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  1. Martin Bain

    Was just a yes man to Murray for most of his time, when he was allowed to deal with matters at the end (along with AJ) he reduced the debt massively.
  2. FA Cup Final tribute to Ray Wilkins

    Chelsea legends also had a game yesterday to raise funds, shame the club didn’t do something similar.
  3. Agree about Foster but Smith for that money was not bad. Fuck knows what happened, saw he was Killie captain last year - got an injury and disappeared.
  4. Supposedly Smith and Foster were on £800 and £900 per week respectively - not terrible for our position at the time.
  5. Probably not a cup tie many want to remember but found this quite interesting, listen from 44:55 onwards - http://www.tellhimhespele.com/episode-21-mark-mcguigan-part-one/ Interesting to hear his views on Wallace and story about Mohsni pretty funny.
  6. Wallace is some player and Mohsni is a big diddy/cheat basically.
  7. Parking around Ibrox next season

    Midweek matches make up the minority of our schedule, although I see where you’re coming from.
  8. Where's Murty gone?

    Really don’t understand the hate, majority on here are fickle as fuck - give it three games under Gerrard until most are baying for blood.
  9. Pre Season

    Cheers might look into that for a weekend away, that Bar None over there is cracking - remember them doing any cocktail for 4 euro and a bucket of 6 San Miguel for something daft like 5 euro.
  10. Pre Season

    Was that no some round robin tournament with Southampton also involved? If so we got papped out that as they had concerns about our financial position.
  11. Pre Season

    Aye what’s making me think that it’s pish, flights for Malaga throughout June are already about £150 return (was looking for a holiday) - will go sky high if we have a friendly.
  12. Pre Season

    We were rumoured to play Malaga last year and nothing came of it were we not? Malaga and Austria would be class, although can’t see it. As @K.A.I said a squad of bears in Benalmadena would be outstanding. Not sure my credit card is prepared for a big away trip as well as Europe. Would love a friendly in London, again can’t see it though.
  13. MOH

    How can people be offended by this now? I mean we signed Jon Daly for fuck sake. Liam Kelly tweeting he was going to mass angling for abuse during McCoist’s time was a low point though.
  14. Yeah wouldn’t let you pick up no shows though. Also my mate had 4 tickets in a company name and changed them to help out a few travelling who couldn’t get a ticket as they were non ST holders.
  15. I’ve just found the email: ”Please note all tickets must be collected in person and will only be given on presentation of either your Travel Club membership card or some form of official photographic ID (passport or driving licence) if you are not yet in receipt of your Travel Club card for Season 2017/18.“
  16. Sorry to go against the grain but I’m sure I took my passport, spent the rest of the day shitting myself I was going to lose it.
  17. Proudest moment? Really?
  18. In before Glassy bus was shot.
  19. Europa League

    Likely we will be seeded again?
  20. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Ah fuck it, appropriate end to the season - was looking a shit load worse earlier.
  21. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Mentally unstable man invades pitch.
  22. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Jason Holt 5 year deal.
  23. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    His dad bleating about not feeling welcome in his local after his son did the dirty.
  24. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    And the cunt wonders why his dad isn’t welcome in our pubs.