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  1. Apologies if a repost, couldn't see this elsewhere on here. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-legend-steven-gerrard-shortlisted-15996087
  2. I also think that Rodgers, like a lot of other overrated manager,is a fair-weather manager, i.e. is good when things are going well but doesn't know how to turn it around when they're not. Look at his last season at Liverpool. This could be the start of the wheels coming off.
  3. If we somehow win today the gap is 7. Obviously not suggesting for minute we can win the league but just that there's a real possibility they could finish single digits ahead of us. This is despite our shambolic season. Just makes it all the more galling that we've dropped so many silly points. They were there for the taking this year.
  4. Zander1


    Keep looking at it. It'll grow on you. Eventually you'll fucking love it. You'll see.
  5. Zander1


    This is 100% the real kit and totally genuine.
  6. Zander1


    How does the payment for kit sponsorship for work? Is it a fixed fee or percentage of the sales? If it's a fixed fee then surely the credibility if the manufacturer is irrelevant. Even if it is a percentage, I doubt many non-Rangers fans buy our strips no matter makes the kits. And any Rangers fan who wouldn't buy the strip because it's not a trendy make needs to have a word with themself.
  7. That's not fair, he let me, my mum and sister know he was going.
  8. Is Bruno Alves injured? My Dad's just met him on flight to Porto. Nice guy by all accounts. He's old and not got great mobility and needed a hand off the plane, so my Dad duly obliged. Funny as fuck, me.
  9. One word sums it up for me. Naivety. We go 2-1 up and then stop pressing, sit back and hope to see out 60 minutes. Then they have a man sent off and we have no idea how to capitalise. Murty's done well for us but his lack of experience transferred to the players today.
  10. Barry is one of my all time favourite players, was absolutely phenomenal in 02-03, genuinely one of the best in Europe. However, I don't really get the point of appointing him purely on the basis of what he achieved as a player over a decade ago. Surely the point of the local coach is that it's someone who can advise tactically against teams in our league about whom Pedro will know very little. Barry hasn't been involved in the Scottish top flight in 7 years. Telling Pedro (and the players) what Rangers is all about is not a full time job. If anything, it's a one-off chat with some some extra wee input here and there. If that's all we're paying someone for then why not just ask ex-players to come in and speak from time to time. Otherwise the coach should be...Well, you know, a coach. Someone who's tactically astute and has decent knowledge of our opposition. Barry ticks neither box for me. As an aside though, the abuse he gets is well out of order. 100% a Rangers legend.
  11. 17 of us going...it's my stag-do that weekend, been arranged for ages. When this game was announced, couldn't believe my luck. Off to see the legends then out to get plastered. :beer1: We're all in the main stand, wearing stupid T-shirts with my face on them.
  12. The trouble in Manchester was much more the fault of the Rangers support than some will ever admit. Our 'traditions' began purely as a reaction to what was happening across the city. Barry Ferguson should never have been allowed to win the battle against PLG. None of us really know anything about our financial woes, despite how assertively some fans state their case. As much as our support for the troops in commendable, some fans do see it as a point scoring exercise. Most Celtic fans are, generally, decent people. Doesn't mean we shouldn't 'hate' them in a football supporting sense, but some take it far too far. I'll get my coat...
  13. And I take it the Go Compare man is delighted? Never knew he was a bear! Just thought it was Aleksander the Meerkat.
  14. I don't have Sky, can someone give a summary of what's actually been said? Cheers in advance.
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