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  1. Chris Hegarty, Ross Perry, Darren Cole, Luca Gasparotto, Kyle Hutton, Lewis Macleod, Robbie Crawford, Fraser Aird, Andrew Mitchell, Andrew Little, Barrie McKay, Kal Naismith, Kane Hemmings, Kyle McAusland, Calum Gallagher. 15 players who over the last two seasons have been given at least 4 first team appearances to prove they have the potential to go from reserves into first team. Some have played more than others, and maybe some have played less than we would have liked but maybe some of them look out of place in training when with our first team and others haven't taken the chance when given. Having seen very little of Telfer I can't answer this one but maybe he isn't good enough to make the jump. We all slated Ally for offering deals to some of the younger guys we didn't think were good enough and now we slate him we he doesn't offer a deal to a guy most of us have probably seen less than 30minutes of.
  2. Considering the circumstances they were under Cena and Punk's final segment was unbelievablably good! Cena really stole the show for me. Thought Cole handled himself well too. Did well to keep his emotions in check under an extremely difficult situation.
  3. Enjoyed Raw. Punk heel turn completed. Was dying for King to smack him in the first segment! AJ looked amazing after attacking Vickie. That face she does is awesome!!
  4. I'm here. Plenty of empty spaces in restricted view etc. sitting in Gf so hard to judge but I'd be delighted if bbc were correct for a change!
  5. It's not 50k+. Great turnout but more likely to be 40k
  6. 2-0 and 2-1 Croatia with Jelavic first goal - both 40/1 Fabregas and Silva to score at anytime 8/1
  7. Stuck your Trixie bet on but also selected the each way option. 8x £2.50 bets, won £93.75
  8. Not very good at spotting sarcasm I see.
  9. Looks like its going to be 4-5-1. Shagger Whittaker Boughy Papac Wallace Naisy Edu Davis Mcculloch Ortiz Jelavic
  10. P.S. Steve Kean is a wank! P.P.S As is Peter Houston
  11. This one is dead. It's clear Utd don't want him to stay in Scotland. Looks like another target we have missed out on..
  12. Wish people would realise all these quotes were made fucking days ago. As much as I'd have like Miller back it isn't going to happen, he'll be announced as a Cardiff player tomorrow, so we move onto another target.
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