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  1. Well done Lee. One of our own and I'll never forget the memories. You were captain in one of my favourite old firms and you deserve it.
  2. Its the Vanguard Bears relentless pursuit of justice that has seen that filthy organization spread across the media. Even their friends are being forced to lightly twist the knife. No ones gloating, its VB who have delivered the possibility of justice.
  3. If one quiet Tory councillor can have his house firebombed in Scotland without condemnation from the government then I shudder to think what might happen to this poor chap.
  4. To think that these warped posts are coming from people who will be stealing hospital beds from the needy in the near future makes me a little shaky.
  5. Admin, please make that bastard stop.
  6. The unilateral ambition for justice for the victims of institutional child abuse should be at the forefront of the conscience of every celtic fan. They should be thinking; 'Its our club, but it could have been any, we should set things right ' - but the perpetual glorification of a nonexistent moral fibre continues to manifest in pure contempt for survivors . This is a club with a documented history of love of hating Rangers. And if dozens of victims don't get their day in court or their due justice, well, at least they have kept the priesthood alive. For now.
  7. And the level to play for Arsenal is exceptionally high is it ? English footballs stock has fallen after those two finals. Dull as dishwater
  8. That's one view. The people at my church are folks who I'd trust with my life. Being alert to predators is in our DNA, to try and understand or rehabilitate them has proved a futile exercise. Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done
  9. Their hideous allies circling the wagon. I'm proud we consider people like those enemies .
  10. great day. Few and far between these days.
  11. And Scotland's cover up of the cover up, make no mistake. I'll never feel the same way about this country as I once did.
  12. There is no fucking way James Dornan MSP has had a crisis of conscience in any way shape or form. This is a studied effort to change the narrative to appease the whistleblowers. The story should be about the aiding and abetting, and ultimately exonerating frenzied paedos. There is no excuse in my mind to why Stein didn't report, nor any excuse to why Torbett was reemployed in secrecy ? He wasn't a money launderer who could fix things, he was a pervert paedophile who was probably a fixer for other paedophiles in hoops. And what about Tommy Burns shaking hands and committing loyalty to one of the bheasts on his doorstep ?
  13. Its acts and practices are identical to the priesthood which by any natural law should be cleansed from history by the rule of law.
  14. A microcosm of the Catholic church.
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