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  1. Interesting read from Alex Rae in Sportinglife.com earlier today. For me, this sums up just how difficult Ally's job has been in this most turbulent of times. So all you who seem to take great enjoyment slating a true legend while he deals with the circus that has been looming around our club, have a wee think before you criticize ....."It's been a really difficult job for Ally. During the transfer window last summer, he wanted five or six players in so he could give the supporters some good football. But, and this is just me reading between the lines, Charles Green never fulfilled his pledge
  2. are we even playing with a striker up front? no service and wylde cant play a ball in to no one
  3. why is that embarassing? you not seeing the obvious is kinda embarassing.
  4. Burley is right. Were playing a team who have won once since last January at home and that's all we can come up with. Wylde needs to be given the ball and run at defenders.
  5. why do people on here have such a love in for this guy? He could barely get a game for Toronto FC...that;s right oronto fc. The worst MLS franchise. Doesn't that tell you all you need to know?
  6. can't you see that the reason why we haven't created one single shot on target is because you have asked EDU tp poush forward in a more attacking role.... except he can't... because he is garbage. Mcculloch...same. Wylde needs the ball. and Davis can not have 1 good game every 8 change it ffs
  7. why don't you do everyone a favor and take yer negative and go fuck yer hat? cheers pal
  8. if this is the case then i agree. I hate how we show shit teams too much repect. We should line up at home to steamrole teams, not play cat and mouse and hope for a late second half goal
  9. no..you shut up. who will score 20 plus goals for us out of our current squad?
  10. will end in him signing a new deal with us. Just a funny feeling but we can not possibly retain the championship losing the best goalscorer in the league
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