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  1. the brown brogue


    Coming from a team who played negative, stifling tactics he should really fit right into our style of play. But I've said a few times now I'm struggling to see what he brings to the side, I'm disappointed in his overall contribution thus far especially considering he will be one of our top earners. If we go with a trio of Arfield, Jack and Coulibaly then I think we're going to struggle to create chances and score many goals from midfield.
  2. the brown brogue

    Gaffers reaction

    Can't agree with him at all. In any game the referee standing 5 yards away is unlikely to change his mind on the word of the 4th official standing 50 yards away. Fact is Gerrard got it very wrong today and blaming the officials every time things go wrong is not going to do him any favours when it comes to questioning the genuine dodgy decisions. He should be questioning why his players strolled back whilst Ntcham ran past them completely unchallenged to roll the ball into an empty net.
  3. the brown brogue


    Yip and its a worry considering we did the exact same thing in the second half at Fir Park and it didn't work then either.
  4. the brown brogue

    Proud of my team.

    The 2nd half at Motherwell and 1st half today are as poor and negative 90 minutes as you're likely to see. We now have the international break for the Manager to work on a system and style of play thats going to bring us positive results away from home against domestic opposition. I can accept us playing for scrappy draws in the Europa League but doing that in Scotland won't get us very far at all. At this stage I'd describe us as a workmanlike side sorely lacking in flair and 'game changing' quality, we'll learn a lot about the Manager and the new players by how they react to that toothless performance today.
  5. the brown brogue

    We’re still scared of them

    We played like a diddy team today, parking the bus and hoping to not get humiliated again. And once again it didn't work as we just stood there and let their midfield completely dominate the middle of the park. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  6. the brown brogue

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Seems to be the only tactic we have away from home.
  7. the brown brogue

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    As bad as anything against them last season, minus the goals.
  8. the brown brogue

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Again. Our away record in the league is a joke so far.
  9. the brown brogue

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Yip, rabbits in the headlights for the entire first half when we should have been 3 down. We've only come back into it since the tims have scored and sat back.
  10. the brown brogue

    Why not go for more goals and kill the game off?

    We have pretty much shown a 'hold onto what we've got' mentality style in Europe so far, which has served us well and we've played a lot more games in Europe than the league this season. But we cannot play this way in the league. I just wonder if this group of players are too limited to be able to play a defensive holding style of play one game and a more open attacking style the next. Time will tell and its still early days, but time is a luxury that doesnt really exist for a Rangers manager playing catch up to an albeit very average celtic side stumbling along to a record title run.
  11. the brown brogue


    We know they're a one dimensional side, who like the rest of the league are able to raise their level against us then will probably go out and get thrashed by Aberdeen or Kilmarnock in their next few games. Our management team and squad should also know this by now, regardless of only being here for a short time. If they haven't realised this yet then there's a lot more results like today to come.
  12. the brown brogue

    Inviting pressure into ourself

    I appreciate that Gerrard is trying to instill a siege mentality into the squad, but the players seem to be taking it too literally at times and putting themselves in the situation where the opponents are allowed to put us under siege whilst we line up in our own box and invite them to attack. For all the talk of us not being bullied this season that's exactly what we allowed Motherwell to do. We need to be stamping our authority on games by dominating play and possession, however we're still lacking the quality of player to do this. We've largely gotten away with it until now and I expect more of the same for the next two games but hopefully today has shown the manager that we can't afford to spend long periods of matches offering virtually no attacking threat.
  13. the brown brogue

    Garbage 2nd half

    We played that like an away tie in Europe, but we can't do that in the league against this standard of side. If we really want to put pressure on the tarriers we need to be winning the bread and butter league games.
  14. the brown brogue

    *** The Official Motherwell f.c. vs Rangers f.c. Match Thread ***

    So disappointing but nor surprised, for all the positives so far this season our tendency to drop back to our own 6 yard box and try to hold on to single goal leads is a concern. Particularly when the defence were looking as shaky as they did today. A huge opportunity missed to put down a marker for the taigs game next week. Tactical naivety from Gerrard in the second half today, he'll learn from it I'm sure but every member of the squad and management team will need to be at the top of their games to come away from the piggery with a positive result.
  15. the brown brogue


    As others have said, by far his best game for us. But difficult to create any meaningful chances with only Morelos to link with. Although he tried some interplay with Kent, both him and Candeias were toothless going forward tonight.