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  1. Aye Michael was fantastic, then we’ve had a distraught Liam and a confused Kevin on too folk would think you were being stereotypical with the names but we’re no it’s all genuine they parody themselves and they don’t even realise it. 😂
  2. I heard that melt trying to hold back the tears he was hurting inside he almost choked up when he said he wouldn’t speak to his daughter it’s not the celtic way 😂. The cunts no even out the door yet and they’re blackening his name to hide their pain and anguish. There they’ve wheeled out the walking talking leather couch now rod stewart.
  3. Fucking went and slept in and missed the bus only me
  4. Simon Neil that's the singer is a Rangers fan but the other two they both support Killie.
  5. I agree it definitely should. They shouldn't get a single penny from us but I honestly don't think were organised enough to do such a thing.
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