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  1. "The club is very sorry" The club doesn't know what sorry is.. yet
  2. This thread is perhaps the most depressing and annoying
  3. The next campaign will be the one when you are condemned and told to "stay away"
  4. It was perfection. If this was done over the phone rather than email I'll be fuckin amazed
  5. His Q and A was off the hook.
  6. The game our captain was struck on the face with a stick by one of their muck ? Will they stream that bit ? Death to Scotland in its current form
  7. This chaos is hurting them. Keep it going Rangers. Announce the Far East tour.
  8. Every piece of shite club in this forlorn country is geared towards them. We are marooned in a sea of backwater and fenian sewage and we have no way out. This country's way of thinking will never change. We should seek refuge elsewhere, as we should have after the attempted assassination in 2012 and the never-ending fallout
  9. I had such hopes built up on that guy. His column in the Rangers programme broke my heart.
  10. Too many fenians match fixing in this shithole. Get it cancelled.
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