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  1. Similar story but a happier outcome. Ordered a rather expensive item, never arrived. Driver claimed it was left in a safe place. Amazon send a replacement and the day after that arrives a woman from the next street over from mine appears at the door with the original item saying it was left behind her bin. So aye, 2 expensive items God Bless Hermes
  2. You had lazer pens in 95 that went about as far as the classroom blackboard. No ones that went 50 feet ffs.
  3. Some great times aswell to be fair
  4. So shut the fuck up then.
  5. Shitebag. Ban this cunt.
  6. So it annoyed you enough to make this thread but you don't remember any of them to even find one. Moron indeed ya total clown.
  7. Its thousands of posts is it aye? Thousands of posts and you can't find one that actually makes that statement. You'd think if it being said bothered you that much you might remember just one. /thread ya clown
  8. Never happening in a million years
  9. Name and shame with quotes of the exact posts that state Muslims are sub human since you're so unashamed.
  10. The goals in the two concurrent OF games in 98 but also the cross for Super's diving header. Knew McCoist and knew where to put it for him. Guy was a top top footballer.
  11. Anyone seen Ritchie Madano? Huh?
  12. Aye but its shaped to form a silhouette of an Ulster Volunteer.
  13. Stealth sectarian football shirts are the way to go
  14. "16" - Brendan fae Possil