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  1. That looks bloody sore😯
  2. Is this the £30 million getting spent at last😁😁😁
  3. Not a thing to wish on anyone. Watched my grandfather suffer with it for years before he past away, i think it is one if the most upsetting things to watch as they dont know who you are.
  4. Is it the board making the subs during the game? NO it s the cunt in charge
  5. Didnt need to take the job!
  6. Fuck even Butcher seen what was needed ya clown Guy doesn't have a clue
  7. 😭😭😭
  8. Board need to get their finger out this is getting beyond bad😩
  9. Aye piss off
  10. Murty is shocking with his subs, Garmer shouldve been on 10 mins ago
  11. Rangers fans joke about Ranieri and the next thing its a news story👍😁bunch of twats
  12. Friday is going to be good on this showing
  13. Murty in charge for sunday?
  14. Just put it on to see how GB were doing and the guy from Canada skelps the umpire in the face with the ball😂😂😂😂 GB win by default