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  1. Subtley letting us know its Jordan Rossiter
  2. Old Rangers aye.
  3. Shocking fact: Whether you like it or not, whether some, half or all Rangers fans are religious or politicial, the people the SNP pander to identify everything Rangers with British, Protestant values. So aye, the current Scottish goverment will hope to retain its position at every election by spending each term bending our support and our club over and royally shafting fuck out of us. You don't have to be a presbyterian to recognise this. You just have to have 2 brain cells active at one time. At least.
  4. the worst kind of Rangers fans are tarriers. I agree. They are terrible at it.
  5. Read this thread and keep saying to yourself "fan ownership"...
  6. Sorry mate been saying this for ages but that you love Ashley patter should be a bannable offense. It's a clear attempt at stiffling debate and derails nearly every thread it seeps into.
  7. Honestly wouldn't mind Brian Laudrup having trouble deciding between Euro '92 and 9 in a row but for a so called Rangers man to say anything winning a diddy cup with a diddy team is better than a treble or Uefa final with us is totally mental and any cunt defending it needs chased.
  8. C'mon Walter, there's no way you'll go without.
  9. Secrets safe with me Mr Smith. Ps. Just between us how many catholics have you stomped?
  10. Chance to dress like Walter......blanks it....... Outed.
  11. Nae history of being unproffesional Nae history of being crooked Nae history of focusing on signing older players 18 months at Rangers and he's suddenly all those things. Cos Dave said.
  12. Don't talk shite. I bought a cracking Srixon 3 wood out of Bernardos last week
  13. Few trannies outed. GG KAI
  14. Whoa whoa whoa. Jesus and Mary Chain.
  15. And blamed it on the manager of the store
  16. Surely he'd have ended up owing papers?
  17. It was defo him. He got a newspaper and someone else paid for it.
  18. Aye mate she was on the pitch at Hampden last year kicking fuck out of Hibs supporters. Staunch as fuck is Katie.
  19. Believe me Joey wont ever tell anyone the real reason he was given the boot from Rangers. His public image is bad enough as it is.
  20. Doubt it. I hate Barry so much that anytime I see a square pass across the midfield I tan my telly.
  21. Nae Barry Ferguson. Why do you hate Barry Ronald? WHY?!
  22. Your name's Declan. Admit it!!
  23. Aye another charlatan walking away with more of our money. Can't. Wait.