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  1. Full rebuild required

    Jack lacks mobility, I don't know if that part explains his sendings off, but he is not the quickest, nor does he have a reading of the game that compliments a lack of mobility. He was way too anonymous today in terms of impacting the midfield in any meaningful way.
  2. Full rebuild required

    We need a decent manager who says to this board I need this, this, and this. They need backed, and they must improve the quality of the player. I don't care who we have as manager so long as he knows the ability we need, and how to have them playing well.
  3. Fod

    You've reminded me that in a couple of the matches before today's he has been a bit better at cross balls, but he isn't a natural though. At this level a Rangers goalkeeper cannot have an obvious flaw where a flighted ball is going to give him a real problem. Maybe other goalkeepers were bailed out with better defences, but this obvious weakness in Wes' games will get pointed out the more it is exploited, and it was exploited on that second goal. Alves was poor today, and that can't be a help, so maybe he needs a better defence.
  4. midfield

    I will never understand the recruitment from the summer in 2016; it just lost all sense of proportion. Kranjcar wasn't even good a year and a bit ago, what did Murty expect of him today that we haven't seen already?
  5. Walter behind the scenes?

    We have players here who wouldn't have come through those doors for a start had he been in charge.
  6. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    Probably our worst performance of the season, and that is saying something. Edit. I thought this was the St Johnstone thread.
  7. midfield

    Look at the midfield we had a few short years ago; it's heartbreaking to really put it all in perspective. We are now very ordinary.
  8. Walter behind the scenes?

    Walter has two clear attributes that we need right now. Firstly, he knows exactly the type of player this club needs; he also knows how to get the best out of players- those players who's best isn't good enough leave very quickly. We need someone to bring us that.
  9. midfield

    This is now what I'm thinking.
  10. midfield

    I'm beginning to wonder if there's any point to all of this. We don't have the players, nor the manager to make it better anyway. We are just repeating ourselves and it's not going to make them better. Before we went down we could say we were under par after a bad result, but I'm beginning to think this is the best this team can do.
  11. Fod

    I appreciate that, but I've mentioned what he's like at cross balls numerous times. Instead other people's opinions what are your overall thoughts on him? Do you think he is good at cross balls; does he command his defence etc? I've been a huge fan of Wes, but he does have some big weaknesses that I can see. You're right though, he shouldn't fully carry the can, Alves was particularly poor; I can't make out if he is injured or what, but he is well below par.
  12. Graeme Murty

    We can't continue with Murty; I don't like saying it because he has such a heart for this club and for the game in general, but our performances are awful, and had it not been for that Hibs winger hitting the post a couple of times the other night the chances are we would have lost that match as well. The team has no shape. Look at West Ham, as an example, Moyes has gone there and they are playing with discipline and each player knows exactly what he should be doing. And then you look at us, and it is woeful; our team doesn't have a shape, the players are all over the place. It looks as if they play into spaces, virtually going where they like, but there is no system that you can see. The game has moved on; players play in strict shapes and the adjust to the ball and the opponent when they are not in possession etc. We need a top manager or we are not even going to finish third; that is the danger.
  13. Mark Hughes

    I'd love to see him manage us; he has the perfect temperament. Like him or not he has managed in the Premiership over a few seasons; that has to count for something.
  14. Tommy Wright

    On what basis is he good enough to be Rangers manager?
  15. Windass.

    Just can't make up my mind about him, and my opinions move like the wind. All in all I don't think he has it, but the problem is he is not our worst player, in fact our problem may well be that he is one of our best players. Six years ago nearly we lost the best midfield in this league, and we are nowhere near that standard, and it is harming our performances that we are dependent on players who wouldn't even have found a place in that squad.