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  1. Proper Bluenose but more importantly one of the most respected guys in his field. Another great signing by MW.
  2. Memories of that Inter trip in 84 slowly coming back. Cargo was opened before we even left the town and toilet on the bus blocked before we got Carlisle :party:Hard core party all the way. Remember the driver freeking out cause somebody put some porn on the in bus tele. Nearly crashed about a dozen times trying to watch the movie and drive at the same time. Seem to remember being in a lower section of the ground with Inter above us showering us with coins....made up for some o the cash I lost on the card school on the bus Never any press issues about songs or any trouble that might have occurred. You just got on with supporting your team without getting 'offended' Starting to sound like an old git now.....happy days.
  3. your right. The Nitshill bus had its share of legends! As a 17 year old it was an education. I'm sure the young team might disagree but in those days we truly knew how to support our team. Got pumped in the game as you say but sang and partied all the way there and on the way back....score didn't matter....Rangers was all that mattered.
  4. Inter was my first as well and your trip down memory lane brought back many memories. Traveled with the Nitshill boys and as you say, will never forgot it. Happy days indeed. We will get back there in the next few years I'm sure.
  5. Brilliant. Made me smile. Thanks Jamie. :-)
  6. The telling factor between who is right and wrong will be the finances. We need to see the balance sheet. If we are in a mess as McColl suggests then change is needed. If the numbers are solid then why change.
  7. Alan McKnight goal keeper was a proddy.
  8. Very credible and has stepped up to the plate for our club. A true representative for us when others were lying low. He seems to take a balanced view on issues without being afraid to challenge those that spout inaccuracies about us. Good work Chris.
  9. Very sad. RIP.
  10. Full house tomorrow, can't wait. After 30 something years of going to games I am still buzzing at the thought of tomorrow's game against the mighty Elgin!
  11. Let's hope we have a full house tomorrow. Anyone got the latest estimate on attendance?
  12. Keep up the good work 54..saves me from checking it out myself. You gotta laugh.
  13. Big respect must go to all of our players now, new and old. We now have a squad of players that want to be here and are truly "playing for the jersey".
  14. Spot on One DC.
  15. Can't make it cause of work. Enjoy the game mate.