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  1. Leipzig for me, game was pish - cracking trip though.
  2. Flanny / Matty - for fuck sake.
  3. Didn’t need any for Villarreal, I got one with 3 for Vienna but not sure that was cut off.
  4. TO have fucked up for me, they’ve managed to take the money for the TC but my ST payment was rejected supposedly (despite it being same card and there being more than enough to cover it) and they’re wanting a £20 admin fee. Cunts.
  5. Shite move, horrible club. Good luck all the same.
  6. Agree with both, want him to be the player I think he might be - but he doesn’t get ahead of what we have in the squad.
  7. His wage is supposedly (relatively) massive - I don’t think that’s sustainable as Bury were only picking up something daft like 20%.
  8. I didn’t include Docherty as it’s looking pretty clear he’ll be in the squad next season. I think it’s last chance for Rossiter, been good at Bury so don’t see harm in looking over him pre-season then deciding on selling/keeping.
  9. News stories re the ones quoted: Hodson - Wanted by St Midden, told to find new club. Holt - Fleetwood want him permanently, told to find new club. Dodoo - Blackpool manager mentioned wants him on loan again. Herrera - Story that we were trying to cancel his contract, seen him quoted on a much higher wage than I’d expected. Alnwick - Been good there, might keep him with Foderingham supposedly leaving but supposedly doesn’t want to sit on the bench again. Coulibaly - End of loan, unlikely to be interested. Ryan Hardie, Rossiter, Barjonas and several youth team also returning - fuck knows what will happen with them.
  10. As Winnie said it’s off this year - memorial game with Shotts is for Tattie’s (the boy that organises them) late brother. Hope he gets a decent turn out.
  11. Sold @Albertz85 my ST for 3 games, despite me missing meeting him to get the ticket on two occasions he posted it to me. Cheers 👍
  12. He was told he was getting the MBE a good while ago and this was him just getting it I’m assuming? As I’m sure this was mentioned not long after he signed?
  13. Bastard. Well done the wee bears anyway.
  14. This is fucking brilliant, reckon we should ask Killie if they fancy four a side today.
  15. Masters stealing Rangers tactics and winning haha.
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