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  1. As above, remember him leaving in 2013 but no official announcement about him being employed again. Know he’s been back for a long time but just seems weird - why did he leave in the first place?
  2. Hibs emails out

    Going Huddersfield vs Chelsea the day before with a mate, straight to Hibs away the next day.
  3. Scottish cup draw

    Surely it would only be for TV they’d move it? Doubt either will be on.
  4. Scottish cup draw

    Aberdeen got a home draw - unlikely to be Pittodrie I'd think.
  5. Hibs emails out

    Good chance I'll do this, will confirm if/when get the tickets to swap. Couldn't give a fuck about it being a child will just blag it.
  6. Just listening to Daily Record podcast (I know) and Alex Rae mentions that Paul Ince was close to signing for us instead of Liverpool when he left Inter Milan. Also heard Murray met Frank Lampard several times but he wasn’t interested in playing at some of the shite away grounds in league. Anyone heard any others not mentioned regularly?
  7. Scottish cup draw

    They’d see you posted it the night before.
  8. Scottish cup draw

    Surely simpler to say tomorrow?
  9. Good to hear @Rfc52 and @Mr Soprano enjoying themselves throughout.
  10. Felix Magath

    So he is - knew he was in Sweden but didn’t know where. Heard his training at Accies often cosisted of splitting the players into two teams - Rangers and Celt*c (depending on who favoured who). He’d be the ref and take the absolute piss out the papes
  11. Felix Magath

    Billy Reid.
  12. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Bit off topic but I’d assume the Hibs emails will be out prior to the actual Aberdeen game?
  13. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Fuck knows I was just thinking if they do it the way they claim then if they pull one of the names out then they give the other four tickets too. Think I’ve had 3 this season but I got loads last season.
  14. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Think you’ve got a better chance to get one if your in a friendship, amount I got last year was nuts.