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  1. Like this thread, good way to pick out the buftys easily. Fuck driving to the football.
  2. Walter Smith, well over ten years as manager - never won the Ramsdens Cup.
  3. In Jamaica bumped into a woman who was a member of the RSC in Canada that Fraser Airds' parents help run - to be fair I've a few tattoos which led to her talking to me.
  4. Sure a few weeks back someone referred to him as a charity game player and compared him to Berbatov - time is up for him unfortunately but in his day he was a player. Shame we won't see it while he's in blue.
  5. Scenes when we have buy-back clauses.
  6. Pair of you can't even stand up at most games as well.
  7. PM'ed. Fair enough, not the case with us - and now being asked who has done it.
  8. Yes, my SC is listed and the boys that run it are none the wiser. Leave them to clear it up though. Just pointing out that some mongo on the internet saying, 'Add...' shouldn't be enough to produce something like that. Really amateur.
  9. Right well where have you got the names? Have you contacted the bus conveners etc?
  10. Where's this come from?
  11. Seemed like work was already underway.
  12. Always an absolute mongo who asks this.
  13. Why shift guys loyal for decades to move guys who chucked their ST's in 2014?
  14. All for them having a standing section but not at the expense of guys who've sat in their seats in the CF for decades.