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  1. Getstiffed

    Statement regarding disciplinary procedure

    Doubt the board know who he is nevermind release a statement like that about him
  2. Getstiffed

    Big Jock Knew

  3. Getstiffed

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Be good to go there and officially end any hope they have of silverware this season.
  4. Getstiffed

    McCann on Kamara

    Exactly. Every signing from now on should be hidden gems from eastern Europe and Scandinavia
  5. Getstiffed

    McCann on Kamara

    Think that's harsh on Mcrorie and Jack. Neither have been as good as they were on that day but they've not been far off it. Arfield on the other hand has been invisible since we came back from the winter break.
  6. Getstiffed

    Replay ticket information.

    Anyone know the script with it being shown on TV or not?
  7. Getstiffed

    Ross McCrorie

    He's been coached as a CB for years despite a few coaches identifying that he had all the attributes to be a very good CM.
  8. Getstiffed

    Ross McCrorie

    I think he just lacks confidence on the ball tbh. Probably due to his coaching as a youth. You're a big boy Ross, CB back for you. Just tackle and hoof it son you'll never do anything else well. Happen to know for a fact that for a few years there were coaches he worked under that were convinced he could be a CM rather than a CB and the medieval era coaches were having none of it because big lad = CB or target man.
  9. Getstiffed

    McCann on Kamara

    Like Neil himself.
  10. There is no war chest and if there is money stock piled they've hidden it from auditors, which is financial fraud.
  11. Getstiffed

    Eye Broke

    From Eye Broke to Ibrox to we broke. Some journey
  12. Getstiffed

    Big Jock Knew

    Never understand the name for that tbh. Pound me too? No-one thought that through it seems.
  13. Getstiffed

    McAllister misquoted in saying unlikely Kent staying

    Going forward aye, both him and Halliday were pish.
  14. Getstiffed

    McAllister misquoted in saying unlikely Kent staying

    Stamped out of the game by the best right back in Scotland.
  15. Getstiffed

    Big Jock Knew

    No chance anyone high up is seeing jail time mate. The financial implications are what will most likely finish them.