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  1. That’s exactly who I meant
  2. Looks like Andy Mitchell?
  3. Anyone know of any buses leaving from city centre? Working Wed so needing to go straight from work
  4. @southdown 1916 just been sorted by him for St Johnstone tickets, dropped them off and constant contact. Cheers mate
  5. I have two bud

  6. Italy were brilliant last night, much hungrier and sharper than Belgium.
  7. Very sloppy defensively, thought Shiels looked good when he came on tonight so expect him to start at the weekend.
  8. That was murder to watch at the end for the Giants. They should've ran the ball to kill another 40 seconds, but even just take the sack rather than throwing it away. Poor from Eli especially. As well as the defence played, shouldn't have allowed Romo to march up the field so easily in the last drive, no pressure on him all night!
  9. It wasn't Adu playing when we went to watch them, was the number 6 who's name escapes me just now. Adu came on and looked a class act so even better if its him that's due to come back!
  10. Wee blonde sitting midfielder was out as well as Rosenborg, went and watched Malmo about a month ago and I can see them turning Celtic over with the crowd right behind them. 2nd away goal was vital, should be comfortable for them now.
  11. Daily motion has the full show up in 5 segments, good quality too!
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