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  1. I think the guy from nil by mouth summed it up better than anyone; people who feel nostalgic about the Troubles weren't there. Including 19 years olds from Blantyre who still get their beds made for them.
  2. It was the children who were cheated.
  3. Still no goals in this team. You could tell at full time that the team chemistry is zero. Maybe the manager should take them all out to get pished
  4. Is that Kevin Thomson commentating ? Always nice to see him still involved with Rangers.
  5. Shite acting from the pikey. If they were committed to tearing each other apart in a real fight then they would have aired real dirty laundry. To see their fans cheering and shouting when they mention how much money is in the pot frightens me. 'I just quadrupled my net worth' ... 'Yasssss' ... What a nightmare
  6. I think it's bordering on faith for me. I cant deny it. All the evidence piled up, his track record, his current record all tally up to a total of nothingness. Yet I choose to believe. He is risen.
  7. Our minds should be stirring from the topics that usually get posted on an hourly basis that we have to put up with. The crowd who introduced 'liewell, dhailly rhebel, murderwell, dumbert' patter. They must be either taig saboteurs, mentally disabled or posting from prison. Get rid of that shit first.
  8. I'm falling off my seat
  9. Hmmm
  10. Its proven that you can beat these people if we're given enough webspace and ink. He'd die in a debate with someone using modest reason. That's the way to defeat these bastards, people like Speirs, Thomson and English who fancy themselves intellectuals.. but they rely on Rangers to vindicate their careers. No one knows who Graham Speirs is, except Rangers and Celtic fans in Scotland. Nothing more need be said, and at his funeral we'll be singing.
  11. I have a feeling Dave King might just be unhinged enough to mention the greatest crime to be committed in Scottish football which has been under the protection of the 'Voldemort effect' since time immemorial. Even the biggest on field legends for them are implicated by looking the other way. It isn't just protestant Stein. Its time to clarify the recent history of Scottish football.
  12. He'll flourish without the weight of the Rangers support on his shoulders, and we all know it.
  13. Dalcio was a standout alongside Niko, full of confidence but already has his disgruntled critics among us who no doubt wouldn't turn down the chance to piss on anything that represents a step forward. Someone mentioned Damarcus Beasley in a half snigger somewhere.
  14. A lot of people don't deserve Rangers
  15. 'let's get real here' thanks for not letting me get carried away there, wank