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  1. Are you now, 'looking for a fight'? You pesky Vanga Berz, ye! Grrr!!!
  2. I've seen many - and I include my best friend in this - who says they want nothing to do with the political side of things when it comes to football, yet he's the one belting out battle hymns come Saturday afternoon. And there are thousands like him. You can't have it both ways. You're either a PUL member, one with leanings or not. None of this, I don't want anything to do with it, hypocritical shite. This is not aimed at yourself, more so those who say they're against politics, but clearly sympathise with the cause. Do I believe the majority of fans have a PUL leanings? Yes, I believe it is evident come match days.
  3. I agree, it's a bold statement to back up regarding the writers. As for professionals who are members, well let me just say, we have VERY influential people on board. I'm sure you'll understand I can't say much more on an open forum. As I've said previous, questions and constructive criticism is welcomed.
  4. That will never happen in my opinion, and I obviously hope it doesn't. Take our support for example. The majority of our songbook is made up of traditional PUL ballads, ditties and add ons. Our flags and banners are mainly PUL minded. Our prematch entertainment even has a PUL theme. That's not me touching on other links with Ibrox itself, which are PUL related. There is no doubting that our traditions are alive and kicking with Ibrox.
  5. I believe the above refers to the individuals who write blogs and not directly for the site. For example, Bill McMurdo, D'art and co... As for the use of professional, I'd personally say it was a fantastic word choice to sum up who our membership includes.
  6. Once or twice you allow it to pass, but it's constant, and has been for long enough. Tiresome, predictable and pointless. Adds nothing whatsoever to the thread.
  7. I knew there would be at least one? People have asked how we defended our support, so I've gave two short examples. Another snidey contributes absolutely nothing. Yawn... NEXT.
  8. VB are a closed shop, so to speak. We go about the majority of our work privately and don't shout from the rooftops. How do we contribute to our support? I'll give you two short examples which have occurred in the last few months. Please note, this isn't a cheap gain of approval, far from it. Merely an example how we help out one another as members of the Rangers family. Both anecdotes I believe are unspoken of outside VB. 1. At the last 'Old Firm' game of the season, a Rangers fan was unfortunately charged and fined for his reaction to Celtic fans singing pro-IRA songs. Instead of allowing the man to pay his fine, the people of VB got in contact with the person, a non-member, and rallied round to pay his fine. 2. Whilst in the midst of financial difficulty, a VB member went out of her way to buy a season ticket for another member. Yes, a full ticket! The female in question had never met the person in question, and simply knew him as a username on a forum. The above examples like I say are current, and the members of VB generosity extends much greater than that, I can assure you.
  9. As many members have said on this thread earlier, we are not above anyone else in the Rangers support. In fact, I'd say the majority are posters on many other forums outside VB.
  10. I will put my neck on the line here and say I speak for the whole of VB when I say criticism is not always bad, and if constructive, is welcomed. What we could do without is constant bitching, shit-stirring and sly comments from certain individuals. Don't like us? Fair enough. Just avoid posting and ruining thread after thread.
  11. Perhaps they don't, I'm not aware of the politics on FF if I'm honest.
  12. Gaz, can I just quickly pick you up on your last post, and generalise it for others looking in. The Vanguard Bears are a group of PUL minded Rangers fans who were set up to defend the traditions of the club they love. We are not the driving force, or sole voice of the fans, and we are more than aware of this. Vanguard Bears is known for its Loyalist stand; the badge and articles are alone a massive indication. So if your not a Loyalist why would you join? Plenty of Rangers forums out on the internet to chose from. Plenty of good ones too which will suit your personal views.
  13. Re-read my post, I was saying I wouldn't force my views. As for a united front, thats what Rangers Unite are, no? Am I not correct in saying they represent VB, FF, Gersnet, RSA, RFFF, RTIDNI, Copland Road and supporters clubs?
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