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  1. No having it with Mckenna. Plays in a team that screens a back four/five that rarely moves far from their own 18 yard line in or out of possession. Big strong lad no doubt. Good at winning headers from long aimless forward passes or hopeful blooters into their penalty area. Put it this way, I wouldn't swap our CB's for the ones that play for them and I rate them higher than the rest of the CB's in the SPFL. I hope they do spunk millions on the big clugger.
  2. Thinks the BJK thread should have been moved to the General Sports section and is appalled at Swastikas in the Erskine Fund thread
  3. No matter how highly rated Turnbull's potential is or how highly rated McKenna's SPFL pedigree is, they are both being brought in to replace guys that are internationalists, winners(as much as it pains me to say it) and players with a lot of European experience. Turnbull is a young lad who may or may not have had a flash in the pan end to his season and McKenna is a kick it the way yer facing son Scottish CB. Am fucken shitting my pants tbh
  4. Who was his cousin everyone is mentioning?
  5. That's just a pen name. Now please stop it's went on long enough
  6. I see this Dude guy is still cutting about pretending to be me. I disavow every opinion this poster expresses in my name.
  7. He's still hiding Oliver Burke up his left nostril
  8. Making room for Liverpool's kit man on loan
  9. I remember even during 9 in a row everyone hated Petric and Bjorklund
  10. Other way about imo Obviously sookin up our arses so they can steal Tav Imo
  11. He was released at 15 because he was too small. An attitude which was endemic within Scottish youth coaching for years.
  12. Most if not all of the players in the top 4 squads in the EPL would walk into our team so its a stupid comparison to make. Akin to the manks claiming they'd rather have Tierney over Andy Robertson.
  13. Completely unrelated but notice the wee exasperated hop/kick Morelos does when he sees the linesman's flag? Same thing thing he got sent off for in the Aberdeen game he scored the goal of season. Only difference is the lack of a head the baw flailing about under his feet. Jus' sayin'
  14. As would McCoist or Boyd. Strikers are typically selfish cunts.
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