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  1. Where is this anger coming from ? (You were born in a toilet)
  2. Everyone knows you're the wee fanny.
  3. The fact that Rangers still draw breath as a club upsets the majority of people in this country. Imagine what they feel when we start acting happy ?
  4. Hipster really
  5. Toral Firing squad
  6. Tavernier too used to getting wanked off by Warbs
  7. Its like when people shout sack the board as if we're beating off potential investors with a broomstick
  8. Again thinking back to those pictures in South Carolina, where they had us thinking we were going to gub the league with this Warburton wheeling dealing; last minute meetings with Joleon Lescott etc..
  9. He looked a 12million player at the semi final. That talent must be nurtured and catered to. If we sell him now it would be disastrous. Not good business
  10. Fuck sake, now we've ruled out money being a side factor in the mans desire to return to Rangers, the dregs of this forum have introduced 'fan worship' as being an ulterior motive?
  11. My confidence in him grows stronger by the day
  12. Tragic, RIP
  13. I remember the Willie Vass pictures of him and the others training in South Carolina last year with a tear in my eye, the hopes we had...
  14. Beerman is atrocious. Another in a long list of Auchenhowie deadbeats that don't have talent or a brain for football. How can we have such a bad scouting system with a state of the at facility ?
  15. This. No bullshit or cheesy clichés you hear from most young players in interviews, along with saying the word 'obviously' a lot.