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  1. Emillio is a well known Mexican Protestant bigot
  2. Look his face then look at Mckenna's. One is a face of exasperation at the linesman flagging for a decision in favor of Aberdeen, watch the footage Morelos looks at the linesman when he hears the refs whistle, and the other is a face with aggression written all over it. I don't need to be a mind reader to know what Morelos intent was in that situation if he'd lost his temper and even just had a split second thought that he was going to stamp on or kick Mckenna it would have 100% flashed across his face.
  3. I wouldn't defend him for that yesterday or most of his red cards but I'm not having this shite being thrown around that he's somehow out of control or unmanageable. I think he's simultaneously easily the most targeted by opposition players and least protected by match officials of any Rangers player in my recent memory. And its been like that almost since the first ball he's kicked up here.
  4. A lot of football managers are arrogant cunts and I've no doubt there will be some out there watching him thinking they could rein in him.
  5. Just remember that when Shagger and Barry were digged up for drinking all night the same Scottish press were saying Brown was smart for leaving the bar just before Shagger and Barry were caught. So he was there all night with them. Very astute of him.
  6. No he just got an oppositions players studs down the back of his ankle again. What a pansy.
  7. Neither Broadfoot or Brown "flicked" at his heels. And yet there has been occasions where Morelos has been cute off the ball and suddenly match officials regain their eye sight.
  8. You mean where the opposition are playing hard but fair and in the course of actually trying to win the ball or where the opposition are standing on your ankle while the ball is 40 yards away in full view of the official on the touchline 10 yards away? Have you ever had an ankle injury? Do you know how easy it is to get to such in injury? So easy just getting stood on with little or no force can see you on the treatment table for 3 months. If the ref or assistants refs stamp it out early doors there's no reaction. See if I gave you abuse on here in breach of the rules and done it continuously in full view of moderators, I'm never reprimanded and eventually you fire back and are immediately binned from the forum, is that fair? I find it slightly sad that a horrible fenian bastard like Darren O'dea can see and tell the truth about how unfairly Morelos gets treated by match officials but I have to spend the aftermath of matches arguing about it with other Rangers supporters.
  9. Naw he just had studs down his Achilles again.
  10. See at this point I don't give two fucks anymore. I watch our players, Morelos especially, get booted fuck out of on a weekly basis and the officials never do anything to prevent it. At that point the inevitable outcome is retaliation. I made the point after his red against the sheep shaggers, if you were constantly assaulted in the street and the police knew it was happening and nothing was ever done about it, eventually you'd take matters into your own hands. To make it worse once you did take action YOU are labeled the madman and the one with the problem. Footballers are all the same for the most part, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Once a ref lets a bad tackle go it more often than not always escalates from there.
  11. Scott Brown has peaked as a footballer these last few years. But just think about what that actually entails: Some of the worst Rangers teams and individual players. The best of the rest worse off financially than they've probably ever been in my lifetime. Look at what its taken for that cunt to have anything to goad us about. Sums him up.
  12. At worst Morelos is petulant, however if you'd never seen any of the incidents involving him and just went by what the media and even some of our support have to say you'd be forgiven for thinking he was running about head butting people and flying into waste high tackles every week.
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