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  1. Hardie is a good footballer, as well as a striker, and we should at least have him in the squad and take it from there. If he takes his chances when they come then he can build on that and work his way into the first team.
  2. Wouldn't minds trying that one out; won't happen though.
  3. No he won't get that if this continues, but I think the objective was to have him here for that length of time, for whatever reason. It's the only thing that makes sense to me regarding his appointment, because he doesn't have a record that suggests he was essentially going to be a good enough manager for Rangers.
  4. Interesting question, and the answer is probably quite a lot.
  5. There may be more to the appointment, with the view that it's better for the club in the long term. There is every possibility that his appointment and the appointment of the DOF are very closely linked, and that Caixinha may even be here a maximum of two to three years; certainly three years max. Caixinha's cv is interesting, and it may be he was brought here with a relatively short term objective to look at the club in a fresh way, to see what needed to be done and fix some of that in order to build a better foundation for the future.
  6. That was supposed to be the idea initially, so we were told. It's probably to early to ask questions of him, but would be interesting to know what he thinks of things overall so far.
  7. I wonder why they thought he was the man though; surely they must have had good reason?
  8. It's hard to imagine why he was appointed, going purely by his record. Baffling.
  9. Cheers for that; I thought I'd heard he was on his way out, maybe not.
  10. We can't have won many games like that and managed to come third. That wasn't a bad team looking back now.
  11. Couldn't believe that substitution, and that is that kind of decision that will allow this manager to fail. The straight sub would have been Hardie for Miller, but effectively we were replacing Dorrans for Miller; made no sense whatsoever.
  12. This is becoming a real issue, and it makes no sense that yesterday we lost Dorrans, who was doing as well as anyone else, if I can put that way, and we bring on Hardie. I know we are chasing the game, but Dorrans is hardly what you would call defensive. I think the manager is very reluctant to take off or drop Miller, but Miller does not deserve to be given a start every game.
  13. I remember thinking we would be unstoppable in that league after that match, what a let down the rest of the season became.
  14. I'd like Jamie Murphy instead; he would be a good player for us.
  15. None of them.