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  1. C'mon to fuck mate you cant fault Waghorn for effort.
  2. Had enough of Miller now tbh
  3. Being born?
  4. Harsh mate. Give the gaffer time to find one. Windass will do for now.
  5. See this fortune mate, its going out the door almost as fast as its coming in. Not on new players or coaches, no. It covers their bloated operating costs. Nothing more nothing less. There's not an accountant alive that would tell you they would have operated at that level of operating costs without the CL money. Another thing for people to consider is that Rogers record in the transfer market is woeful. Give him the money I say, won't happen, no matter how many times you hear they're signing 10 million pound players but still it'd be funny to watch him blow their "fortune".
  6. Aye and we enjoyed it for near enough 20 years with the CL money all to ourselves. In all honesty if they were using that money the way they (and some of us) claim then their team, actually squad, would be bursting with quality. It's not. They have 2 or 3 right good players by SPFL standards and the rest are hit and miss. And its costing them every penny of the fortunes they're making to pay a squad full of average to decent players with a few good ones thrown in here and there. I just hate this patter about them streaking away from us because they have tons of spare cash lying about as a result of CL qualification. Its a tight rope they're walking. I just hope there isn't any historical issues that could put them in a position to be sued by someone.
  7. Right so they won't be sitting in May next year with 30 odd million sitting in their accounts. Cheers for clearing up that fact.
  8. There's no could about it mate Talking about how much money you make is all well and good but you never hear them talk about their net spend for the season do you. Nah, cause that would smash the myth that all the transfer fees and CL money are somehow in some high interest account just waiting for the day its enough to sign Messi. Wanks
  9. And yet still required their overdraft. Every year out of the last 5.
  10. You don't need to be an accountant to work out that a company that requires its overdraft every May isn't doing as well as you'd think. The 30 million will cover their operating costs. Nothing else.
  11. They've had it all to themselves for 5 years and are still in 16 million pounds of debt. They've still required their 5 million pound overdraft for the last 5 season. Aye. They're rolling in it. That's why they signed a 500 grand unproven striker rather than buy the finished article for 10 million, which is peanuts to the richest club in the world surely.
  12. They haven't turned a profit in years 5 years of everything to themselves and they are still living hand to mouth. That's how it is for any club in Scotland. The CL money patter from them (and some of our own ffs) is brutal and its based on hee haw.
  13. The CL money allows them to continue to operate at their current level it is in no way "money in hand" for them. A 5 million pound overdraft that they've dipped into every season for the last 5 and I'm willing to be they will have done it again in May there. A 16 million pound debt to Co-op. Spare me the rolling in it pish taigy patter.
  14. Only one thing would beat winning the league at the midden and that's winning it at the junkies ground right in front of that horrible yellow toothed ginger waste of skin and bone.
  15. It is and they're all tutors. Whether they realise they are taigy cunts or not is up for debate.
  16. Mate take a right good look and you'll see English clubs rarely fork out anywhere near 5-7 million on might be's. As I've said before I'm happy to go with the opinion of people in the game who think he could develop into a really good CM. If you want to debate whether he should get the time to develop at Rangers or if any player should in fact, then fair enough. His potential isn't up for debate.
  17. Plenty of coaches and scouts down south. You can ask why did they not take a punt but English clubs rarely take punts on 19 years olds that could cost upwards of 10 million. Why bother when you can afford to spend 20 on the finished article. Fact is mate, he's highly rated by a number of people who know what they are talking about. Nae cunt thinks he's Messi.
  18. We've got the option of playing or not playing a very highly rated young English midfielder. Only here could we make that into a problem
  19. "Period". *stares into journos soul*
  20. Full kit on. Anything else would be less than staunch.
  21. Fitba mate. That's what those 22 guys running about in football kits are doing whilst you're engaging in bigotry and sectarianism.
  22. Crisis. Point. 2 month break incoming. See you in August guys.
  23. Who the fuck said that?!
  24. So it begins....