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  1. ST renewals (zebra)

    That picture I posted deserves way more than one like. @wully you can give me a gammy for enough for a pint if you’re struggling brother x
  2. Indian sizzler Coatbridge

    SNP in there campaigning previously too.
  3. Fuck sake nearly moved up the road from it, seen the Easter Rising scarf behind the bar when scouting the area - thank fuck I never. Another one on the target list before the next old firm hopefully.
  4. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    I mind being in Dumbarton hospitality when we drew them, bit of a different reaction - show’s how far we’ve come.
  5. Ticket scammer

    How has the cunt not been kneecapped yet? Saw people claiming his address, seat details etc shouldn’t be posted - fuck that if he’s bumped you get his address up so the cunts that have been bumped can go to his door.
  6. Rangers Development Team vs Huddersfield

    Good in some aspects, still prefer they were playing in some form of competitive competition or out on loan. All well and good playing against kids, bit different if they get into the first team and are against some jobber like Dougie Imrie.
  7. Spot the cunts never been on an away day.
  8. One of us who was in our end while still playing for the sheep - bet he'll be gutted you don't want to winch him.
  9. Blatant fighting talk, guy should be released. Seriously though, agree he's the best in the midfield - just think many being too precious about Windass making the gesture. He's had much worse.
  10. Pretty sure he was arguing with fans at weekend and was screaming at the crowd there.
  11. Guy's a winger, if he was performing well every game he wouldn't be here. Some of the abuse he gets is way over the top. Fair play to him. Will probably be in the pub saying he's shite again in a few weeks time though.
  12. What do you think will happen on Eastenders tonight?
  13. I like jam pieces for lunch. About as relevant as the replies about being in the home end at away games, not what the OP asked.
  14. Fraserborough lockout?

    Aye several bus loads didn't get in - few members on here I'm sure will be on later.
  15. Did you start supporting us this season?
  16. Fraserborough lockout?

    Away end is full supposedly, loads didn’t get in.
  17. Really? It’s getting hot in here.
  18. Throw Pogo on upfront at half time.
  19. Atmosphere pish, hope we pump this shower of teuchters.
  20. LEGEND ,Mr Johnny Hubbard

    Was another thread with far more details than the above posted recently.
  21. Welcome to Rangers Greg Docherty

    Welcome to Rangers Rob!
  22. Jason Cummings Song

    You could post a picture of one of your hangover shites on here and get six likes.
  23. Youth Team Fixtures Confirmed

    Ask any footballer from the 90’s - you learn nothing playing kids. These guys learned their trade playing in the reserves against men. There’s also a competitive nature to being in a league.