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  1. Hi bud, i would take one ticket if you're prepared to sell them separately and they are still available obliviously?



  2. A Giant that was tied to the floor by the Lilliputians of the SPL, when it was ill and in distress. No more though we have untied their bonds and hopefully wrecking some revenge against spiteful short arses.
  3. It was always madness giving them the full Broomloan, we didn't need them on the journey back up the leagues, we don't need them now or ever. They were and are a danger to decent people with their scum antics, throwing flash bangs and assaulting children, not to mention their classless players like Griffiths.
  4. upsetting news, a true gentleman of the sport, he will be missed amongst his peers. RIP Butch, condolences to his family.
  5. Bad start to the domestic season and he'll be out, and rightly so.
  6. The best way to undermine any organisation is from within, not saying the board has set this up, but it did cross my mind?
  7. I'm not cancelling my DD to club1872, this has made me more determined to eventually get the shares needed to boot a few directors up the arse for daring to downgrade the supporters influence, i'm fecking beelin tonight at the cheek of this board.
  8. Looks like the board are marginalising club1972 now, any new supporters group has no chance of any representation. If they can effectively cut off direct contact to the board for a major shareholder like club1872, by funnelling our concerns through a minor office as the Liaison Officer. What chance has anyone now of any meaningful input to the club. In effect the club are downgrading club1872,
  9. Surely not James Blair? he already hold the clubs secretary, as well as club1872 director, that would be his third position, he's not George Osborne?
  10. Putting aside the sad resignations for a moment, what shocked me in the statement was the fact that the club wants one of it's major shareholders club1872-us the support in fact, to make the point of contact the supporters liaison officer from now on? So no direct contact with board members, that is in effect, imo, downright disrespectful to the support and major shareholder. They can f@ck off with that idea. Sorry to hear about the resignations, club1872 has lost three valuable members.
  11. Least he thanked us all for our unwavering support, which is nice. or Irony deficiency on my part
  12. He needs 1 in 4 chances to score, needs to up his ratio imo, 1 in 2 would be nice.
  13. That sounds like a harsh criticism, but it's a very fair statement of the facts as i saw it on Saturday too. Garner was trying his best against a stiff defense, who weren't afraid to put the boot, elbow, arm or any other part of their anatomy into him. Nothing much was happening for him,Tav's crosses were like Rugby penalties, they were that high and over kicked, We had a couple of chances, but so had they 2-2 would have been a fair half time score. The game was crying out for a tactical change for two pacey wingers, Warbs got it right in the end, but maybe an earlier substitution with Forester and Waggy might have changed the game to a win, given longer.
  14. Whatever the real issue was, whether the club was planning to let them in early then reneged when all hell was let loose, or changed their minds soon after the Piggery sectarian abuse. What matters now is that the club and club1872, are fully aware of the supporters feelings regards that horrid club and their vile support, bringing their bigoted, terrorist loving apparatus to Ibrox. Hopefully the club will listen favorable to the representations of the support and our representatives, to vastly reducing their ticket allocation for all future games at Ibrox. The Old Firm is dead, best lay it's ghost to rest.
  15. Wouldn't be the first Virgin rumour at Christmas lol. Regardless of the veracity of the FF thread, why didn't the club just come and say enough is enough with their bigoted displays all recipricol agreements are void. Also why not tell the supporters organisation club1872? Shows a severe lack of communication.
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