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  1. Alves press conference

    True! I would like to see him grow into it more. He looks a future captain though.
  2. Alves press conference

    In the context of being sent off twice within 8 league games, I don't think so. Hopefully one day though.
  3. Millers Agent

    I would have liked the captain to have backed the manager a little more in the interview I saw.; failing that then I would have preferred to say nothing on the matter.
  4. Millers Agent

    The agent mentioned references that didn't come from the manager. Does he give the Caixinha the credit for those even they didn't come from him?
  5. 9 in a Row.

    In retrospect sacking Walter in 1997/98 was a mistake; we'd have probably had Gascoigne that whole season as well. The OP asks a good question though, and it may go back a little further than that. The more I look at Jock Wallace's second period here the more I wonder what might have been; sure, there would have been no Souness, but there was some very talented youngsters coming through who never really fulfilled their potential- Fleck, D. Ferguson, Durrant, Burns; that is four players, three of which should have had, arguably, remarkable careers at this club, with a great many international caps etc. Jock Wallace was a far better coach than he was given credit for, that we can read about it from today's perspective probably allows us greater appreciation of that fact. There was also other young players at that time on the brink of coming through as well. I personally think any one person gaining a majority influence at boardroom level was not such a great thing, and that happened just before Jock Wallace's sacking; looking back from the vantage point of now, I would rather that hadn't happened. If Wallace had stayed and been given longer would he have brought success to this club? There is a strong argument for saying yes.
  6. Millers Agent

    It's obvious you don't rate the manager, and your lack of respect for him is obvious, and something you don't seem to mind the players sharing. Managers don't lose their jobs because they lose the dressing room;, many managers, and great ones at that, lost the dressing room initially and they cleared the dissenters out. Managers only lose their jobs when they lose the boardroom; that and only that counts.
  7. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Looking forward to seeing what Dorrans will do in this match. Is there a better midfielder in this league right now? He was brilliant in the match against St Johnstone, and not too bad in the match before that either. Can't remember when we last had a player capable of scoring goals outside the box, certainly he is a threat outside the penalty box; if he plays like he did last week we will win this convincingly.
  8. Millers Agent

  9. Millers Agent

    On that we are agreed mate, and we disagree on the rest. To your last point, I don't think that will happen. I've began to look on Caixinha more as a troubleshooter and not just a mere manager, in the traditional sense of the word; he goes into a club, for maybe three years at most, and he hopes to leave it in a better state than he found it. I think what he is doing is going through this club with a fine tooth comb, and where he sees a problem he deals with it, no matter what it takes; he definitely has the character needed for the task, and he has shown already he doesn't care too much about who he may upset in the process. To an extent he has won me over, I just hope the results on the park become more consistently good so that he wins more fans over. For me, what he says goes, and if he drops a player or whatever, then he doesn't have to explain his actions outwith the club.
  10. Millers Agent

    Based on what? The manager is not under any obligation to this agent to explain why he has dropped a player, and neither is he under any obligation to comment on any story in the media.
  11. Millers Agent

    I was saying that to someone the other day, three more good quality players would give us a great team.
  12. Keith Jackson and The Ratio

    Oh dear. That was hard to read.
  13. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    Imagine we had got him at 28, as he says, would have been a fantastic player. Just a very good guy who has gone on to love this club.
  14. Millers Agent

    Cheers for that. Been hard to keep up with this saga, and I thought that was the case.
  15. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    Spoken like a true pro. Loved the guy, and pity he wasn't a few years younger.