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  1. Probably our worst performance of the season, and that is saying something. Edit. I thought this was the St Johnstone thread.
  2. You have put that better than me; I like this set up.
  3. I'd like to see us try 3 at the back, with McCrorie ahead of them, and John and Tavernier operating in a mostly forward position. If Miller is out then maybe Murty would be capable of looking at this formation. Foderingham Alves, Bates/Cardoso, Wilson McCrorie Holt Tavernier John Candeias/Pena Windass Morelos
  4. Noticed that right away. Not even considered a red.
  5. Walter said he was sacked in the nicest way possible, or words to that effect.
  6. I was being slightly rhetorical, and implicitly saying that we don't sack easily. Of course we sack mangers, we sacked Walter in 97, and he had just won 9iar.
  7. Agreed, but we need to get out of with getting a first rate manager. This team was poor today, really poor. We had no shape to our play at times, and we were too predictable at times.
  8. No we don't. Rangers go for someone who is better than the next guy. Other clubs may hire and fire and just appoint someone to give a carrot to the fans, this club has never done that. We need a manager with a proven record, and we need to back him. I hope we are actively looking at someone who can win things at this club, and that would have to be someone intent on being first.
  9. You won't respect a thing I have to say, but here goes. We needed Caixinha to work; we had paid compensation, we had given him what is, for us, a sizable budget, and he had signed players that needed to adapt, if they could adapt. Rangers don't sack managers, they appoint managers, and unless we have someone better coming in then sacking managers should be a very last resort. The club has always been like this; you will know as much if not more about the club than me and will hopefully appreciate my point. I wanted to give Caixinha more time on that basis. When he was appointed I didn't want him here, and was concerned about him staying beyond the last season, because I was concerned about him getting a transfer window. I really do not like being against Rangers managers, it's the way I am, and I try to avoid ever doing it even though off here I might have opinions which I sometimes prefer to keep to myself. I rated Warburton, to a degree, and I don;t think the board have ever really shown any great desire to improve upon him; had there been better, and I mean clearly better, then fine, sack Warburton/make no attempt to keep him etc. Is McInnes better than Warburton; is he better than Caixinha? I don't think anyone can make a clear distinction in that direction. What I want is to get a proper manager in, and more importantly for this board to stick by him even during the tough times, but I want someone clearly better than Warburton.
  10. Is that your best? I don't normally regard a single thing you have to say at the best of times; I really don't have any regard for anything your saying here!
  11. Nonsense. Because I said give him time to prove himself I rate him; aye very good!
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