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  1. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    Can we no make it 2018?
  2. Pretty sure they can't say any worse than what's on here.
  3. Angel

    *father in law Only time my mum had sex was to have me, if you suggest anything else I'll cut you.
  4. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    Canny edit - we can play any formation and we're still shite. @gogzy @ben51 fix the edit!
  5. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    Works well because they have five outstanding defenders, and two in midfield that will fall back when their wing backs go. We can
  6. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    6 pages no footage? Was pishing myself at game.
  7. Mccrorie...

    Had a good game when he came on, anyone know why he was on bench ahead of Wilson? Don't check the bench much either, has Wilson been on it recently?
  8. Jason holt

    Jason holt to the imperial system - what a life.
  9. Jason holt

    Appreciate what Holt does when someone like Kranjcar is in the team instead of him, I like him but sadly he's not good enough overall - disagree that he'll be off in January, he'll be on a decent wage and will be off at the end of season.
  10. Rangers ultras steal Thistle's flags

    Don't worry mate, they have nothing on your Ibrox Loyal page.
  11. ***Feedback Thread***

    Aye cheers for that mate, @stafford also sorted me a good few times and vice versa. I'm not above as already put it on my profile I think. Southdown will already be verified, no clue about the rest.
  12. RangersPedia

    Can we not bring it back as The Rangerspedia and claim it's the same site?
  13. ***Feedback Thread***

    @The Judderman and @ricksen_da_best both helped me out previously, pretty sure wasn't me gave the positive feedback they currently have.
  14. Yes we can now sing what we want with impunity, it's well known the police are 99% masons and only kept the charade going for a few years as they were forced to. The battle is over the f****** have lost.
  15. Gonna get so mwi and annoy @K.A.I any time I see him - HERE WE!
  16. 1000 or so locked outside

    Agree with you mate but some of our fans are utter mongos too, taking about 40 times to scan the ticket then need to be ushered to their seat (infuriates me, all grounds are laid out the exact same).
  17. 1000 or so locked outside

    They tried to kettle people in the centre (between the two sets of turnstiles) and the police line was broke after about a minute - probably all started from that.
  18. Playing / Working for Rangers Against Being a Fan

    Aye bet Laudrup woke up after every game thinking, "What a shite life, could of been on the Glassy bus with my top off going tonto yesterday". Fuck that, retire early 30s with enough money to never work again - can do all that for the rest of your life.
  19. Pena

    Based on?
  20. Firhill Roll Call

    Should of text me Dr.
  21. Firhill Roll Call

    @fanaticCR is going on the pitch win, lose or draw I hear.
  22. Firhill Roll Call

    Royalty Bar, only place to be.
  23. Anyone speak French?

    What's he saying to it?
  24. Drop me a message if booking.
  25. Pubs in Benidorm for Partick game.

    Hahaha so funny, when is your biography coming out because this is an absolute belter - with jokes like this it'll be a best seller. @ben51 bring back negative rep.