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  1. Did we win last season ? At all ?
  2. His performance was indefensible
  3. Just watched it again and lots of credit must go to Aribo after he came on at that nervous period. Killed the game for us.
  4. Did the enemy use the same inappropriate headlines when Jinky died of the same illness?
  5. The hard on for Bale is embarrassing. Clear handball and a jammy finish. Casemiro and James. Urgh. Can't believe zidane bought into this shite
  6. Is that the same cunt who played for the lesser taigs? Unreal how much they shrink in a blue Jersey
  7. I agree to an extent, I also believe he'll seek an exit when he becomes disillusioned with our board and its leadership.
  8. We are sleepwalking into Armageddon with this regime. None among them had the bottle to fight, just happy to take record season ticket sales, take credit for sky high numbers they had fuck all to do with, and the first time we were attacked in a calculated effort by Piaras mob and hollicom ; what do our board do ? Do they take the opportunity to defend our fans? No. They shirked their duties, sold us down the river and gave legitimacy to the sectarian hoax. We must put this board to the test. Demand Robertsons immediate resignation. Demand a proper enquiry of FARE and Piara Power and conflict of interest. We deserve better
  9. I won't get too carried away after reflection. We are still in a great position competition-wise and our off-field problems have dramatically affected both the team and the support. The anxiety that has engulfed us with these Uefa sanctions is a major problem, and with an impotent boardroom unwilling to defend our club against the coconspirators Piara Power and Peter Lawwell, we might be powerless on the pitch.
  10. Outclassed ? Outplayed ? Fucking behave.
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