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  1. The men responsible for signing this dross have lost their jobs. I want the men responsible for hiring those men sacked as well. Get them all to fuck. And fuck anyone who tries to excuse this board.
  2. Tavs selling Dugs

    So you're just gonna roll over and play dead?!
  3. Fernando Ricksen at Ibrox tomorrow.

    As some have said lesser men would have given in. Not that theres any shame in that either. No Surrender Fernando.
  4. Morelos dropped?

    I know He plays the game with a maturity rarely seen in players his age, even the really talented ones.
  5. Liam Miller

    I think if he had a chance he probably would have stayed in the states where you're something like 5 times more likely to survive cancer. Utter tragedy when this happens to anyone.
  6. @K.A.I stealth grooming a newb. You're a sexual menace.
  7. If you hatched a plan to destroy the West and its values (which btw despite all the wars and corruption is still the best place any group of humans have had to live in the history of humanity so far) by stealth, then you couldn't find a better one than cultural marxism.
  8. The irony being that the LBGQTBRBFFS community is a minority within a minority
  9. Williamson

    Biggest and worst bigot on here. Utterly vile person. Love um
  10. Why are the most empathetic cunts that the hover about the LBGQTROFLLMAO always mad fat basement dwelling weirdos
  11. Fucken stick yer cock in any other cosenting adult all ye want, christ, slice it up the middle tuck it into your pelvis and call it a fanny for all I care. Just get outta my face with all this shite.
  12. Dorrans going to see specialist

    No problem. Probably didn't like Pedro cos you're so hateful. Nothing to do with results. Just hate.
  13. Dorrans going to see specialist

    Wasting your time with that logic. You're a bitter hateful person. Deal with it.