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  1. Our league position

    Whats the alternative to this board ? Haven't you noticed ? We are a non-profit organisation incubated by a few wealthy men who distance their names to save business. The alternative to this is to fold up our tents. Which in my view is ludicrous. The Rangers tax case account was used as online pornography by the taig up until recently, the fact we are still drawing breath upsets them, which us why they harass mother superior Desmond for res12. We should embrace this thinking on their part. The board has provided ! Warburton, Pedro ! Give them another roll of the dice. Luck is all that really matters.
  2. Charlie Adam

    I cant make heads nor tails of this
  3. Optimistic Loyal

    Do you think Halliday has a place in our team ?
  4. Uppa Volunteers

    Jesus that put a wee tear in mine eye
  5. Deja-vu

    What a load of conjectural pish.
  6. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    I retract my comment on Tav on the Killie thread. Shit comment
  7. The table at full time

    And when Murty achieves this he should start getting used to wearing the tie and blazer.
  8. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Hmm not sure. I think he's a taig and would rather play with his boyfriends over there
  9. Kevin Thomson Scotsman

    Love Kevin Thomson
  10. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Barjonas should be nowhere near Rangers
  11. Derek McInnes

    Gusty Spence
  12. The Mexicans

    Drag that fuckin tavernier out by his hair
  13. Someone please justify his position

    Master dickhead
  14. Someone please justify his position

    In my honest opinion I didn't think they played badly. Candeias, Jack, Alves, John played exceptionally. A thought Tavernier had a magnificent first half. I see progress in that team and if was up to me, I would try as best I could to shield Pedro.
  15. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    I don't think this is an occasion to thank the supporters. They shared Pena's invisible cloak