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  1. Whoever is the laziest, easiest option for the SFA will get the job so likely Mackay or Gemmill. More likely to be Gemmill though as they'll be hoping he can step up from the under 21s like Southgate did for England. Whoever gets it will probably beg 'Broony' to come back out of retirement as well.
  2. Haven't missed Morelos at all the past two games.
  3. Cracking finish, set up perfectly now for us to let them push forward and hit them on the break
  4. Defoe hat trick tonight and we'll win by a couple. Either that or a shitfest of a 0-0 / 0-1.
  5. I'm not his biggest fan but thought at times in the first half he was holding us together at the back and looked like one of the only players who was remotely up for it. But as he's one of the first names on the teamsheet I fully expect him to be the same next season. I'm sure having a solid, experienced, no nonsense senior partner playing beside him would benefit him hugely (not McAuley) , but if Gerrard sees Goldson himself as that player I fear we may be in trouble.
  6. No, if you are told you are going to be targeted by the opposition and you have two options: A - Use it as motivation to channel your aggression and hurt them by putting the ball in the back of the net B - Lash out when officials are already watching you closer than anyone and expect your team mates and supporters to just accept it every time It's absolutely moronic to choose the second option. As for anything racist being written about him in the Scottish media, that obviously is completely unacceptable and I'd expect the club to be backing him to the hilt and taking the appropriate legal action.
  7. He's targeted by the opposition for a reason - they know sooner or later he'll react and lash out. Yes he has also been targeted by the Scottish football media and has been unfairly treated by referees at times, but common sense has to come into play at some point. If everyone can see he is refereed to a different standard then he simply has to curb that side of his game accordingly, he can't just keep doing it and being defended because other players may not receive the same punishment. Its clearly one incident too many for Gerrard anyway given his earlier comments and when you see Ryan Jack at the start of the game telling Morelos to keep the head and 30 minutes later he gets himself sent off, it won't do him any favours with his team mates either.
  8. Fair enough by Gerrard, but I think Morelos has been given a lot more leeway in his behaviour than other players may have simply due to our reliance on his goals this season. But perhaps a tougher stance early on may have been more effective as he clearly isnt willing, or capable, to learn and change. He's been handsomely rewarded by the club but if he chooses to spit the dummy to a bit of discipline then he can fuck off quite frankly.
  9. Really don't understand where all the "he had a great game" comments are coming from. Like the rest of the team he was absolutely pish in the first half and again like the rest of them seemed to come onto a game when the pressure was lifted off their shoulders after pretty much everyone accepted we were going to get beat. Also Hayes and Tierney going off freed a lot of space for him as Sinclair wasnt up for it and Macgregor isn't a left back. The mistake at the end though was just unforgiveable and was directly responsible for us going away from that place with fuck all once again.
  10. Think that was the chance. Since the tarriers are winning there'll probably only be a minute of added time.
  11. We just don't learn do we? What the fuck is Tavernier doing there? Unforgiveable.
  12. They look like they're struggling to up their tempo after having such an easy first half. They might just be there for the taking late on....
  13. Ooft! Didn't see that coming, this will be a miracle if we get something out of today after how it's gone so far
  14. Yip, we talk about Aberdeen lying down to them but we've probably got one of the worst records against them in the league, certainly in the top six.
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