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  1. No reply from @Jamie - hopefully gets back to me but if not tickets available again. Aberdeen is £30 and Celt*c £49 - will only sell as a package. Tickets in CR5.
  2. Watched the abandoned game vs Hearts in Jamaica on Fox Sports, had yanks round me saying if that was the NFL the game would never have been called off - aye maybe because you hold the ball in your hands in American Football, pricks.
  3. My ticket going spare but I’d need the person to take Aberdeen on the 28th April too (not Hibs the week in between). Edit: GONE.
  4. You looked rubber on snapchat, couldn’t fight sleep.
  5. 3 of them done in round about Albion Street / Blackfriars Street - shame.
  6. Yes but tickets sold out in hours.
  7. Always go to the Chelsea Pensioner when down, they’re playing Cardiff away straight after so it’ll be lively. Always play Penny Arcade etc whenever I’ve been in.
  8. Ah, didn’t see that one.
  9. The twitter post? They’ve retweeted it and said thanks.
  10. Can’t believe a news channel animated it
  11. Cunts, hope he’s alright.
  12. That’s what the majority of the replies are to the cunt but there’s a bit of a difference to a 40 second call and what she done
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