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  1. http://crichd.in/live/rangers-fc-vs-hearts-live-streaming.php
  2. Try this one, i was born in England, one grandad from england, one from glasgow and both nans from Ulster. My mum is from england and dad from Ulster. I've always supported scotland (member of scotland travel club when i was younger etc etc), and have always wanted England to get beat, enjoyed the Germany game recently . But i was disgusted when Scotland played Northern Ireland recently and the so called tarten army booed the national anthem. So i don't follow a national team now, might watch Northern Ireland games in the future, but i can't suddenly start supporting them now after 38 years can i? As for scotland and the fans who booed i don't give a rats arse anymore. British and proud
  3. He's overrated imo mate, no offence but its a big step down as well. He'll maybe score some goals, but he has took the easy option as he knows he isn't premiership quality, thats why walter hardly played him in the big matches. He's also a bit thick, lazy and not a team player.....also expect him to be offside alot. Not sour grapes, i just don't rate him! signed Mr W Smith lol
  4. Downloaded from itunes, play, amazon & HMV. Is there anymore? The Sash is on itunes, who fancies trying for the 12th July if this works
  5. is singing the Blues

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