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  1. Does he not naw? Our 2 best attacks came from us passing it about Davis, Jack, Katic and Goldson then a quick ball forward when the space developed. This isn't St Mirren we're playing mate. This is European football. "Aw come on to fuck Rangers get eh baw forward eh" doesn't cut it.
  2. Its not pointless if its done to draw the opposition out. Which it is. But you'd know that being an aficionado
  3. RTV coverage usually starts about 15 minutes before kick off every game.
  4. The amount of times I watch football and here ex players say somethings a foul or handball, then ignore the replay showing they were wrong is mental. Stewart isn't alone in this tbf.
  5. Something was made of it. Sutton wanted JJ cited for diving.
  6. Can't wait to change my RM picture to our Captain holding that league trophy above his beautiful head. Love Tav. Always have, always will.
  7. Its the precedent that counts. They admitted responsibility. There will be ambulance chasing solicitors all over this.
  8. A LB, another CF and I think we're good.
  9. Anymore identity theft from cunts on here and it'll be getfucked
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