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    Sack Santa, all I asked him for last year was a decent team. Fenian elves screwed it up I bet........
  2. I'm guessing...

    Picture the scene. @Redwhiteandblue's been working hard toward the Christmas period, grafting all week, stressed out by the Christmas rush, a bit of SAD due to the dark mornings and evenings, he gets to Friday, chills out, relaxes, wakes up at 3 am on a cold Saturday morning, he's feeling the cold, it's dark outside, doesn't want to leave his bed as it's freezing out, he needs a bit of warmth remembers it's the weekend, ah..... football. Makes a connection, cold + need heat + football = undergtround pitch heating, posts a killer topic on RM about underpitch heating, relaxes happily back in a slumber....................wakes up Saturday morning and reads comments on post............
  3. Title winning form?

    We got outplayed tonight though we won. Three weeks ago this thread would have been a nonsense, So perhaps short answer is, almost certainly not. Realistically, the full squad is still weak, and we still have players who lack consistency or proven ability. Injuries or suspensions could hit us hard. And we still can't expect decent treatment from most of the refs. But unlikely events can happen, and who knows ? The game against cellic could turn things round, the wee bit pressure then could affect them. A decent manager brought in would certainly be a boost. Then there's the transfer window, couple of good experience players coming in, who knows...... Best thing for now is the character, optimism and spirit is back. And you never know, maybe we'll start believing again soon.....
  4. Junkies vs Rangers

    Never in doubt............ That was a great character building experience, (mostly for us fans.) Well done Rangers, we're getting the old fight back.
  5. Rangers related picture thread

    Anyone remember Quizball ? Baxter, Greig and Smith ? Don't know who the fouth is.Certainly got the tims pinned down in their own half. Found this too: http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/ccc8859f0d364b09bef0d7a5b849180c
  6. What in the good name of

    Our good name is slowly being destroyed by our board, in tandem with all the other haters. That's what's happening. Sack them all I say, Sack our board, all the taig BBC executives and staff, all the taig newsaper executives and staff, the SFA, Glasgow council, media taig luvvies (including Salmond) and media taig whores like Rod and Connolly, then sack Sturgeon, Lennon and Scott Brow too and put Prince Harry in charge.. Only way to get our once proud country and this football club back on it's feet.
  7. Rangers related picture thread

    He was a socceroo.
  8. Next 5 games

    Recent experience tells me threads with the title "Next "x "games" usually go horribly wrong.......
  9. Congratulations Toronto FC

    Is soccer an official sport in Canada as well ?
  10. Came across this one on Youtube.
  11. It'll Be Lonely This Christmas........

    Souness (After defeating the tims in the last game of the season at the Gitodome to win the league, I'd ask him to run on to the park with a huge Union Flag and plant it in the centre circle) @tannerall (Been my life ambition to play for the Gers.) @tannerall In the unlikely event of you buggers getting Scottish independance I'd qualify as a non resident foreigner.
  12. SPFL Matters

    SPFL doesn't matter. Scottish football in general doesn't matter much either these days,
  13. Murty

    No, he has not earned the chance...yet. His record is still at best poor, or unfulfilled, and no doubt our crackpot philosophy of the board ignoring basic requirements of actually backing and demanding a manager has 100% control of player, especialy regarding experienced individuals, and a lack of investment, would probably come back and hit him hard. Graeme has a potential long term future at Rangers and deserves it imo. Or he might even move on to another club to gain vital managerial experience. Would not like to see him humiliated by lack of experience and lack of board backing this early in his career. As I keep on suggesting we need a strong proven manager with the balls to kick this club and even our inept board in to place. Shame the likely candidates are all past their sell by date.
  14. Aitor Karanka

    Exactly, throw in Willie Wonka at 150-1, or the Ghost of Mother Theresa at 800-1, or even more unlikely Neil Lennon at 40.000-1 and there would still be some daft cunts punting on it.
  15. Murty

    If Murty has achieved anything in recent weeks it is that he has taken a total disaster of a footblal squad and installed a positivity and yearning to succeed, albeit for a short period, which shows he already has the man management skills required. Quite simply i think he has gone back to basics principles allied with greater teamwork and allowed the players to take the responsibility too. However I strongly believe our short term success will hinge on the players attitude as well. We indeed have the "five captains" which Pedro requested, and Murty seems to have them on his side for the short term, but some of them seriously let us down when the going got tough and I think we still need a strong manager to get those who had the bad attitude to knuckle down, or push them out. In the longer term Murty is a keeper, a wee rock in the chaotic swings of Rangers management. And hopefully he will go onto great things in the long term, hopefully aided by guys with the general toughness, tactical nous and ability of great managers. Think Waddell/Wallace, Souness/Walter (please don't think Walter/Ally ). Murty could become a great, but it is early days. Down to you Mr King, the stand in manager has again taken the poisoned chalice and held the anchor steady. Will you now give him the man in charge to take our team and himself on to greater things ?