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  1. We are more than capable of taking maximum points between now and the next OF game and I've said a few times over the last few weeks that I have no worries about going into a game against.....them........home or away needing a win. However certain players need to take a long hard look at themselves after what they've produced over the last 3 games. The positive for me is that they've been poor by their own high standards instead of it being a case of them just being generally shite or not good enough, our strongest match day squad is more than good enough to win this league imo.
  2. Getstiffed

    PC Gaming Build

    Get yourself a RX 580 4GB or 8GB if its just for 1080p. I've got a Ryzen 5 2600 and a MSI Armor RX 580. Performs amazing for the money it cost.
  3. Even if he'd just taken that chance he had I would be fine with that.
  4. Did we pay 7 million for four performances a year aye. Peak recruitment.
  5. Getting to the point where I'm hoping we kept the receipt for Kent tbh
  6. Wes Flano Katic Goldson Halliday Kamara Davis Jack Barker Defoe Ojo
  7. Getstiffed

    PC Gaming Build

    6 core Ryzen is more than enough for 1080p gaming and is better value for money than Intel chips imo.
  8. And they've appointed a manager who seems to be making a radical change to how they've played for the last 2 seasons. We should be horsing these cunts imo
  9. Agree with you mate was just pointing out why its good PR sense for us to wait until Monday before giving them both barrels.
  10. I think the SFA were hoping it would get lost over the weekend tbh. Why they've waited all this time to charge us never mind announce it is beyond me. As far as Rangers pre-statement statement I stand by what I said: It's good PR from the club to wait until Monday to release the full statement as that gives it a full weeks news cycle to get aired but If you want to debate whether we should have just kept quiet until Monday then fair enough, I can see why some people would feel that way. I honestly couldn't say for sure why they would release a statement saying they're going to release a statement but I know the full statement is being held back until Monday for the exact reason I've laid out.
  11. The cycle has nothing to do with the scheduling of games mate. ALL news cycles restart on a Monday. The fact there are mid week games doesn't affect whatever the big story is of that week. In this case Rangers release a "robust" statement which will be the big story of the next weeks cycle, Mon-Fri. No-one in Football would release bad news on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the hope it gets lost in the noise of midweek games, they'd wait til Friday.
  12. Probably agree with you. If they'd made a full statement on it yesterday it would have been lost in the ether over the weekend news cycle. Released on Monday or Tuesday and its in the news cycle for a full week.
  13. Its PR 101 mate. If you want to hide a story you release it on Friday. So it follows if you want a story to get noticed you dont release it on Friday.
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