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  1. I've got to say if even a hint of that story is true I'm appalled
  2. Shit stirring ? We as support must get thicker skin if an observation about Defoe being an unfit, overhyped, overpaid, underperforming number NINE; ruffles our feathers. There is nothing in Suttons column that merits debate, sadly.
  3. How far we've fallen ? Did we have a choice ? I honestly wish our away fans were our home fans. That's how it used to be, pure passion. That was an orgasmic away serenade again and I salute the Union Bears big time. We were a dying support and the UB brought us back to a fibrant noisy crowd we once were. Armchairs call them young kids and Ned's but they reintroduced the terrace songs a long dormant ibrox wouldn't even know the words to. Wee spot in Europe, Men behind the wire, Trip to Ibrox.. I'm waiting for Derrys Grace. Wonderful
  4. Nah, I think we were cheated, to steal the taig edict. We should be shouting about this. I could go on about the foul leading up to their goal had it not been committed against our weakest player. But Tavernier has my respect in the way he handled himself tonight. There will be hordes of non-Rangers supporting fans either celebrating that or trivialising it, as we seen in the final 2016. But he didn't collapse into a ball, he made a fool of the cunt..and I would place a large bet that the tink who ran on the field also had a ticket for the cup final in 2016. If the police were to cross reference that evidence it probably wouldn't look good for the over-exuberants
  5. Barisic has probably blown it with Gerrard. I'm honestly disgusted
  6. I'm honestly bewildered by these forever changing parameters. On the other side people gleefully chant in honour of mass murder committed by Irish psychopaths, yet feel squeemish about the word 'fenian' when its used in a non complimentary tone. Playing tennis without the net.
  7. What a fighter, his fear about suffocating terrifies me.
  8. For being an absolute twat on the park, Scott McDonald has proven himself to be a refreshing voice of reason among the other despicable bastards under Lawwells thumb
  9. Steve Clarke, we know what you are
  10. Hated everything about that. From Joe Worral, the refs agenda, even the Rtv commentary was outrageously shite and infuriating
  11. 'Light abuse' The sort of attitude the judge adopted when fully absolving that dentist toff
  12. I thought I was being paranoid by noticing a lot of eyebrow raising comments on this forum
  13. Oh he's a taig. Whether he knows it or not.
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