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  1. Encouraging signs at the end there, trust me, this paedophile sanctuary will fold of we actually manage to get the ball into feet in their final third.. That hasn't been accomplished thus far due to the pretty awful distribution byvour centre backs. We've obviously been set up to counter attack, but if Bates can't even stir the tea without smashing a window how is he going to find Garner a hundred yards away ? Having said that you either play Miller through the middle or don't play him
  2. I reckon Halliday first scorer, if big Joe can keep his head and play the game he'll give that Danish diddy all sorts of problems.
  3. Whoa calm down
  4. I really think Waghorns value to the starting lineup is underestimated: yes he's a poor finisher, decision making is questionable at times but a lot of defences fold when he's running at them. Its hard to explain, he may not create goals or chances, but he creates situations where goals or chances might be created afterwords. The Waghorn effect.
  5. No you didn't
  6. Go in peace Ugo
  7. Its not true, hes a cult hero and Strachan's poodle. He never had talent and in every Old firm game you can put your money on that fanny to be the weak link that opens the gate for us.
  8. I recall the "One True Faith" banner those deadbeats displayed at parkhead. It makes for a nightmarish proposition to realise that the one true faith is neither condemning, condoning or even acknowledging the unspeakable crimes that took place within 'paradise' - but deflect and deny. As if the victims havent been through enough.
  9. Ned
  10. Shut the fuck up
  11. As much as I find the man tasteless, out of his element and lacking in character I think there may be a bitter edge to this thread.
  12. I was bemused at who was replaced but I think the introduction of Halliday was crucial. PC is starting to build a rapport with his players, something lacking under Warbs.
  13. You are a fanny
  14. Take that Derek Mciness ya miserable fuckin twat