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  1. Seen cummings the day dressed in his birds t-shirt and shorts cause any smaller and they wouldn't fit him😯
  2. He's one of them is he not
  3. 54 and a half
  4. Glad i cannae get a paper over here mickey would get a punch in the jaw😆
  5. I would take him over king any day, in fact i'd take anybody over king the now.
  6. New it was coming, what a joke it was a red card all day long. See for every red card we get from now on i would appeal it and see what happens then if it isnt sucessful just remind them of this appeal and see what they say
  7. big Ugo👍
  8. Me and the wife had it , seen it coming like a steam train, very happy😃
  9. Pedro is taking the piss or he is off his nut But hey who are we to judge 😓
  10. That looks bloody sore😯
  11. Is this the £30 million getting spent at last😁😁😁
  12. Not a thing to wish on anyone. Watched my grandfather suffer with it for years before he past away, i think it is one if the most upsetting things to watch as they dont know who you are.
  13. Is it the board making the subs during the game? NO it s the cunt in charge
  14. Didnt need to take the job!