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  1. Wee suggestion of a song for Linfield fans. "Fail, fail the celts ain't here, what the hell do we care....."
  2. On a similar theme, this is one of my all time favourite videos.
  3. Windass ? Waghorn ? Why Pedro, why. Only positive is we've managed to remain unbeaten in Europe this season......
  4. According to Wikipedia Limmasol have a French defender called Sebastian Faure who plays at number 2.
  5. I'm sure some daft bugger on here did a topic about that a few years ago..........
  6. The "Fitba specials" on the train in the seventies were only special cause the normal rolling stock was replaced by really old knackered carriages from the fifties that only got used for football carriages, as they always ended up a lot more damaged by the time they got back. We'd try and get on without buying a ticket, as that saved our money for more carry-outs and were usually successful. We'd take a big carry-out on the train. The trains were covered with dust and when you jumped on the seats it was like a sandstorm. Remember racing through stations on the way to the likes of Edinburgh or Dundee, and cans and bottles would get thrown out at randoms on the platforms in places like Croy and Falkirk. On quite a few occasions I saw an occasional nutter going round unscrewing the wee night light/reading light bulbs and lobbing them out at unsuspecting folk on platforms. The banter was great, the drinking was constant and we played cards on the way, I'd usually start off bad and be winning by end of the journey, but the winnings always went on an extra carry out when we got to the destination. The safety chain would get pulled 4 or 5 times on the way and coming back which would add an hour or so to the journeys, and especially at Waverley the polis would be lined up with rows of big ferocious barking alsatians to keep us on the straight and narrow up the steps and down to Princes street. On the way home the toilet's would be more bogging than the one in Trainspotting, and most just peed through the open door window, or in the guards van. For some reason the Rangers special trains would always come back in to Glasgow via Springburn, then down to the lower Queen Street level, where we'd change train. The cellic fans coming back on the electric train from Bridgeton would clash with us occasionally but mostly they went straight through Queen Street stopping further up at Charing Cross. On one of the few occasions we returned back on the high level at Queen Street after the tunnell doing about 20 miles per hour, one of my mates was peeing out an open door as we went round the curve and fell out on to the track, a 5 foot fall, and had to come running after, doing up his trousers as he jumped back on the train for the last 100 yards. At Queen Street the fans just piled through and there was no chance of anyone checking tickets. Ah the good old days.
  7. Apparently the only man made object on Earth visible from space is the "UEFA Europa League Qualifying Rules Manual"
  8. Those MB bars, a poor mans Fry's Cream. I never ever saw them in any kind of wrapper at any stage. Health and Safety hadn't been invented then.
  9. Think I'm missing a point here, 4 times in the league, once in the league cup and once in the cup. Perhaps they'll fall in to the Eufa leagues and we'll meet them there ?
  10. Common sense rule. If it's worked for 100 years don't fix it.
  11. All about the money probably, worldwide audience for advertisers. Sign of the times, these days we even get meaningless friendlies (England) broadcast on national TV at peak times.
  12. Agree it is a pointless tournament, no way will players be giving 100% with new domestic seasons coming up. The Portugal/Mexico game will be interesting though to get an idea of the formation and tactics our new players are probably used to., in fact looks like the one game on there with the most potential for attacking flair and defences that need to be savvy. Are the big names playing in this tournament. Could be another tournament too for England to embarrass themselves with lack of commitment and preparation in.............
  13. Maybe a different topic, but I've always had a lot of respect for football fans who support teams in the lower leagues, knowing it is unlikely they will be successful at higher levels and sometimes wonder if they're commitment is greater than our own. But the proof that our support was immense was the 50,000 attendances against teams in the lowest league and the way our fans stayed loyal and true through the worst of times. In fact our support through thick and thin has now been proven to be simply the best.
  14. I was reading your user name as "Pedro No 1" for a second there and about to diss you until I saw it as Pedro number one. Must admit his signings so far have been class, hopefully they'll gel together quick.
  15. Fuxache, hope we got the right one. Would it be possible for a manager to sign the wrong guy, especially a really famous manager once connected to Rangers ?