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  1. The Goals

    Dorrans runs to Holt to celebrate then looks for Holt to thank him for the cross
  2. Excellent interview about our infrastructure

    Plenty really good players with really good pedigrees mate. I've seen enough of the boy to believe that if he can get his head right he could be good for us.
  3. Excellent interview about our infrastructure

    Plenty players came here from leagues where you get more time on the ball, struggled early on and came good.
  4. Been working with the u20s for a while now?
  5. You'll be banned from here soon cos we're all pro Ashley
  6. Lets settle this argument: Is this the first time KM's played with the Dev. Squad? And If so is it the first time an articles been written about it? Surely you have to concede that the timing of this article is suspect
  7. The Price of Anonymous Social Media

    Biggest thing of note here seems to be that there's a guy in a life or death fight. Fitba pales in comparison imo
  8. Impartial mhedia experts!

    And that somehow justifies congratulating a newspaper that even at that point had printed some despicable stuff about our club and our support?
  9. Impartial mhedia experts!

    No, most of us hated the Record already because of the shite they've been printing about us for a decade. Their reporting on the spivs wasn't about helping get rid of them, it was to point out how blatantly we were getting arse fucked and having a good laugh at us over it.
  10. Boyd

    The manager shouldn't expect the incumbent players to help settle the new players? What the actual fuck
  11. Tonight's response

    No. All I remember is winning every week with ease. Never conceding goals. Every shot on target. Every shot a goal. Laudrup and Gazza playing blindfolded. Goram and the back four sitting about in lounge chairs for 90 minutes. Week in and week out. I want my Rangers back.
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    Said it before and saying it again: Got the distinct impression Kenny Miller does whatever Kenny Miller wants.
  13. Pena one of our 3 fittest says Pedro

    To be fair sometimes you need a slide rule and a ready reckoner for his press conferences.
  14. Singing at games.

    Wish the horrible song book would die just like the club.
  15. The beginning of the end!

    Fucken hell Is this honestly where we are as a support?
  16. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Everybody I've spoken to thinks that if we'd got that pen and scored their arses were on the verge of collapse. In fact if you go back and look at the last 20 minutes of the first half most of their players were hiding. Their CB's spent most of their possession passing it between themselves. They shat it from us on the counter. GOAT was right a few weeks back: we're one good transfer window away from being a threat to them.
  17. Pedro: Time to go?

    That Hamilton game is no more a "must win" game now than it was when the fixtures were announced.
  18. Pedro: Time to go?

    This is the advantage most of the top 6 have over us. The solution is not to rip it all up and start again every 12 fucken months.
  19. Naismith

    Aye. What we need is more players that fuck off the minute the going gets tough.
  20. Union bears display

    Big jock knew banner or gtfo
  21. Soooooounness

    So just the one then.
  22. Soooooounness

    Have they? Which ones?
  23. Are celtic really that good?

    Go even further than that, their UEFA cup final squad would hammer this mob.
  24. Are celtic really that good?

    Even for 40 minutes against us today they shat it. That pen gets given then scored and their arses would have collapsed.