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  1. Few trannies outed. GG KAI
  2. Whoa whoa whoa. Jesus and Mary Chain.
  3. And blamed it on the manager of the store
  4. Surely he'd have ended up owing papers?
  5. It was defo him. He got a newspaper and someone else paid for it.
  6. Aye mate she was on the pitch at Hampden last year kicking fuck out of Hibs supporters. Staunch as fuck is Katie.
  7. Believe me Joey wont ever tell anyone the real reason he was given the boot from Rangers. His public image is bad enough as it is.
  8. Doubt it. I hate Barry so much that anytime I see a square pass across the midfield I tan my telly.
  9. Nae Barry Ferguson. Why do you hate Barry Ronald? WHY?!
  10. Your name's Declan. Admit it!!
  11. Aye another charlatan walking away with more of our money. Can't. Wait.
  12. The type of guy that would undermine Walter Smith's authority. Aye Pedro stands a right good chance against someone who can get away with what is by our standards heracy.
  13. May or may not end well but you can be sure that if it doesn't go his way it will be the foreign guys fault again.