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  1. Aye he wasnae any use on the grass but aye he could spit
  2. Aye the fooking timmy bastard he's like a wet blanket, mumbling, bumbling and trynae deflect his deficiences onto rangers being a "negative" team. He's the most dull misraeble bastarrd i havenae seen anyone as bad. he issnae gonnae last u mark me words. Foooking arse clown
  3. haha ok then, whatever you say.

  4. This story just shows what a cunnt shite arsehole redknapp is and how fickle and pathetic the English media are. Case in point I went abroad to do a plumbing contract back in beggining October. The Redknapp and the press were running stories about how great Keane and Defoe are and how with crouch in there too they had the most potent strikeforce in England and pavlochenko couldnt get in and they didnt regret selling goal machine Darren Bent. Pull the fooking clock forward 6 weeks and i coom back to England and all I'm reading is how Keane is going to Celtic! Fucking assholes. Celtic couldnt afford that cunts arsehole let alone his feet to score goals. He's on £80,000 a week. i could see him going to celtic when he's 34 and no longer able to play 25 games in the premiership a season like the other keane did but until than no way. why the fuck is it that Redknapp is always linked with these celtic stories? We were hearing how he wanted scott brown (a guy who is barely championship standard) and now its boruc. And last year it was mcgeady. The guy is such a market trading cunt he likes the buying and selling and than he leaves clubs bankrupt. look at southampton and portsmouth.
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