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  1. Can anyone find out how FARE fund themselves ? Info on their actual remit and authority is sparse on Wiki, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fare_network They also provide funding up to £500 for anti homophobic groups. Where do they get this money. Would be interesting to know what legal authority or endorsement they have, who oversees this, where they get their funding, how it is spent, and how much salary and expenses gets swallowed up, and how transparent they are. Here's a wee bit I've found already which sugests funding is EU provided in liason with MEPs. "EU´s Community Action Programme against Discrimination and took the first practical steps to address discrimination in sports. With the support of the European Commission and the entire football family, FARE continued to make a positive and lasting impact on the problem across Europe. Since then FARE speakers have been invited to speak several times in front of the European Parliament on the topic of racism in football, and work closely with MEPs on a national basis." Would be interested in our local MEPs take on the issues we see occuring in their own back yard, especially if it fuelled by public funds. https://farenet.org/
  2. Was a difficult choice between Flanagan and Tavernier.
  3. He's also added a lot to Morelos game, value. Maybe a future coach ?
  4. Aye, good Glaswegian as well.
  5. Just thinking. I wonder if the tims offset these loan costs for Elyounoussi and Foster to Southampton against the transfer money they are due to be getting in on instalments for Van Dijk ? Crafty bookkeeping which might just go against them when the boys club lawsuits come in ? No doubt they'll be pleading biscuit tin poverty by then.
  6. Symptomatic of the sad state of affairs in Scotland where the country is run by tim minded folk for other tim minded folk and their multiple relatives and cronies. Bigger picture, still way above our board, is still haunting us here. The new establishment of lefty minded SNP and and similar minded Labour people run the country and who knows what else now, Good honest Protestant Gers supporting folk can fight against this by not voting SNP/Labour on Thursday. Simples.
  7. @JimmyCR1 taking this on the chin, but not taking it personal, so I've added a few wee likes for the effort. In fact from his first two posts and the successful title edit, you'd think he was probably involved with a courageous Scottish media outlet
  8. As long as we win, I'll be happy. And if it is controversial decision I will lap it up, as it will hurt them even more. If Carlsberg did this cup final it would be an winning goal scored by Morelos in the 97th minute, from an offside position .
  9. Says the guy whose club were way too familiar with youthful shitholes.
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