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  1. Excellent work by Tavernier there.
  2. Nice goal, hopefully the game opens up now and the players can put on a decent show for the away fans.
  3. Tavernier.... Just fuck off now
  4. Save us the bother of another shitefest and just default on the game and accept the 3-0 defeat.
  5. Dont know how the board and our speccy gimp of an MD managed to unearth the Portuguese Cathro let alone see fit to offer him a lucrative 3 year contract straight off the bat. But they did and so they must be seen to back him in the transfer market as i don't think even they would be able to deflect the criticism if it all goes tits up.
  6. Have said it before, i think he's already working his ticket after finding out how bad things are and will use a lack of transfer budget as the perfect excuse. If this is not the case then he needs to bring in 10 new players and have them gel immediately to whatever style it is he's trying to implement. But if we're out of Europe by the start of the domestic season and continue with these shit performances he'll be lucky to see Xmas anyway.
  7. Shite end to a shite season. But at least we can still look forward to our managers confusing post match interview about cycles, moments and transitions.
  8. Right fucking come on, get into these sheep shagging cunts
  9. Gutted that Torals been taken off before I've had the chance to see him suffer a career ending injury, fucking charlatan.
  10. Our players look like they've never seen a football before. Fucking shite.
  11. Our first half performances seem to be getting worse every week under Pedro.
  12. Aberdeen are fucking rank, yet every one of their players still look bigger, stronger and a couple of yards quicker than our shower of dross.
  13. This is a horror show so far. Feel sorry for Wilson being thrown in there without an experienced head to guide him.
  14. Don't know why he's even in the team since he's not going to be here next season and looks like he doesn't give a fuck either.
  15. Nice header, pretty undeserved winner but should have secured 3rd place now (not that its anything to celebrate)But a pitch invasion at a last minute winner at Partick? Seriously that's what we've become?