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  1. That’s him! Totally forgot he went to Thistle, looks like played for a few decent clubs.
  2. Nah after him but before Bendiksen, think we sent him on loan back over that area and he converted to play in defence.
  3. Chris Hegarty doesn’t even have a wiki, knew he’d went home to play but assume he’s chucked it now? Remember having a blonde Scandanavian striker years back that was banging them in at reserve level but never got near the team, can’t remember his name now and pissing me off. Not Bendiksen, before then. Steven MacLean then later Tom Brighton going to Scunthorpe one after the other and banging on barrel loads then being released on their return also sticks out. Are you being serious?
  4. Fair play to guys like Stevie Lennon and Robbie Crawford for going so far away to earn a living.
  5. You had to google Gary Bollan?
  6. Feel somewhat conflicted - feel sorry for him after the abuse he’s got but also recognise he’s put himself in that position. I’m not sure what roles these individuals have in the project going forward, were they not just used to display how diverse our fanbase is? If there is an ongoing role he should be quietly removed and replaced with one of the many other fans we have who haven’t made an utter cunt of it like him.
  7. Fuck knows, extremely sceptical. Seems like we’re just constantly fed shite so that we renew (and now don’t ask for refunds).
  8. If you’re not sceptical about shite like this then I really have to question where the fuck you’ve been the last decade. Does the 2022 stuff involve a casino by any chance?
  9. Yeah need to contact them to request he said, basically said the moneys spent.
  10. £25 voucher for last season, free RTV for any games missed.
  11. I’m due to pay my first instalment, sent an email saying would rather pay in full end of next month. Frankly don’t feel comfortable giving out money when it’s unclear what the 20/21 season is going to look like.
  12. Didn’t see that, can’t see how given the eligibility criteria. The vast majority will not be in that position though. That’s poor if so, not sure who we’ve let go out youth team but assume they’ll be in the shit.
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