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  1. Kent had a poorer start than Ojo did but by this point last season Kent was starting to influence games and looked a real threat.
  2. Gerrard has blinkers when it comes to certain players but at least with Ojo he can make a reasonable argument for why the boy hasn't hit the ground running but fuck me, Arfield is brutal atm and its not even as if he's making up for it by chasing down CBs, FBs, MFs and firing into tackles and winning the ball. He looks 3 yards off the pace of every game I've seen barring a few minutes here and there. Tav to me looks as if playing constantly for 3 or 4 seasons is starting to catch up with him. Isn't as quick from a standing start as he used to be and his crossing has went from being 50/50 to 90/10. I respect the fact that he is still trying to step up when its needed but its maybe time for him to just go back to basics and also maybe lay off the dead balls for a run of games. Barisic again had a very good game and I'm completely bamboozled why we didn't capitalize on the space he was being afforded by Ojo's movement off the ball. 3 or 4 times we hit the switch from right to left despite the fact it was on almost the whole time Ojo was on the park making those runs in field. We miss Ryan Jack's composure in tight games like that massively. A price can't really be put on a player who is willing to receive a pass under pressure, away from home, against a side that are right up for it and just knowing when its the time to get it forward quickly and when to retain it. If fit he must be a cert to start on Thursday. Thought Kamara wasn't terrible either but I just don't know what role he's supposed to be filling for us. He's tidy in possession more often than not, has a bit of skill but like Aribo (obviously different players though before any cunt starts) seems to get into good areas with secure possession and then turns and turns and turns then passes it back or sideways. As for Aribo, plays far, far to deep for us. His asset is his ability to receive it in tight areas and run with it. Just looks like a player who is constantly on the verge of threatening to terrorize defences but never does.
  3. I think the fact that a highly rated coach/scout went from working at the biggest club in Scotland to coaching privately says a lot about whether we kept quiet or not. We hired him because he was good at his job and had no reason not to, after us no-one hired him. Think its obvious why.
  4. And the fact he was allowed to continue coaching in a private capacity and potentially could have committed further abuse is the fault of the authorities for not preventing it. According to Dalys report and at least one poster on here last night, Rangers should have done something more to stop him from being able to start his own coaching business.
  5. I get the point you're making about supporters using the abuse of children as a stick to beat them with or a basis for banter, child abuse of any description is not a joke but I would hasten to point out that if not for these "point scorers" there wouldn't have been too many people talking about what went on at celtic for 3 decades. The papers don't talk about it, the TV news media don't talk about it, SFA officials don't talk about it, SFL/SPL/SPFL officials don't talk about it and any comment or story in the last 2 or 3 years has only come about because the dam has finally broken on there incessant victimization of children in their care. I feel the anger or resentment towards these "point scorers" genuinely comes from people who have spent 20 to 30 years willing us to shut up about it because they did everything in their control to bury it down a deep dark memory hole within Scotland and those who used it as banter material have ended up being the ones who've created the platform for the likes of Andy Grays mum to feel safe enough to shout about it from the hill tops.
  6. Heard plenty of stories that paint him as a very arrogant man and not someone who it was easy to approach but everything he did he did for the benefit of Rangers. That was his only concern. Someone like that doesn't hide what Neely did because concealing it could have caused us no end of problems.
  7. Continually asking Walter and Souness if they reported it won't get to the heart of it though will it? They haven't changed their stories once. Questions should be asked of Police Scotland.
  8. So do I, because serial liars have allowed serial abusers to run amok for 3 decades. Haven't seen one bit of evidence that contradicts Walter and Souness' stories yet.
  9. So there's been an investigation but now its not good enough and we need another one. Or put another way, we don't believe Walter and Graeme so ask them again.
  10. There's people on here saying it requires further investigation. That insinuates that the people who've said that it was reported to the police are lying. Those people who are being accused of lying, insinuated or otherwise, are 2 Rangers legends both of whom have excellent reputations as both football men and human beings in general and not just in Scottish football but world football. I'll just wire onto a Rangers forum and call Walter Smith and Graeme Souness liars and by implication protectors of a child rapist. Swing the fucken hammer I say.
  11. You're out of here because you're full of shite. Rangers don't control what people do in the their private lives even if they're employed by us never mind when they're not. Blame Police Scotland for not taking it further or better still the boys parents for not taken the complaint Rangers made on their behalf any further.
  12. If we've reported it, regardless of how we've reported it, they would have sent someone to speak to his parents. If those coppers are still alive then they could confirm it.
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