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  1. Herrera Goal - Latin America Commentary

    The finish is so nonchalant
  2. Candieas

    Doesnt need to beat his man to get a cross in. Contrast with McKay he could tie you up in a knot then smash the ball into the goalies arms. I know who id rather have
  3. Pena is perpetual motion
  4. Their fans at Morelos' miss Ye know yer a diddy team when you celebrate the oppositions misses like goals
  5. Oh I'm starting to get the impression that Pena does whatever Pena feels like
  6. Oh I'm starting to get the impression Kenny does whatever Kenny feels like.
  7. Rested for Sunday so aye, thank fuck
  8. Pena

    Can see exactly what he's all about. In fact his Youtube video is as accurate a guage as any signing we've made in the internet age. Ball goes forward, makes run into the box
  9. @.williamson

    If this deplorable human being is good for anything its bigotry. Can't wait
  10. Doncaster in Trouble

    Lawell wants a way to leave Scotland altogether. You want a hidden agenda? He wants to be in a country with no extradition before his time as financial director becomes the focus of a child abuse scandal.
  11. Sutton...well being Sutton

    Bang to rights man, might as well just admit to shagging my sister right now.
  12. Hibs: Statement

    Do they just pull one out of it?
  13. Bheast FC: Statement

    The SFA don't want an investigation because they were warned about Whyte by HMRC and had a fair idea of what he was doing/going to do. Investigate I say. Investigate.
  14. Can we get BP to fuck? He derails every thread he posts in. Isn't interested in debate but instead just labels everything he disagrees with as hate/hatred/hateful. If it doesn't happen I'm just gonna take it that trolling continuously is allowed and then I'm going on a thread derailing rampage. Been warned.