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  1. Mental that can still be blinded by the teeth in the 2cm x 2cm picture in OP.
  2. “although obviously the example above would be unreasonable for us”
  3. We’re shafted at every opportunity by the club, surprising how many willing to just forget about the cash paid for 5 games. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/11157710/man-utd-fans-lask-refund-europa-league/amp/ Can’t imagine any sort of goodwill gesture given (although obviously the example above would be unreasonable for us). Free RTV / season ticket freeze would be insufficient IMO, but I doubt we’ll even get that.
  4. Still going, when home I’ll do a tour of old folks home charging the codgers £10 each not to sneeze on them.
  5. BEE

    Rangers vs celtic

    Anyone else PMs me I’m ignoring it - you’d think I’d said I have twenty tickets going spare or something!
  6. Across road from me.
  7. What’s the need for the 5 options? In / Out.
  8. Even worse was a few people clapping the full team off as they left at the very end, utterly scunnered.
  9. On par with applause for Mandela.
  10. Sure it’ll be fine, 4 of us going and only me and another have a TC membership - don’t doubt that we’ll all be in the ground somehow.
  11. Can you post here?
  12. I’m Cologne mate, maybe get you through there. Still limping about after ACL surgery so best behaviour for me
  13. Yeah, via Bristol out and Gatwick back. Yourself?
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