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  1. Bone rubbers? Some of the physios in this thread could rub boners.
  2. The funny thing about that was that I saw links to the Nicholas and Lambert thing posted on FB through a celtic page. It's like they're actually proud of a pair of barely-literate morons spouting barely-coherent nonsense. At least we have the decency to be embarrassed by trumpets like Butcher, but the filth seem to celebrate their dim-witted former players.
  3. From his Wikipedia page: Trainspotting 2 In January 2017, Weiss Co-wrote the Soundtrack "no more catholics" in the hit movie directed by Danny Boyle Fair play to him, branching into the music and movies industries. Obviously thinking about a career post-football.
  4. I really don't see how that changes my comment. It was my sarcastic way of saying that I don't see anyone wanting to pay for him given his age and injury history.
  5. How do folk think we'll get a fee? "We'll take one of your highest earners, an injury-prone 33 year-old who has only managed a handful of games and has had no significant impact at all." "Aye, but'll cost ye." Phone down.
  6. I was literally scrolling through this, just about to type: "Can't believe we're three pages in and no-one has posted the Simpsons' Dug's eyes" Well played, Sir. We'll played.
  7. Barry is one of my all time favourite players, was absolutely phenomenal in 02-03, genuinely one of the best in Europe. However, I don't really get the point of appointing him purely on the basis of what he achieved as a player over a decade ago. Surely the point of the local coach is that it's someone who can advise tactically against teams in our league about whom Pedro will know very little. Barry hasn't been involved in the Scottish top flight in 7 years. Telling Pedro (and the players) what Rangers is all about is not a full time job. If anything, it's a one-off chat with some some extra wee input here and there. If that's all we're paying someone for then why not just ask ex-players to come in and speak from time to time. Otherwise the coach should be...Well, you know, a coach. Someone who's tactically astute and has decent knowledge of our opposition. Barry ticks neither box for me. As an aside though, the abuse he gets is well out of order. 100% a Rangers legend.
  8. Absolutely, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have a serious word with themselves . We are Rangers. They are Aberdeen. //Thread
  9. The wife told me I have the biggest cock in the world last night. Well, I said to her "Do you want a wee cup of tea?" and she said "Of course." But I knew what she meant. Makes about as much sense as this 'article'.
  10. That was kind of my point. We are way point in this regard. That's we I said 'IF we can get ahead of the curve.' By that I mean be the first to shun the traditional TV model and offer content exclusively through our own streaming service. Now would be a good time to try it as the TV money on the table is negligible. If a streaming service was, for example, £80 per year we'd only need 50,000 subscribers to hit £4m a year, which is almost as must as first place would get in TV money under this proposal. I suspect it's probably not just as simple as I'm making out, but streaming is definitely the future and it's not really a big part of how football is watched in comparison to other forms of entertainment. That's what I mean when I say we should get ahead of the curve.
  11. You might be right, but I think a lot of it would come down to pricing. For example, Netflix is £6 a month. For that money it's barely worth your while fannying about with pirate sites for a link that may or may not work. And as I say, the companies I mentioned seem to be profitable. Online forums tend to be populated with people who are fairly computer-savvy; it's not necessarily a true reflection of the population at large. A huge number of people aren't. I still think there's money to be made in it. There must be, otherwise the UFC and WEE etc wouldn't be doing it. But I'm no expert, just an opinion.
  12. Technically he's right, but the only way he could've left us in worse shape would have been finishing fourth in the Championship. I don't think that's an appropriate way to measure his success.
  13. We need to get into the online streaming market in a bigger way. That's the future of TV. Look at Netflix, Amazon Prime, Box-nation, UFC, WWE. If we can be ahead of the curve o it it could benefit us financially in the long-term.
  14. To be fair, he took them on a good run in Europe.
  15. You can see why he got the job after it went to interview; he's extremely charismatic and a captivating speaker. #ManCrushLoyal