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  1. Torres

    Sign him up.
  2. Excited for the new season

    Give it a few more years of this.
  3. Chelsea v Rangers for Bradford City fire.

    Would love a preseason game at the Bridge, unlikely to happen anytime soon unforunately. Legends game at Sutton in the June sun will be good though!
  4. Excited for the new season

    We’re fucked without some serious investment and a decent manager - at this stage doubt we’ll get either. Said it a million times but we’re well on the way to being the Leeds of Scotland, club living off past glories.
  5. Allan McGregor

    Will be plenty after this shambles of a season, waiting list will open in near future.
  6. Allan McGregor

    Fuck every last one of them, no season ticket for me if one ever darkens our door again.
  7. Chelsea v Rangers for Bradford City fire.

    @cushynumber get this in BD mate!
  8. Chelsea v Rangers for Bradford City fire.

    Before my time but sure @1690tamRFC was there. Few stories here too: http://forum.Rangers-mad.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-953857.html Why’s this not in the Bears Den?
  9. Scott Arfield

    As posted several times on here, McArthur has no interest in returning to Scotland in the near future.
  10. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Definitely is, know a few boys who live in the area and know him. Bumped them out cash for Chelsea tickets...he paid eventually.
  11. Is it just me that thinks this is amazing and they should try having 11 a side with bears?
  12. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    The worst thing about today is we’re going to have to listen to two weeks of how we can do them at the Gyrodome.
  13. Candieas & Hallidy

    Candeias isn’t the first player to walk up the tunnel, IMO what he did isn’t a big deal. Halliday is another story: 1. Called the gaffer a, ‘bawbag’. 2. Voted the worst foreign import to Azerbaijan, hardly kicked a ball for us in last two seasons. 3. Leaks like a sieve to his mates and family, the amount of people who post stories on here and don’t hesitate to state he’s behind them is embarrassing. Could/should of left last year with relative pride about his Rangers career overall - fucked it now.
  14. Candieas & Hallidy

    As stated he’s a Rangers player, he’s been treated like shit by the board and has decided to take a brilliant opportunity to go and play in a far superior league and be financially secure. Good luck to him.