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  1. Not all British coaches think that way. Some of them are smart enough to recognise the game passing Britain by. Fact is that too many people involved in the game directly or indirectly stand to get left behind because if the attitude shifts they will get left behind and therefore be out of a job. Warburton could have came up and been a success and still faced the same derision from certain quarters of our game and our media. Rodgers is lucky he's been so successful and there's so many bheggars in the media otherwise he would face the same treatment. Those people's taigery over-rides any sense of self preservation. Which in a totally unrelated point shows you how mentally ill they really are.
  2. That embarrassing moment for the posters of RM when @KeyserSoze is the only cunt in a thread making sense.
  3. Already got plenty of ground staff
  4. No doubt at all mate. The only point I'm making is that we seem to want to deride these guys for talking about the game the way they do. I just think we as a country are very arrogant whilst simulatniously always lamenting the fact that we're so far behind. News flash knuckle draggers, its our own fault
  5. Actually wee Dick implemented his Dutch ethos quite well but he had to spend big and bring in a fair few players from outwith Britain who were brought up in countries where this stuff was being taught from youth levels up. Think about that for a second mate. A guy like Numan came here having been brought through a system underpinned by these methods. That means the Dutch were doing this 4 decades ago at least.
  6. It's gonna be the same for any manager, foriegn or not, that talks about the game the way the rest of the footballing world does. Our press are thick cunts that pander to thick cunts so that the thick cunts that run our game can get away with running it into the ground whilst picking up a healthy wage.
  7. This "shite" permeates the game in Germany, Spain, Portugal so and so forth. Meanwhile in Scotland we get snidey remarks whenever its mentioned. What's Scotlands first game at the next World cu----aw wait nevermind
  8. Nah mate they're all talking shite. It benefits no cunt and no managers use these methods. Anywhere. Ever.
  9. There were rumors flying around recently that their legal team warned them to "expect the worst".
  10. Never wanted Barton in the first place.
  11. Oh great. Plenty of time to write more books full of poor me shite.
  12. Said it on FF when someone proclaimed the "we need a clear out" and I replied "Aye, from the dressing room to the stands and everything in between".
  13. We were lucky that the day Celtic finally decided to have an off day was an OF game Phew am I glad they decided to have an off decade in the 90s man. Fuck sake
  14. Which is why they needed to use the entire overdraft to cover the shortfall. The idea they have been or continue to roll in wads of cash is horseshite. They make just enough to maintain their current level of player which is much higher than is required as evidenced by the points gap. So the question remains: why not get in the black permanently by selling some of their superstars and suffering the indignity of only winning the league by 10 or 15 points rather than 25-30? Maybe, just maybe their players aren't either A. Worth the money suggested or B. aren't actually in demand at all or both?
  15. The players they used to have were worth money so their current lot must be? Well fuck me then, we used to have Gazza and Laudrup so Halliday and Waghorn must be worth trillions.