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  1. Comments from Lawler and Cole to they two there were fucking hilarious
  2. A ref getting booted out Ah of course mate, I forgot his name.
  3. What did Chioda get suspended for, wellness?!?! Who is Andy Leavine BTW?
  4. I remember that too. Triple H pumping his dead girlfriends corpse was a particular highlight
  5. Honky Tonk Man has a show as well http://www.blogtalkradio.com/shakerattleandroll
  6. I liked when him and Christian came out as Fat Elvis's in Tennessee, when Jerry Lee Lewis was in the front row
  7. I imagine we will need to...Its our last chance at fine tuning so cant see us experimenting, or pissing about. What was the subs situation on Saturday, was there many changes then?
  8. Some of them are more than capable of staging a quality match as well, but they wheel them all out in the one match and about three of them feature. Total dross.
  9. He will go where the money is IMO. Id imagine he would be happy with a return to the UK, rather than to Rangers also. They are quite welcome to him.
  10. Was a decent enough twist...Acting was quality. But it was just kinda "Meh" after Sunday. Strange direction to take things in.
  11. A new belt already, FFS?? Just giving the belt to someone else already kinda loses last nights momentum.
  12. Im not dead against the idea...We would be getting a guaranteed 15 - 20 goals, perhaps. But will his hamstrings cope with a full SPL season at 31? I think we could be looking at a frustrating year for both us and him, injury wise.
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