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  1. That is a disgrace. What the fuck is wrong with all those involved in the running of Scottish football and the cellic minded ? Have they lost all dignity respect, ethics and morals ? Being pig ignorant and blinkered is no excuse, the Old Firm derby still operates on the bigger stage and folks outside Scotland will be nonplussed by this lack of resesct. Ugo was a well respected professional who contributed a great deal to both English and Scottish football. All plaudits to the fans at the Birmingham derby who observed the silence, especially the Birmingham fans who were already under pressure to compete against their rivals to avoid relegation but showed traditional respect. Are saddo immature idiots like @EastEnclosure72 really the norm of most football fans these days ? And as for Collum, if he unilatterly decided that no respect was to be shown then words quite simply fail me.
  2. No problem with the feedback mate, it's true and from your heart. My thread title and scenarios were deliberately provocative as it is going to take one big concerted effort to get us back to the top of Scottish football and regain status and success in Europe again. At present the only foundations and stability and concentrated effort all stem from our traditions, our ambitions, and most importantly, our amazing fan-base who have stayed loyal and true. As for my statement about being kept in our place, that refers to who we know to be enemies of our club, and at present it still goe way beyond anything our owners and board can match or compete with, and its not just a financial problem.
  3. This season's done. We might win a few, draw or lose a few of the remainder. Doesn't matter, many of our players now know they are not good enough. I expect every one of those who now know tthey are not good enough to be punted. 5 or 6, maybe even a few more we'll keep. (Fod, Tav, Wallace, McKay, Miller and the few youngsters who have been given a chance, Beerman, Bates. But where do we go from here in the bigger picture ? Less than two months till a new season starts, the board appears directionless, we still have Ashley holding out for all he can get on the cheap from his investnent. There's no way we'll survive a s the major force in Scottish football if the tims are alowed to carry on at will with us floundering without serious investment or innovation. And you can forget Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, wee diddy teams in a wee diddy league, which none of them can even dream of winning. So the bigger picture, are we still a recognisable brand with sufficient stature and potential to invest in ? I believe yes, but if no bugger comes along and tries to sort us out we're just gonna be another poor Scottish team without ambition. Cellic outclassed us totally today, that's scary enough, but I guarantee they'll be investing yet more 10s of millions in the close season to keep us in our place and achieve their European group league money earning rank again. How the fuck are we going to stop this rot ?
  4. Should've realised when a striker at our club has to go to an outside agency to imrove his technique that something is seriously wrong. Does all the right things for a lower division player, runs, chases, finds space, unfortunately does not have the clinical finish needed. One of the first who needs to go elsewhere. (Edit, Forrester and O'Halloran similar, not up to the level required.)
  5. We are up against a constant tide, and the likes of King and co seem incapable of anythig apart from building bridges towards it.
  6. Big games make or break players, apart from Kenny I see none of these guys as big game match winners. Need shot of them all and it's only a few months till a new season starts.
  7. More chance of pigs flying than us scoring just now.
  8. Looks like my imaginary swing with the boot a la Souness at Dembele as he ran past on the TV worked. Uri Geller eat your heart out. Will try to get us a penalty next time we're in the box, (if we can string enough passes to get there)
  9. Nobody at the back or midfield able to get a grip on the game. Except for Miller this team has no character or great ability, still full of journeymen and loanees who have reached their level. Maybe Kenny wil do us a turn, can't see us doing anything else at this stage, and we won't be getting anything from this ref.
  10. Expecting Ronaldo's to do well, he's right on form the now. Out of interest, here's the stats on goals scored in the El Classico, some great players in there. Messi 23 Alfredo Di Stéfano 18 Cristiano Ronaldo 16 Raúl González 15 César Rodríguez 14 Francisco Gento 14 Ferenc Puskás 14 Santillana 12 Hugo Sánchez 10 Juanito 10 Josep Samitier 10
  11. Maybe OPs one of those Gers men who got a blazer.
  12. Was thinking that earlier and rememberting there was no actual stewarding inside the stadium. After the celebrations for Forsyth's goal in the cup final I was at least 40 yards further down and away to the right from where I'd been. The crowd just swept you around anywhere in the bedlam following an old firm goal. Was even more difficult if you still had some of the carry out to hold on to.
  13. The 126,000+ attended 1973 cup final is one of my life experiences I know I will never surpass. I feel there are some terific "Old Firm" experiences not too far away though, starting with Sunday..........
  14. Never actually sat in the old North Stand at Hampden. Was in the cellic end for Scotland's 2-1 win over Czechoslovakia that took us to the World Cup finals. only tickets I could get at the time. Then was in the cellic side of the big North terracing for a friendly against Argentina when Maradona scored his first magnificent international goal, and in the Rangers end of the North terracing during the Old Firm riot final, right beside the bheasts. And skipped in with my mates from the Rangers end through the side entrance of the enclosure, then climbed up in to the Stand for a game where George Best was outstanding against Scotland and I think Northern Ireland won. Every other cup semi or final, Scotland international or even the European cup final I was in the Gers end.
  15. Here's some better perspective which shows the North Stand would have been built above the back section of terracing. And here's the completed stadium which was specially designed to ensure the tims would get an occasional wash.