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  1. Kent's untouchable. Morelos has excuses made for him, even the people who want him punted are putting it politely and respectively. Think I'll take a break from here til August tbh because its bad enough how the seasons turned out but its worse coming on here to discuss what's went wrong and having to get bogged down in hyperbolic agenda driven "look I was right am great" shite.
  2. What has that got to do with Gerrard losing the dressing room? Are we shite cos we're shite or because they don't like the manager?
  3. Ryan Kent throws fients and shimmies at players that are 10 yards away from him. Said it in February last year that he is literally a flashy Candieas. 7 million quid ffs. And people think who he chose as Captain is his biggest mistake. Fucken hell.
  4. If he's lost the player then how do you explain that first half? Its easily the best we've played domestically since the restart. Surely his losing the dressing room would have manifested from the kick off. Have they forgot they don't like him for 45 minutes then remembered when the second half started?
  5. 30+ shots on goal. And you can bet we've had plenty of games this season that have been similar where we've drawn or lost. 7 million on a winger who had 10-15 good games with us on loan, half them not even league games. A striker that can't seem to play more than 6 months. So and so forth. Fuck all to do with the RB or the Captain or both. We're needing to spend massive money middle to front and we're not doing that if we're gutting a back four that doesn't need gutted and replaced.
  6. Aye mate if he'd just got a proper captain Kent, Morelos and all the other cunts that have lost the ability pass cross and shoot wouldn't have done so.
  7. I doubt that but lets just say for arguments sake that is the case: they can all get to fuck if so.
  8. We had a better defensive record than the team that are sitting 10+ points ahead of us up until January.
  9. We had a better defensive record than the so called benchmark team up until our MF and front 3 decided to down tools. It's not a coincidence mate.
  10. Naw mate its costing us the 0-0 we had. A draw isn't any more acceptable than a loss at this point.
  11. If we're 3-0 up at halftime the games done. Defense isn't perfect but it is far from being the problem.
  12. Are they aye. Don't tend to bother with what they're doing when we're playing.
  13. funny that because two of them have already said it was a sitter.
  14. The fucken 300 grand RB canny cross. Meanwhile the 7 million winger has been getting away with murder for 6 months.
  15. Said if before, punt him for 20 million and buy 3 or 4 players, midfielders, number tens and a striker. Never mind all this 10 players from the English League One and SPFL pish.
  16. Came out in 2009 mate. Could've been in with a shout if it was out 2010-2020.
  17. Those players probably didn't want to run the sands but fuck sake they wanted to let Jock down less. And not out of fear either, out of respect for the man. I feel like the players might still see Gerrard the player rather than Gerrard the manager tbh, certainly the younger less experienced ones anyway. Doubt Shagger or Davis are in awe of Gerrard the way someone like Aribo or Ryan Jack would have been.
  18. This is a great breakdown of the fight and just how much of a masterclass this was from Fury and his trainers.
  19. And yet Walters had his teams lined up like that or something close never enough the whole time he was with us. Jig played wide left of a mid five when he had Beasley sat on the bench
  20. Good. Shouldn't be hard to get shot of them early doors and start doing our own business ASAP.
  21. I'm disappointed in Wilder tbh. Guy dominated for ages and gave people what they really watch boxing to see: knockouts. He goes into a fight with a guy who outclasses him, I even thought Tyson was too much for him going into the fight, takes a banger of a right hand to the ear and shows proper heart to keep going. And then makes stupid excuses about his ring entrance. Just say you got hit with a belter of a punch and never recovered but you're a warrior and didn't quit.
  22. Sell the fucking assets and buy ready made quality in the areas we actually struggle in. Not fucking waste half our budget replacing players that were punted because some of our support have an irrational dislike of them. We need a CF that is at his peak. We need at least 2 wingers or 10s that are at their peak. We need at least 3 CM that are at their peak. Not boys that are gonna be top class in 2025. Top class now lets stop fucking about.
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