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  1. Glasgow Rangers Champions

  2. Lafferty sort yourself out and you could be real good

  3. all depends on millers shin splints i guess and jelavics work permit being through
  4. walter did tell him if he didnt want to go he didnt have to, best wishes thommo
  5. wonder how much celtic are payin strachan i agree with kingkirk about the money thing !!
  6. im maybe gonna get shot for this but i have an ora that hes a secret celtic fan !! why would you give up helping the club you love with a master at the helm and the chance of more of that title winning feeling for that wee ginger prick thats only gonna be fighting relegation !! awell they are a great couple two pricks together !!!
  7. its grown on me too ahah so he does :L haha same
  8. it is nice have rangers not had a similar goalies top a few years ago about 5/6 year ago ?
  9. goalkeeper a close up on the goalies top outfield thoughts ?
  10. Ewen Cameron is a LEGEND ! Celtic fans always get it in the neck from him now and that includes roughy good times WATP
  11. 3rfc2

    Allan McGregor

    i would have to agree with you with the tics desperation !
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