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  1. Some managers want to be buried in their shellsuits. Nah, non negotiable for me
  2. Its the US marine corps melody. Bizarre.
  3. My spirit was in unbroken my heart was still on fire
  4. Foster is a stay at home gimp to that talentless man eating mutant
  5. Kamaras getting a tad arrogant, probably more than a tad
  6. Resent that armband on his fucking arm.
  7. Yes they are in the same competition as us, though it doesn't reflect their stature in Europe overall. Understood?
  8. Fucking head above anyone on the park. Lucky to have him.
  9. I officially hate this fishing shite
  10. The keeper doesn't trust Katic
  11. Replace the captain with any other player and we would be sitting top of Two tables right now
  12. They will slip up today I'll be watching from the first minute
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