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  1. Ally scored 355 goals. Probably should have been 500. Shame on you Alistair.
  2. Way he tells is it is that he was told they'd accepted a bid of 2 million and the fact they were willing to accept such a low amount for him made him feel unwanted and undervalued. Tbh mate, I agree with the undervalued part. 18 goals the previous season for 2 dud managers in a rotten Rangers side is worth more than 2 million imo.
  3. He left in August mate. I don't think even Steven Gerrard would say that was long enough for someone to "get a chance". Barisic got a year to improve. Kent got 3 months improve. I could go on and on.
  4. Couldn't give 2 flying fucks what he did before OR after being with us. He scored plenty, some very important, in one of the worst Rangers sides I've ever seen.
  5. Scored against them and they are shite, so it would be factual.
  6. You just have to look at the improvement in 4 or 5 of the players Gerrard inherited that lets be honest a lot of people would have sent out the door alongside Windass at the time.
  7. Think you're being liberal calling them chances. 2 or 3 times he's went into the box at a tight angle and had no other option but to shoot. The question that should be asked is why is no-one getting up in support of him in those situations.
  8. All jokes aside mate, defenses were terrified of his running power. People can waffle on about his supposed lack of commitment or their opinion on how limited he was as a footballer but making and timing late runs to score goals is a skill in and of itself and there isn't anyone in our squad currently that possess his pace, timing of the run and finishing ability all together.
  9. Our LB and RB create more clear cut opportunities for Morelos than all our attacking players combined.
  10. We sold a 20 goal a season AM for 2 million quid.
  11. Morelos ends up having to take a shot from a tight angle when there's little or no chance of beating the keeper. Then that goes down as a missed "chance" and everyone rattles on about him having 6 or 7 chances and missing them most or all of them. Happened a few times on Sunday as well. The header and penalty were the only real chances he had, the rest were through bodies between him and the goal and I give him credit for even working the keeper in those instances.
  12. Plenty to argue about on here on a daily basis so If I loved to argue my post count would double every month. 3 shots plus a header. Now count all the times the ball went wide to Aribo, Kent or even Morelos peeling off and receiving it wide and there was only one body in the box, and in the case of Morelos getting it wide, none at all.
  13. Well that's that then they must have got beyond Morelos constantly.
  14. He won't apologize. He'll claim he was given the info by someone he trusts and he won't make that mistake again blah blah. Rangers should demand to know who gave him the info when does.
  15. There's no way Ally wouldn't have known the real story.
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