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  1. Former Porto, Olympiakos and Fernerbahce gaffer. Had all but agreed to be our next gaffer if McCall had took us up through the playoffs. Now without a club after a pretty poor stint at 1860 Munich. Could he be the answer if (when) Pedro is punted?
  2. Tbf I doubt most of the teams he was at were expected to challenge for the league - unlike many of Pereira's teams. And I think it's been stated many times Caixinha was employed off the back of his interview.
  3. No. No. No. Season started against Progres, if you mean the domestic season then fair enough.
  4. Caixinha: Pereira:
  5. Posters on here clearly don't know what a 'personal attack' is. If you're calling him or any other current/former player a cunt without good reason you should be banned IMO. If you think they're shite at their jobs then that's not a personal attack - may aswell shut down the Bears Den if you can't say that. For what it's worth I wish him well in future and there's been much worse recently - but I sincerely hope the only time he ever wears a Rangers jersey in future is in the stands as a fan.
  6. What this post actually looks like in my mind.
  7. Anyone been before? Fancy heading over for a game, but if I want to book in advance the only weekend I can see that we're not playing is at the end of the winter break when they're playing Feyenoord. Would assume will be next to no chance of a ticket?
  8. He was coach of the U19s at Italy, he's assistant manager at Chelsea (replaced Steve Holland). So only 'promotion' we could give him is gaffer. And look at the nick of us now after two recent managers who were doing well as assistants.
  9. When did we become a country?
  10. Weiss still at same team - poster talking shite. DH plays golf with a member of McArthur's family - said no chance of him coming here anytime soon and can't blame him.
  11. The home and away fans have seperate train stations now miles away from each other so any chance of bother is unlikely I reckon. Unfortunately no connections, might just go try blag one outside.
  12. @kplfishtank helps run the Glasgow Linfield Supporters Association, drop him a PM.
  13. Aluko (traitor cunt) is our most prolific from freekicks I can think of in recent times, because he did one simple thing - he got the ball on target. Too often players are trying to get it right in the postage stamp and more often than not missing the target by a good 5 metres. The standard of keepers is shite here, if you get it on target there's a good chance it's going in.
  14. Blues brothers.
  15. Got as many as they applied for last time.
  16. Hearing rumours we have signed Mo Johnstone - if that's the case then I won't be back at Ibrox.
  17. Shite title, poor show.
  18. @Mr Soprano likes to hang about in the bogs anyway.
  19. Quickie in the bogs?
  20. We went five at the back a few times at the end of last season, absolutely embarrassing.
  21. Five at the back works for Chelsea because they play against technically good footballers and the extra man at the back is an asset. Fuck going five at the back in the SPFL, utter mongo suggestion.
  22. You said Carlisle in original post then Watford second?
  23. Ah shite, where you see that?