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  1. tannerall

    Coming out the tunnel

    One of those magic moments, especially on the European nights.
  2. tannerall


  3. tannerall


  4. tannerall

    Dorrans might be out for months

    8-10 months ?
  5. tannerall

    Interesting stats

    What it shows is a bunch of wee dots representing our players all moving around. This compares to previous seasons where the dots were generally fatter, and did not move around as fast. So clearly some improvement there thanks to Gerrard. Way off to the side is one great big, really slow moving dot, currently in rehab in Mexico.
  6. tannerall

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Will never forget the most poignant either,was shortly after the disaster, against East Fife, still remember vividly the staircase had been closed and fenced off with timber and there was one wee plaque on the wall East Fife had brought and pinned on. Most memorable one provided by the opposition was Johan Cruyff's Ajax. And most memorable from an opposition player were Davie Cooper's for Clydebank in his first game at Ibrox, and Kempes with Valencia.
  7. tannerall

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    1973 Scottish Cup Final. a million reasons which I've posted before. First old firm game for me, had been going to games since I was 5 or 6, but not allowed to a Gers cellic game till then. Was me and my dad, one of my fondest family memories,was just as great a game for him, he hated cellic with more passion than me then and had suffered the bad times. First sight on getting to Hampden was the Royal Princess's big fuckoff Wessex helicopter landing at lesser Hampden. Amazing how synonymous helicopters have become with our greatest games since. The crowd was rammed in,126,000. Biggest crowd I've been in. Big Tam's winning goal. Walking back to Ibrox with other Gers fans and getting there just in time to see the team bus arrive back with the team and the cup. That game broke cellic's domination at the time and led to the great Jock Wallace led treble winning teams.
  8. tannerall

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    And your uncle shagged you and yer maw when you got home ?
  9. One thing to remember folks is not to gloat on this news, just be glad the facts are coming out. Sex abuse against youngsters has been endemic in British society for a long time, from domestic abuse, through schools and right on through to various influential institutions at the top end of our society. If it was rumoured at our club, or indeed facts were available, I'd have been the first to demand answers, as I am sure every one of the decent Gers fans would too. Therein of course lies a basic truth. cellic employees, cellic's board and cellic's fans have denied these issues consistently for decades, and that is why I believe the club itself should be punished, as should all other institutions and individuals complicit. Will cellic fans themselves now confront those truths ? There should be no hiding or denying any more, any lurkers on here , be they cellic fans or journalists, got thoughts on this ?
  10. tannerall

    An anthem for Stevie G?

    They ain't got no contraception, They ain't got no ball contol Their lack of action in the boardroom ? Cellic ?, You should have left the kids alone Hey cellic, you could've left those kids alone But worst of all, Big Jock was a Cunt who apparently knew fuck all
  11. We all know those corrupt cellic minded bastards tried to steal our history. But all they have now is a history nobody would want to steal. Let's hope it hits them back hard as the truth comes out.
  12. tannerall


    That would be a magic moment too.
  13. tannerall

    playing surface

    Op a bit soft and not cutting it on here.
  14. tannerall

    You Heard It Here First

    Just thought I'd mention this in passing............
  15. tannerall

    Tav to get offered new contract

    Good to see a guy who gets so much appreciation on here rewarded.