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  1. Rancid BBC

    Too busy drinking pimms on the veranda dear fellow
  2. Rancid BBC

    What he said
  3. Rancid BBC

    Aye does the same to me now so give it a by
  4. Rancid BBC

    Where I stay in faifley its reeking of it.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    There's no way there wasn't political pressure in the 90's when Torbett was finally charged to just end it there with him. Frankly I think it would need to be a case of English clubs being under massive scrutiny for this shite before any moves are made against them. Look at our issues with EBT's. We were absolutely 100% sent to the wolves over that because there was no way HMRC could take on the bigger clubs in England without a precedent first. So if the desire ever arose to go after some of the clubs in England who've covered up this stuff I think the politcal pressure would increase to throw that mob under the bus and maybe give the public a pound of flesh and hope it goes away so they don't have to chase clubs that have the funds to fight them in court over it.
  6. Rancid BBC

    The van's a load of bollocks mate. It can detect signals but it cannot pinpoint who's recieving them just by pointing their machine at any building. Its akin to living in a close that is howling of weed and the cops just pick a random door and tell the tennant they know its defo coming from them
  7. Rancid BBC

    From a legal standpoint yes, however they cannot know one way or another unless you discolse it. This is where it gets tricky. You can send them a letter informing them that you have no access to live TV and that you remove their implied right of access to your property and that you do not wish to recieve further correspondence from them. What happened when I did it was that I wrote them and phoned them but I also warned them that any more of my time I spend dealing with their letters/visits/calls they would be billed for. Got one letter back informing me I was taken of their "list" for 2 years and they would, as a courtesy, check back with me after that period to make sure I didn't need one by then.
  8. Rancid BBC

    It's meant to be ironic. Everyone loves us.
  9. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    Sorta cunt that would break his shins trying to kick you when you've shat it and hid under something
  10. Sun scum

    This article is defo the work of @.Williamson. Notorious on here for being vehemently anti bigotry and sectarianism.
  11. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Prefer Newco Sevco tbf
  12. Sun scum

    You've changed
  13. Sun scum

    A gang that wouldn't have existed in the first place if it weren't for trampy ungrateful wean touchers biting the hands that fed them.
  14. Sun scum

    Aye the guy whose maw is his sister and dad is his grandfather
  15. Sun scum

    I'll bet you'd love to know. Utterly deplorable.