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  1. That's poor from Gerard in my opinion for two reasons. 1) You don't dis your own players to the press, you do it behind closed doors at Ibrox. 2) Making those thoughts public will have a bad effect on any transfer value. Also makes it difficult to turn situation around, and one other impression I get is there might now be some doubt whether it was his decision to sign them in first place ?
  2. Someone needs to tell the rcatholic educated refs as well that 5 minutes wasted time does not make 8 extra minutes.
  3. Back on topic, I don't like applause, because I feel the minutes silence let's you have a closer feeling of remembrance and allow s you to have your own personal thoughts of respect to the fore.
  4. Boring now, but I'll ask what's your thoughts on the likes of Miller ad Mo Johnston ? Do you prefer O'Halloran to Dalglish ? What do you think of the players we have had who supported cellic, or played for their youths?
  5. I expect he'll be off to a Premiership team soon, Arsenal or Chelsea, as most players with double barrelled names seem to end up there......
  6. Of course, real insight there. Here's his individual honours:. Ballon d'Or runner-up: 1983[107] IOC European Footballer of the Season: 1977–78[108] PFA Players' Player of the Year: 1982–83[109] FWA Footballer of the Year: 1978–79, 1982–83[110] English Football Hall of Fame (Player): 2002[111] Scottish Football Hall of Fame: 2004[112] FIFA 100: 2004[113] European Hall of Fame (Player): 2008[111] FWA Tribute Award: 1987[118] Premier League Manager of the Season: 1994–95[117] Premier League Manager of the Month: January 1994, November 1994[117] Member of the Order of the British Empire: 1985[90] Knight Bachelor: 2018[91] Thank fuck he never played for us though, eh ?
  7. Never thought of him as a turncoat and actually respect Dalglish for his football professionalism, his ability, and especialy for the way he handled himself during the Hillsborough disaster. Maybe you take football too seriously, or more than likely you're ust trying to wind up fellow bears, which to be fair Dalglish, unlike many other tim scum managers, has never done.
  8. Have no problem with those who were decent, it's only a professional job. Do you really dislike the likes of Dalglish who was ignored by us,so chose them to further his career ? It's the bigoted, bitter rabid one's who believe the shite I hate though, not those who are only interested in playing football. And of course I detest the club itself and the associate bigots who run it.
  9. I would still keep the minutes respect, but my thoughts would be with the kids he probably could have protected, after all he was Stein's right hand man, so would have definitely shared the knowledge. Normally I try and keep the higher moral ground and respect the deaths of players I watched, even the cellic kind, but I agree with your comment 100%, there was always something smarmy and insincere about McNeil, whereas with Greig what you saw was what you got. Basically, now that we know who knew, it makes any kind of respect difficult.
  10. Bobby Shearer with Real Madrid's Gento.
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