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  1. No mate will be doing Europe so need to save for that and keep holidays at work. Just seen you saying about the wee man - hope he enjoys it, deserves it 👍
  2. Nah last few months been mental, need locked in a padded cell for a while.
  3. Fuck knows I may even enjoy it if I took the time to figure out what the fuck is going on I ended up doing a tour of shite pubs in Glasgow (Toby Jug, Goose then Crystal Palace) as only place could get seated! See Nicky Clark, Alex Rae and Dave Smith (three different generations ) regularly aswell.
  4. Can't stand that shite either no matter the team, in the town a day before old firm (think it was England game?) and every pub was packed due to egg chuckers!
  5. The national football team doesn't represent our nation as a whole IMO, been hijacked by a bunch of absolute yahoos and leftists. Fans who boo'ed Black onto the park and made the banner about Wallace - for the crime of playing for us. Need to dress up like something from a shortbread tin to attend a game. Any Rangers fan who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with they bastards should have a word with themselves.
  6. SNP/Scotland Supporting 'fans' - that's the worst.
  7. *Fraser But aye cracking to see him doing well, still attends when he can and immediate family make it over a good few times a year. Sat with his mum at the game a few times and bumped into her mate she travels with in Jamaica last year (who spotted me from my Rangers tattoos (and beer belly)) - what are the odds
  8. Can't see it being on TV.
  9. .
  10. I've been off the sauce for a week and feel like I could take on AJ the now, give me a few weeks and I'll be off the wagon; causing a nuisance and cowering behind you.
  11. .
  12. @Pearson83 sorted me and the wee man today - life saver as no chance I'd of got two together so close to game. Unsure if posted before but @southdown 1916, @K.A.I, @eejay the dj and @bluewhitevanman have helped me out a good few times each when I've been in the shit over the years. Countless others when I've ended up having to shift something daft like 14 spares for Livi on a Wednesday night
  13. Already taken.
  14. Yes voting Rangers supporter is an oxymoron. She also accused McGregor of rape while knowing nothing. Senderos is just a diddy.
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    Closest you'll get to a nipple on here.