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  1. Rangers vs Motherwell - League Cup

    Got a spare for north stand, over done it this weekend will be hibernating tomorrow. Can get a mate to meet you at Hampden.
  2. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Love how the cunts came with a fake apology, hes been doing it for years - just brass neck it and tell everyone they’re bumped if you want to do what he’s doing. Cunts been proper threatened before he’s got money back to boys I know.
  3. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Done boys for Chelsea tickets several times - actually shocked no one has slapped him about the cunts he’s done over.
  4. Jorg Albertz

    You been threatening cunts that much it’s fucked your auto correct?
  5. Hospitality at the Wee Rangers Club

    Not surprised the place sits shut for minimum two weeks at a time, fuck even touching a pint out there.
  6. Bar 72

    Just thinking about this again, there are often kids in the bar so that’s absolute crap what they’ve told you although not surprising.
  7. Bar 72

    Definitely were available on a match by match basis online when weren’t all taken by ST holders.
  8. Bar 72

    You could buy individual tickets if all tickets weren’t taken by ST holders (there’s also a waiting list for season tickets) - so unless someone uses secondary ticketing you won’t get one.
  9. Andy Goram

    Double post.
  10. Andy Goram

    No chance you’re not trying to stir it
  11. Forum activity.

    And we’re all slowly dying.
  12. Hearts away

    Learn how to do this you absolute weapon.
  13. Hearts away

    Prices are agreed between clubs at start of season as has been posted on here 101 times.