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  1. Albanian mafioso betting scam.
  2. Would be great if we could commission our own "Memorial Cup" trophy, and have a wee 4 team tournament over a weekend in July when the friendlies traditionally take place. Would be a terrific event and I'm sure even if we had to play our under age team, it would still attract maximum attendances. And of course part of the proceeds would go toward a suitable charity. Weekend would be dedicated to our now lost great players, (and occasional others who had done great things for us), and the the games would be held in respect to our greats. We would invite three other teams, preferably those we share a tradition with, teams like Queen's Park, Linfield (who supported us when we were in admin), Arsenal, Moscow Dynamo and Ajax spring to mind. The trophy itself would be held at Ibrox in a special area, for ever, but a copy and suitable medals would be awarded to the winning teams. Just need you guys to suggest a suitable name for it. Something along the lines of The Rangers Memorial Trophy" sits okay with me.
  3. Nice to see wee Ayden found out what a nice guy Afredo really is, and Alfredo got to meet a great wee guy too. So much positiveness in that photo. Thoughts with the family of the wee man.
  4. The whole football community tends to be united when showing respects after disasters and death. This is the way it should be. Death and tragedy is the great leveller, it can happen to anyone. We knew in the sixties and seventies stadiums were unsafe and when disasters happened at Bradford, Heysel, Sheffield and Ibrox the whole football community grieved. Although onIy 11 at the time I was affected in many ways by the Ibrox tragedy, my dad and uncle usually left by stairway 13, but that day they decided to go drinking down the PRW, and left by the opposite exit. We were worried sick til they arrived home at 8.00 and the tragic news was unfolding. I remember the aftermaths of the tragedy in detail, There was gladness to see them but also a kind of quiet eeriness, as we realised they had come home safe. Glasgow mourned, Rangers and celtic fans alike, and Scotland mourned too. Rangers fans, cellic fans, protestants, catholics, and others all took part in helping the injured and dying. I was taken to the first game at Ibrox afterward. Stairway 13, with the crumbled barriers was surrounded by large wooden boards to prevent entry. There was one wee wreath pinned on the bottom wooden panels. It came from East Fife football club. That is the main memory that has really stuck with me. Just a wee thoughtful tribute from a club with no great connection except in the football sense. That small wreath from a small club in Fife had a great effect on my values, and questions of what was important in life, and the answer was empathy and respect. And when Maggie Thatcher enabled the wire netting to be put up at the front of terraces, those of us who had been squashed and pushed and had gone on to the track and field of play knew there was a danger. Innocent Liverpool fans were killed, could so easily have been another club, even ours. So when it comes to tragedy at the game I love, I have no allegiances, my thoughts are always close to any club and its fans who suffer injury or hurt going to watch a game of football.
  5. Catholic without the capital "C" simply means universal, all embracing, including a large varieties, and is not specific to religion. As in : I have a catholic taste in music, basically I like all kinds of music.
  6. Let's talk about it then. Is there a witch hunt against Morelos ? Well yes, there certainly is. Close thread.
  7. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches.............................just be careful not to knock down any sandcastles.
  8. Apparently FARE representatives and the SFA compliance officers were behind the closed doors looking through the keyholes.
  9. Why are Wolves at the door. And why are they demanding money ? I thought they were doing okay financially in the EPL.
  10. If Carlsberg totally fucked up a Man United shirt.
  11. Is none of your business. That's for the SFA, Peter Liewell, SNP and Scottish media to decide.
  12. Respects to Stranraer, never knew they were older than us, and also the wee quip from their chairman mentioning our greater haul of trophies was nice banter. 22 trophies for them with a limited support is actually a prety good achievement in itself. Aberdeen have got 19, Hearts 18, Hibs 16 and Dundee United 10.
  13. Watch the stream without commentary, you really get to enjoy watching the game itself. If someone was sat behind me at a game and tried the patter tv pundits attempt I'd probably deck them.
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