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  1. On a night like this, with emotions running high, we shouldn't be able to hear what their fans sing, as 'One Fernado Ricksen' should drown everything else out.
  2. We believed the hype. The likes of Aribo, Kamara and Ojo thought they could just stroll around the park. No urgency. No fight. We needed a seige mentality today and didn't get it.
  3. The games we beat them last season we pressed all over the park and stopped them from playing. Today we sat off, took too long on the ball and allowed them to press us. As much as anything else, I think we overestimated ourselves today. We didn't seem to have the attitude that we have to be at our best to win.
  4. Kamara and Aribo both want far too much time on the ball. Need to be moving it a lot quicker. No natural width, no-one to hold the ball up. Jones and Morelos on for Kamara and Defoe. Put Aribo central again. Would have a low threshold for getting Ojo on for him and get Airfield into the middle if we're still struggling on the second half.
  5. The reason the story wasn't verified is because it was unverifiable - because it wasn't true. The only people who would've known if Uefa were investigating us are Uefa. And if they they won't comment on ongoing investigations, then it would have been impossible to verify. Meaning the Record (and others) have to decide if they trust the integrity of the source. If, as seems to be the case, the guy has a good track record, I can understand why papers would run with it. You could argue that across the board media outlets shouldn't run stories they can't verify 100%, but that's never going to happen.
  6. Same team as last night for me. There's an argument for Jones in for Ojo, but I think Jones coming off the bench to run at a tired defence will have them in turmoil for the last half hour or so.
  7. I don't know what you're thinking anymore than you know what anyone else is thinking when they sing it. My guess is that a fair percentage of the thousands singing 'Fenian Bastard' have a religious connotation in mind. Obviously you disagree. And since neither of us can read minds, we'll never know.
  8. Kind of is though. Or is calling someone a jammy bastard a compliment? Either way, my initial point stands. Putting bastard on the end of something and using as an insult implies that your hatred for them stems from their belonging to that group. Calling someone a *insertethnicity* bastard clearly implies that you dislike them because of their ethnicity. Before anyone says it, I know that 'Fenian' is not an ethnicity. I'm just pointing out that even if you think the word Fenian isn't offensive, calling someone a Fenian bastard clearly is. Is designed to be offensive. You wouldn't use it as a compliment would you?
  9. Not heard sung much at football matches though are they? I know you're joking, but my point is that even if a word isn't in of itself offensive, adding 'bastards' to the end of it and using it as an insult instantly makes it so.
  10. Maybe not directly, but by bringing up the origin of the word or reminding us that they use it to describe themselves, the implication seems to be that it's therefore not offensive. My argument is that it clearly is. If people want to argue that its not sectarian, that's a separate issue (as I pointed out in my original post). But using etymology or a their use of it to describe themselves as justification seems disingenuous to me.
  11. At no point did I say it was only about religion. But pretending it has nothing to with religion seems daft me. Each to their own.
  12. Go on then, I'll bite. Such as?
  13. It amazes me that people try to claim the word Fenian isn't derogatory. Why would we call them it if we didn't think it was offensive? The whole point of singing about your rivals is to offend them. Also, has any non-derogetory term been followed by the word 'bastards'? I mean, even if the word in of itself wasn't offensive, in that context it surely is. Whether or not it's racist, and whether or not Uefa should be sanctioning it, are separate issues. But to pretend we're singing about a 19th century brotherhood is laughable.
  14. Yassss! Screamer. And hopefully a turning point in Barasic's Rangers career. Hopefully gives him the confidence to push on.
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