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  1. Tell you what if Josh Windass was on our board he would have sorted all this right out by now
  2. They lifted it from here: https://www.graphic.com.gh/sports/Rangers-set-to-sign-dennis-gyamfi.html
  3. There a variant without the 32 Red on it?
  4. The Crysencio was no surrender
  5. Wrong type of irishman and wrong type of ferry imo
  6. Aye but google bases the adds and news stories they show you on their home page on your search history among other things.
  7. Aye mate batter but just be warned you have to be a total weirdo that talks about average every day stuff in wrestling insider talk. So if you're talking about a film or something don't say "the bad guy was really good" say "the top heel is over with me".
  8. No cunt will be complaining about anything if we win it.
  9. Probably sealed the deal though mate once Livi saw the font
  10. Most teams we play against go 1 up top and its typically a big lump of wood like Dykes. The boy that plays for Killie gives them a problem on the break probably. Can't think of anyone else tbh
  11. Well then its an irrational fear mate because when they 2 played together was the most consistently solid our entire back four had been all last season.
  12. @Rangers_no1 wanted to make him captain jus sayin
  13. We need 3 or 4 players that are ready to go now not in 2 years.
  14. Hate to break it to you but Cory Balrog is a rainbow flag panderer. Kiss goodbye to the traditional father son relationship.
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