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  1. What about Brenda? When did he experience Scottish football?
  2. RTV The man is not a Rangers Manager .
  3. Pedro is a dead man walking. He will need to go this full Season without losing a game. The support won't stand for another season like the last . I said that I would give him two transfer Windows but now I don't think he will make Christmas. Another humping from the Tim's and that will be that. The board have to shoulder the blame for this too.... but will they?
  4. This what happens when we get our shit together Mon the Rangers !!
  5. Could Possibly be the biggest selling jersey Ever this one.
  6. One might think this could be Strip launch too??.
  7. AD says bulk of money going to Rangers! Happy days
  8. Raman from stv saying a incident happend on Tuesday told to say away from training ground till Monday
  9. Keith Jackson saying there has been sort of row
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