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  1. Harry Cochrane

    Are there clubs that achieve something along these lines, those that have a size and expectation for success such as ours? I wouldn't mind seeing where this kind of thing works.
  2. Harry Cochrane

    That link's not working. It would be useful to read though.
  3. Harry Cochrane

    Or, his obvious talent clearly outweighed everything else. Perhaps Gilmour indicates that we have a criteria that places above all else talent on the ball. I'm glad.
  4. Harry Cochrane

    I think he wanted that, and something along the lines of an academy. I don't imagine he would have one without the other. The size of the complex was very important, and for that purpose I'd assume.
  5. Harry Cochrane

    Good post, and it appears there is two points to this: do we predict prematurely either way- we write off players too early; we assume they are the next best thing too early.
  6. Harry Cochrane

    It seems a risk asking you, but might we learn something from Hearts in this area?
  7. Harry Cochrane

    Had Gilmour stayed it would have erased so much of the pain of the past few years! I wish him well, but if only he had stayed!
  8. Harry Cochrane

    In so many aspects it could be a big plus. Defences have to go up a notch, the yield on making a good pass, or taking a scoring opportunity. It's hard to see any negatives with it.
  9. Harry Cochrane

    In some respects this is arguably the most dynamic development, no pun intended, to have happened at the club in recent times. That we have young players who are going up against a higher level, without a great deal pressure, could be a great opportunity for something special to come from it.
  10. Harry Cochrane

    Just he's just 18 Dude. Seems to have been around for ages!
  11. Harry Cochrane

    This insistence that Advocaat had about the size of the training ground/academy seemed to suggest that he had a definite view that this should be the bedrock to us producing players that would compliment our future transfer budgets. It's harsh, though, to be overtly critical of the club, because of what it has been through over the past few years. However, now that we are back I think we should hope to see us back we are trying to utilise it better, with players of a more technical variety coming through. Maybe the types of games the development squad are now playing will aid us in that.
  12. Harry Cochrane

    He looked very good technically; who would you say would come after McCrorie and Barjonas?
  13. Harry Cochrane

    That's an interesting view, and one I think maybe needs clear up. Maybe first and foremost Auchenhowie is what you say it is. I find it hard to believe it was the original vision of Advocaat though.
  14. Harry Cochrane

  15. Harry Cochrane

    Do you think he will make the step up. He's the one I see coming on after Barjonas.