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  1. Seasons fucked anyway so they'll probably take the opportunity to put us into administration to try and break out from the Sports Direct deal and whatever other contracts they can't be arsed dealing with.
  2. He's just another one of Warburtons stooges with a losers mentality. Given the choice i wouldn't give him the chance to mess up our under 20s either.
  3. ICTs first premiership win in 4 months... and its not even a surprise.
  4. Nice little appearance bonus for Garner, a good nights work.
  5. Seeing some if the names being thrown around, someone needs to give our MD a gentle reminder that he's not interviewing candidates for the Motherwell job any more.
  6. I'm not convinced we could bring in an interim coach of the required standard without assurances of a job next season if they turn things around and meet agreed targets. I really can't see many coaches taking the job, potentially finish 2nd, maybe win the cup (no laughing at the back) and be happy to be looking for a job again come the end of May. For me we need a period of stability now, however I think we all know we'll go for the cheap option, even more so when we still have the shadow of the 3 stooges hanging over us looking for a payout.
  7. And just to add to that, if we thought the 5-1 at the paedodome earlier this season was a low point, I honestly dread to think what might happen there in a few weeks time.
  8. Absolutely. This is what you get when you have a manager obsessed with signing 'hungry' mid 20's lower league utility players who have never achieved anything in the game and never will and fans all too willing to lap up the same mantra.
  9. I'm not convinced any manager we could realistically attract could do anything with this squad. This isn't a squad of decent / good players who have lost their way or lost faith in a manager. This is a squad of absolute dross with a holiday camp mentality who have spent the last 12 to 18 months being fed a flawed mentality from a flawed coach where poor performances were glossed over as long as lengthy analysis and discussion was held and lessons learned for next time. The problems run deep and i don't believe any coach will be able to sort them out without a complete clear out of the squad. I honestly don't think there's a single player that I wouldn't be happy to see the back of.
  10. To be fair to Murty, a manager can't win when it comes to making a substitution for us, you're taking off shite and replacing them with more shite regardless of what the change is.
  11. If we have a final half / 3rd of the season like we did last year we'll be in a battle to finish top 6. Players have chucked it and just don't care any more, if they ever did and our away record and goal difference is that of a mid-table side. The table doesn't lie.
  12. I'm surprised we need this thread as I seem to remember reading an awful lot on here from certain posters that we shouldn't get rid of Warburton as no-one else would want the job.
  13. The board had better hope they have cast iron evidence that Warburton is wrong, lying or misled by his agent otherwise its another costly pay out to look forward to.
  14. I think if we win on Sunday the decision to appoint an Interim Manager may just be delayed until the board see how we do the next week against ICT. Win that and I won't be surprised to see Murty carrying on til the end of the season. The likes of McLeish etc could very easily agree to take the interim job, but only on the condition they get the job permanently if they finish 2nd, win the cup etc.
  15. 'Going for 55.... No honestly we really are this time...OK, a strong 2nd then'