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  1. Antisemitism and paedophilia seem to unite the 'woke'
  2. Thanks for the effort but... Yeuchhh
  3. I never thought I'd see the day where Id be offended on this forum
  4. Is there any fuckin need, really ?
  5. There was at least two occasions he fluffed it when we countered.
  6. I think the tactics were to sit off them, not our usual high press. If we had fans in the stadium the message and game plan would have been very different IMO. Morelos has been a nightmare since December. He needs a long hard look in the mirror. I don't think we've had any bids whatsoever in the three years hes been here, yet his delusions of grandeur see him whoring himself on Colombian radio every chance he gets. He's been worse than pish for a long time.
  7. He's been woeful for as long as I can remember, missed a penalty against the taigs, missed a sitter at Parkhead and then pulled a Sadiq in the same game. Anyone scouting him this season will have dugshite in their reports. I can't see him going.
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