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  1. The papes go past, bears get an escort to game.
  2. I've heard we have the only remaining Loving Cup but I've seen ones in English clubs museums/trophy rooms. Edit: Everton and Chelsea have one each, Everton do the same ceremony. Found an article claiming there's 5 still in circulation but doesn't elaborate.
  3. Both posters suggested it was actually Rangers hiring.
  4. 'Elior UK at Rangers Football Club...' First sentence fs...
  5. McCoist filled the team full of nobodys and journeymen - could of been anyone of a number of them. Given the way he comes across I'd say Wallace is one of the least likely at Ibrox to leak anything. You just have to look through threads on here and you see several references to the same players leaking things through friends/family - it's the same names mentioned time and time again.
  6. Where'd that come from? Very much doubt he's leaked anything.
  7. You really think he thought Dorrans was a wee guy about 5/6?
  8. That's Klos' goal, I don't give a fuck about what really happened
  9. £50m will only get us half of Dembele fs.
  10. Source? Heard last year he wasn't interested in coming to Scottish football anytime soon, since heard different but seems a big change in the space of a year. As an aside I'm not 100% I want him looking at his minutes played each season.
  11. When every cunts face has melted.
  12. Can't find myself but found wee Jay, what the fuck?
  13. Racist.