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  1. Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    They said it wasn’t last year until the day of the draw and it was.
  2. I’ve seen cunts in town singing the Lee Rigby song and it’s kicked off, also seen it the other way.
  3. Pretty sure A LOT on here would confront the cunt if saw this going on / probably say something worse about one of theirs.
  4. Every club has there share of songs like this - this isn’t news.
  5. Pre Season

    Club better get the finger out and get whatever is happening announced.
  6. Martin Bain

    Was just a yes man to Murray for most of his time, when he was allowed to deal with matters at the end (along with AJ) he reduced the debt massively.
  7. FA Cup Final tribute to Ray Wilkins

    Chelsea legends also had a game yesterday to raise funds, shame the club didn’t do something similar.
  8. Agree about Foster but Smith for that money was not bad. Fuck knows what happened, saw he was Killie captain last year - got an injury and disappeared.
  9. Supposedly Smith and Foster were on £800 and £900 per week respectively - not terrible for our position at the time.
  10. Wallace is some player and Mohsni is a big diddy/cheat basically.
  11. Probably not a cup tie many want to remember but found this quite interesting, listen from 44:55 onwards - http://www.tellhimhespele.com/episode-21-mark-mcguigan-part-one/ Interesting to hear his views on Wallace and story about Mohsni pretty funny.
  12. Parking around Ibrox next season

    Midweek matches make up the minority of our schedule, although I see where you’re coming from.
  13. Where's Murty gone?

    Really don’t understand the hate, majority on here are fickle as fuck - give it three games under Gerrard until most are baying for blood.
  14. Pre Season

    Cheers might look into that for a weekend away, that Bar None over there is cracking - remember them doing any cocktail for 4 euro and a bucket of 6 San Miguel for something daft like 5 euro.