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  1. Pedro is a dead man walking. He will need to go this full Season without losing a game. The support won't stand for another season like the last . I said that I would give him two transfer Windows but now I don't think he will make Christmas. Another humping from the Tim's and that will be that. The board have to shoulder the blame for this too.... but will they?
  2. which one? there is a few
  3. Any Links?
  4. Does anybody think he will get into our midfield they way we've been playing so far? I think the midfield is looking Strong
  5. Do the mexicans need to play a certain % of games to keep there work permits?
  6. Iam sure there was a interview with Pedro defore the game on Thursday that he said the players have known who was playing (in said game) from Monday.
  7. I don't see the why we should go for Mclnnes. He had Audition for the Rangers job when we weren't in the league. We need somebody a LOT better than him. Who? No idea.
  8. If he signs today/tomorrow would keep him till the next round. He won't be need for this Round.
  9. Hey I liked that strip 😅
  10. This what happens when we get our shit together Mon the Rangers !!
  11. Could Possibly be the biggest selling jersey Ever this one.
  12. One might think this could be Strip launch too??.
  13. AD says bulk of money going to Rangers! Happy days