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  1. New Songs To Sing

    This ha!
  2. New away kit?

    Looks shit. Has taken them this long to come up with a plain red puma training top, great.
  3. Highlights

    Any highlights of yesterday's game against Watford about?
  4. *****The official Rangers v Them Match Thread****

    The team will not be this, however I would go with: Wes Tav Kieran Hill Wallace Halliday Rossiter Holt Waggy McKay Garner Subs: Gilks, Wilson, Hodson, Windass, Dodoo, Miller
  5. ***Rumours thread***

    Kevin Kyle to sign today!
  6. I hope to god your right mate, would be unreal!
  7. Model The New Top

    Well done BT, great effort.
  8. This or Bedoya in for Wylde it will be.
  9. ***The Official Bheggars v Rangers Thread***

    This will be the team. No way in hell it should be however this what i believe Ally will go for
  10. Think Sir Walter will go with the same team, however i would be tempted to drop Wylde and bring McCulloch In. However in Walter We Trust. One more win lads, get it done! WATP
  11. ***The Rangers vs. Bheggars Thread***

    Would go with that team. Possibly Ness in for Hutton if fit, however it looks increasingly likely he will miss out!
  12. Just about to leave for the train, and all i would like to say is - No Surrender, and lets get right into these today. Predict 1-0 Rangers with Naisy scoring. Lets make some noise Copland.
  13. we are playing decent football, totally dominate. did the sheep even have a chance apart from the goal which came out of nothing? a don't think so. if we carry on playing the way we are we will get the win. maybe get dmb on for miller at some stage just to give us a bit of width. No Surrender