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  1. Good to hear @Rfc52 and @Mr Soprano enjoying themselves throughout.
  2. Felix Magath

    So he is - knew he was in Sweden but didn’t know where. Heard his training at Accies often cosisted of splitting the players into two teams - Rangers and Celt*c (depending on who favoured who). He’d be the ref and take the absolute piss out the papes
  3. Felix Magath

    Billy Reid.
  4. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Bit off topic but I’d assume the Hibs emails will be out prior to the actual Aberdeen game?
  5. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Fuck knows I was just thinking if they do it the way they claim then if they pull one of the names out then they give the other four tickets too. Think I’ve had 3 this season but I got loads last season.
  6. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Think you’ve got a better chance to get one if your in a friendship, amount I got last year was nuts.
  7. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    Heard similar through someone plays golf with his dad a few years ago. Totally agree, young up and coming player - great head of hair.
  8. They’ve had them paraded about the pitch at half time then they were bouncing about infront of the UB - granted this was a good few years ago as I no longer stay at my seat at half time so couldn’t tell you what happens now. Also forgot them abseiling off the roof with the match ball, just think shit like this is way over the top and cringey as fuck. Was the gun Rememberance Day a few years ago? If so I was mistaken.
  9. Away tickets advice please

    Got you now. @Muirheadbear runs a bus from Bellshill, no idea if they’re taking on members but price they charge was roughly what most busses charge from Glasgow just for away games.
  10. Away tickets advice please

    Why not just travel on your normal one for home games and another for away?
  11. Govan true blues

    You mean you don’t now?
  12. Can we go to Marvin Andrews for comment?
  13. Never heard that refugee bus thing and only noticed it when reread it, what's the script with that? I'm not elaborating on the rest of the things you pointed out for fear of getting the jail
  14. Agree with the first bit but I just think it's got way OTT recently - by all means give them tickets and do collections etc. but the rest (bouncing about the pitch at half time, big gun on the pitch) is a bit much.
  15. Why secretly? She's a cracking looking lassie.
  16. How was Armed Forces day done well? We raised barely anything, if you mean Remembrance Day then I'd agree but I think Armed Forces day is about as cringey as some of the other shit you've pointed out we do. As for the rainbow laces I'm sure a good few PL clubs binned it as several gay fans found it patronising - no wonder.
  17. Away tickets advice please

    Hibs is going to be an absolute bastard I reckon, sure be made welcome in the pubs though.
  18. Away tickets advice please

    Fuck that, and I’ve went in the papes end.
  19. Away tickets advice please

    Still be having the same debate a decade down the line because the ticket office are a shower of work shy bastards with no interest in changing the system.
  20. Away tickets advice please

    You would get a point wether succesful or not, would definitely mean those who travel every week would have a better chance.
  21. Away tickets advice please

    Points system is fair - same as travel club.
  22. Ryan Jack

    Always going to happen when game up there tbf - why even watch it just to come on here and greet about it?
  23. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Forgot all about those!
  24. Come.all you volunteers

    Our It is calling on to thee.
  25. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Bigotry and budweiser. Ian Black’s goal vs Falkirk and Forres away were personal highlights.