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  1. the brown brogue

    Andy Halliday

    Halliday offers a better balance than Flanagan at left back so deserves to keep his place until Barisic shows he's good enough to deserve a place in the team.
  2. the brown brogue


    After such a good start to his Rangers career I'd say on recent form he's dropped to 4th choice. Would probably benefit from McAuley's experience beside him on the park, as well as in training.
  3. Much improved today, for the first time I think the managers gotten the reaction from the squad he was looking for after a disappointing result. I would have taken any kind of a win today, but that scoreline really made a statement. On another note, although he wasn't really tested I thought McAuley was a much needed calming influence at the back in the second half.
  4. Excellent, that's a player I really wanted to see score today. Will do his confidence the world of good.
  5. That was an outstanding team goal. Half an hour to go, this could be record stuff today.
  6. Beauty! What a difference it makes having a player who can whip in dangerous corners on a consistent basis.
  7. Can't argue with Taverniers penalty technique! Surely to fuck we can't mess this up now! Push for the third and let's get this put to bed.
  8. What the hell was that free kick all about? A chance to settle things down and Tavernier and Katic trip over each other and hand possession straight to Motherwell?!
  9. Fuck sake. Our tempo drops and we gift them a goal. Abysmal by Katic.
  10. That's more like it, much better tempo today. Now to keep it up and not sit back on a one goal lead, there could be plenty goals to be had today.
  11. the brown brogue

    We have to capitalise today, close that gap.

    We've seen it before, a chance to close the gap on the tarriers and our bottle merchants revert to type. Hopefully today they'll finally take the opportunity, Motherwell will shut up shop and kick us off the park so the players need to be prepared for a battle. Early goal to settle any jitters and we could win by a couple, as always though the longer it stays 0-0 the more nervy things will get. I'll go with an optimistic prediction of 3-1.
  12. the brown brogue

    Lack of winners?

    Unfortunately when you're used to playing for small clubs where 1 good performance followed by 3/4 bad ones is accepted as the norm, it's a massive step up to a club where winning and success is an expectation. I'm sure the players appreciate the size of the club, but if the burden of expectation seems to be too much for them and has been for a long time now for any number of players and managers. In this situation you need a manager who can instill a winning mentality into the players, which you would hope Gerrard would have been able to do. But you still need the players to have the foundations to build on in the first place and I just don't see that mental toughness in a number of our key players. Otherwise we need to find a colossal amount of money to buy players who are used to playing at a high level, which isn't happening any time soon.
  13. the brown brogue

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    Yeah I think that before kick off he knows exactly what he wants the team to do, after full time he knows exactly where it went wrong, it's the bit in between where he just seems to be frozen and looks lost at times. I dunno, maybe he gets so absorbed in the game as he still wants to be out there playing that he loses track of time, or finds himself unable to affect things on the pitch the same way as when he was a player and is struggling with not being able to just get the ball and do everything himself.
  14. the brown brogue


    His kicking puts us under pressure but he's making up for it by single handedly keeping us in games at times.
  15. the brown brogue

    Rotating your centre backs

    Goldson has been an accident waiting to happen for ages, seems to think he's a lot better than he actually is and nowhere near the physical presence he looked to be when we signed him. But will play on Sunday, probably alongside Worrall with Katic binned again. Or maybe McAuley will get his chance, can't be any worse than the rest of them.