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  1. I had such hopes built up on that guy. His column in the Rangers programme broke my heart.
  2. Too many fenians match fixing in this shithole. Get it cancelled.
  3. yermaw145

    Ryan kent

    Can't be bothered with this. We are lucky to have Kent. Fuck Tav
  4. If Gerrard resigns we have nowhere to go
  5. yermaw145


    Gerrard doesn't have the authority
  6. Total psychological breakdown we are experiencing. Well the players are, and they shouldn't be because of the supporters behind them, second to none. The belief is simply gone, Braga have offered us the tie on a silver platter.
  7. yermaw145


    One game ? ONE ???
  8. yermaw145


    Katic has been asking for this since January. This Croat romanticism has kept him here. He's a donkey
  9. You want to go home
  10. 'Soup taker' is a quip reeking of tarrier in all fairness. Outed.
  11. Morelos is the Mark Walters of our time. Racist bigotry is absorbed by the colours of our jersey in this country, its put to our minority players in no uncertain terms that the racism they receive is forfeited because they 'chose to play with Rangers and like it' Onwards to 55 please. Please just do it
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