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  1. Glad to see him getting the credit he deserves
  2. I've got a good feeling Ojo will bring his A game today
  3. I tore my hair out watching him sometimes, but I would never say he was dreadful, infact I'd go as far to say that his debut against hibs sparked a new dawn. His season in the premiership was poor but I'll always be grateful for his service. Your shite is taig like
  4. Not what I remember. He's part of the story as far as I'm concerned, delighted me from his first match at Easter Road. Why be so cruel ?
  5. It reminded me of Spartak, but this time we didn't lose our nerve.
  6. I dare say this is the image they pitched Gerrard, considering the football club he grew up with. You have to wonder what he'll be thinking about this board.
  7. Its about time this forum reclaimed its dignity and starts banning these zeros
  8. An absolute amateur who just happened to have the game of his life against us. This policy of scouting teams we play in Europe has failed
  9. Anyone else notice their captains armband? Jog on ya stupid wee pricks
  10. Barasic really is a con man. One left foot does not a footballer make.
  11. Robertson will always be a stranger to me.
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