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  1. tannerall

    Semi final allocation

    Maybe we could offer Aberdeen fans a "Buy one, ignore one free" ticket next time they come to Ibrox.
  2. tannerall

    Hamilton Presser: Gerrard and Halliday

    Looking forward to AH scoring the winner against the tims.....
  3. tannerall

    Stevie G on Gazza

    Never forget to tell them that Gascoigne scored the greatest goal ever seen in a Scotland match, and possibly the greatest by a Rangers player. Against a world class keeper too, the best Goalie Scotland have ever had. No true football fan could fail to applaud the football genius that was Gascoigne, and that moment of magic summed it up perfectly.
  4. tannerall

    Earliest Rangers goal you can remember

    A lot of us fans had to watch a repeat at 10.pm on the night as the fucking SFA did not allow it to be shown live.
  5. tannerall

    Earliest Rangers goal you can remember

    😄 Seriously. I was probably about 5 or 6 when I went to my first games in the sixties. I usually took my Dad and Uncle along too, possibly to keep an eye on them, and keep them sober, if I wasn't there would have been a pub crawl to the game and a pub crawl back. Really can't remember those early goals just the atmosphere.
  6. tannerall


    Was away for a few weeks, so only just come across this. After my obvious "WTF" at the beginning I gave up at the "WHY DO PAPERS STILL MATTER?" paragraph where the only reasonable answer was "THEY REALLY DON'T"
  7. tannerall

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Portugal's won tonight with a front three of Silva, Silva and Silva. We played a with a team full of Tims and couldn't get a draw.
  8. tannerall

    Ruud Gullit

    Disappointed he missed out big Tam , Doddie and Calimero.
  9. tannerall

    Edmiston Drive

    Was going to post a few lines of my own on ED's passing, but @Falkirk bear's post above says it all for me. RIP ED I'll pop a favourite wee tune of my own onto the OT music thread sometime, just for you.
  10. tannerall

    The sun again.

    The Victorians were proud of their sewer systems. The record isn't fit to fill them.
  11. tannerall

    The sun again.

    Are any Rangers fans still seriously buying the Sun or Record ? If you are, here's my challenge, for the next 2 weeks don't, just put the money in the poppy fund, and I guarantee you'll feel much better for it, just don't feed the haters.
  12. tannerall

    Edmiston Drive

    Was a real gent when I first came on here, and I bet he is still charming the nurses as I type........ Always gave me a wee bit help in my spats with the wee neds, and was great on the music thread., and bright and kinda worldly wise too. A stalwart of the board banter wise and music wise when the OT was at it's peak. And he has a great knowledge of our team and football too. I'd have loved to have met him. clever, and had an awareness, he was a character and I respected him. When he posted here a few weeks ago I thought what the fucks happened, now we know. @Moody Blue Legend, please pass on my sincere best wishes to him,.............and if you are reading this ED, send me a PM, all the best mate.
  13. tannerall


  14. tannerall

    6 wins out of 6 required during October

    It's not so long since Steve took us out the recovery position. One day at a time sweet jesus............