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  1. Unfortunately we are talking about Scottish refs...................
  2. That wee ginger bastard last week may have sent a precedent for other teams by muscling and intimidating us on the park last week, so we need get a grip on the ball really early and see if the ref will allow us to try and beat them playing football, If the game gets tough, then I want to see our experienced midfielders muscling in too. Shame I'm having to suggest we might need to descend to the common Scottish level of thuggery to get results, but we need a wee run of results now before the bigger games. Will be scrutinisng the refs perfomance, they should be under pressure after last weeks awful performances and terrible sending off decisions. If the ref does fuck us over again on our home park I expect the fans to be noising it up and the club issuing statements.
  3. Kranjcar 8 assists.
  4. Anyone want to have a guess as to the event, the teams, and who kicked off the match ? If not the answer is here. Respects to the researchers for their work.
  5. Glasgow Council 1924. So you've just opened a new football park,sports ground and facility for the council workers in the east end of Glasgow, right in the middle of the Parkhead district. Only natural you'd invite the best team in the city to play the first game there, and you might just as well invite the the future King to do the kick off too. http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/9hexNmFPU4vfdDtjjydSyg489033/GW1000H751
  6. I think that's a good point, in as much as UEFA and FIFA should be responsible to some degree for the general standard of refereeing across thier jurisdiction. UEFA and FIFA obviousy set a standard as well as an assessment for refs they use in European and World competition. Just out of curiousity anyone got a list of all the Scottish refs UEFA and FIFA currently reckon meet this standard ? And do the SFA have an obligation to release their ratings of referees to anyone like the clubs, or even generally ?
  7. It's happening. Just heard from a mate he delivered a big box of brown envelopes to Ibrox.
  8. Shouting "Show me the deeds"
  9. Well to be fair your average terrorist supporter in Glasgow is usually one of the thickest cunts in the world.
  10. Hodson, we have a problem. Even in the first 20 minutes I noticed he was pulled out of position too easily, and did not track back quickly. Did not link up well going forward either.
  11. What about the three or four hivees players who were at at the head shaking antics too, making contact pushing our players around, one sending off and a booking for us and a single booking for th solitarity Hivees player wo started it all. Well played ref.
  12. Ref changed the whole game, we're a team still bonding, not a bunch who have come together a long time. Hibs more experienced as a team, and were always going to come at us over aggressively and the ref allowed it, then made two incredibly bad decisions. Game over at that stage for us.
  13. Unfair the refeee doesn't get all three points himself for this game, played a blinder. Well done SFA, Lewell, referees, every other SPL club, Salmond, Sturgeon, Glasgow City Council, BBC, Scottish media, you're boys still giving us one hell of a beating. So for the umpteenth season in a row looks like the season will finish: First: Cellic Second: Scottish referees Third: Everyone else.
  14. The most worrying thing is it appears these refs are doing their job properly season after season against us. And the board will just continue to accept the clear bias and try to build little bridges getting nowhere.