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  1. Getstiffed

    Teams who defend

    To me that's how I know we've improved compared to last season. There is a definite fear of giving is time and space to exploit whereas last season we could go ahead early on and teams like Hamilton would still come out and try to play.
  2. Getstiffed

    We've Got Candeias On The Right

    Top of the Pops at Xmas
  3. Getstiffed

    Top of the League

    "I dont care about silky football I'd swap the tica taca for wins" ......................
  4. Getstiffed

    A Window of Opportunity…

    Our players have never been in a proper title race. Neither have theirs. Do some decent business in January and have a bit of luck with injuries/suspensions and we are more than capable.
  5. Getstiffed

    Fran Sol

    Can he play number 10
  6. Getstiffed

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    Most posters who've been here as long as I have or longer will remember Walters last 2 seasons. Half this forum wanted him punted by January both seasons and wouldn't you know it for all the same reasons, no plan B, tactically "schooled" by park the bus managers and always picking the wrong team/his favourites. Funnily enough some of the same people who wrote Kent off then crowned him Laudrup MkII and wanted Morelos (who they also wrote off), Tav or both sold to fund the transfer of Coulibaly after 3 games........who they've all decided is now shite. Sadly the Rangers manager doesn't have the luxury of making decisions on a fucken whim and therefore is a dud and a legend and then a dud again, so on and so fourth.
  7. Getstiffed

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Funny that this site rans smooth as silk when we got the draw in Spain but after the last 3 games its running like Kevin Kyle carrying Pena.
  8. Getstiffed

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    coulibally is shite. Brought to you by the same forum that wanted Morelos and/or Tav punted to fund his full transfer after 2 games.
  9. Getstiffed

    Post Dundee Gerrard and Rossiter

    Actually mate if you watch it again he sends the entire Dundee defence the wrong way with the first drop of the shoulder and at that point he should have played the reverse pass into the box for Barisic who would have been through on goal
  10. Getstiffed

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Nobody running in behind and no-one scoring. Yeah the daft cunt never did either of them things consistently in a much poorer side. Ever.
  11. Getstiffed

    Pish Result and Performance But...

    This loss doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know, we need a number 10 and probably another goal scorer. However the reaction to it is what I'd expect if it were April, with two transfer windows past and tens of millions spent on dross by a veteran manager. Gerrard isn't Walter or Wee Dick or Jock Wallace , who knows if he will ever be on that level but what I am 100% sure of is that he is not Warburton, Caixinha or Ally. We all agreed that our return to winning titles was probably going to need us getting better and them getting worse. Both of which have happened. We are in this title race make no bones about it, this squad just needs a few more quality bodies in January.
  12. Getstiffed

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Wish he'd stop fucking around with the team, its not worki-----oh wait
  13. They know we have a proper player on our hands and they are bricking it.
  14. Getstiffed


    "Potential Columbian Cartel member attempts abduction of child in Edinburgh"