn’t a big incident - wouldn’t expect it for a guy of his age, fitness etc - now been swayed from that opinion.
  10. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Although I get the point you’re making, there’s grounds in our league that don’t come close to that dressing room!
  11. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Cracking dressing room for a college team - mad yanks.
  12. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Where did you see that?
  13. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Any clue when?