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  1. Can you put a good few threads up for the upcoming home games @fog or whoever is sorting the threads out. I can understand threads for away games going up a couple weeks before the game as people won't know if they have a ticket to sell, but some of those with a ST will know well in advance if they can't make an upcoming game.
  2. Likewise with @CR3, bit of hastle on my end due to being away on holiday and losing my phone but no issues from poster. Thanks again.
  3. Spot on mate, I hate the cunt in general but this topic is a joke. Maybe we should be looking to our fan rep etc instead of a Dundee Utd fan.
  4. The fuck does this come from? Traynor isn’t employed by our club, he’s a subcontractor who’s brought in on request. Maybe have a look at the top brass before posting this shite.
  5. Yes, shambles. Pretty sure no Uber in Luxembourg, there was another service I used but don’t recall the name now. Edit: Webtaxi.
  6. Saying on FF collection is in Luxembourg after speaking to Rangers.
  7. Aye I got that mate but I don't see how they can offer delivery if they're not sure they're going to have time to do collection here.
  8. Is collection for tickets there or here?
  9. Get any videos up.
  10. @southdown 1916 may be able to help, but if they are fully booked I was reading the public busses are only 9 euro and run regularly.
  11. They will take Euros but give you a shit exchange rate I was reading? But can just jump into an exchange shop there to switch them.
  12. Gutted missing this, all my mates are patching it because such short notice.
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