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  1. One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Let's hope justice now prevails.
  2. tannerall

    Dundee United

    Would be great Karma if the day they voted us in to the fourth division was the day they set their own destiny for the fourth division, let's keep believing.
  3. tannerall

    Jones fae Killie.

    You a rugby union fan ?
  4. tannerall

    Video of Gerrard Shutting Down Journalist

    Just been reported that Leigh Griffiths' thoughts are with @Bronzy at this time, and that Neil Lennon is happy to talk to him about any personal issues.
  5. I was brought up Church Of Scotland and have a healthy disrespect for the catholic church and various other catholic institutions, many of which have been involved in the recent accusations of one of the most heinous crimes imaginable to anyone with basic humanity, and which should be a major issue and talking point for any self respecting Scottish journalist or newspaper. This has nothing to do with my love for football, or the football team I support, and why the media choose to view my perspective differently is due probably to ignorance, and possibly even to do with the sectarianism they profess to dislike but appear to actively participate in, as highlighted by this otherwise tedious article, and compounded by the sensationalism they employ to sell their newspapers to those who wish to be shocked, whilst often ignoring the important issues affecting the people of Scotland (such as the major issue of child abuses at catholic institutions in Scotland.)
  6. Most of the cunts would probably have known, and I think Burns who was involved with so many of the players, young and old, and management and boards would have been aware. We now know the abuse was not isolated, it was huge in fact, a proper paeophile ring. too many of those targeted, would already have talked within the club, or to friends and aquaintences,, and we now know there were complaints to the club. I remember when I was little we were casually told to avoid the chapel, and the priests at the catholic church just up around the corner from us. For fuxache, we were Church Of Scotland and way back in the 60s. as 5 year olds, we knew to avoid the catholic clergy and their kind. Yet catholics at all levels, including cellic football club, which was, and still is a catholic institute, failed to do anything., or admit anything.
  7. tannerall

    Rangers related picture thread

    Max Murray, Scottish Cup versus Motherwell 1961
  8. tannerall

    Video of Gerrard Shutting Down Journalist

    Oh give me a home, Where there's no Pope or Gnomes...........
  9. tannerall

    Rangers related picture thread

  10. tannerall

    Smoking at games

    As long as they don't allow vaping. Vaping much worse due to larger ammount of smoke., only needs one guy in the crowd having a sneaky vape, especially those fragrant ones, to ruin the view of many.
  11. tannerall


    Not sure about a "target man". Better with another quick thinking skilled forward as a pair geting decent midfield support, playing it on the ground. Would run through Scots defences for fun.
  12. tannerall


    Was impressed with him tonight again, stuck at the task whilst all around him faltered, put in lots of movement and held and distributed the ball well, got in some good wide positions too. If only he had a decent attacking creative midfielder behind him, gets little support, or decent forward movement around him.
  13. tannerall

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Concerned about Leigh Griffiths.
  14. tannerall

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Barisic, Coulibaly and Middleton all showing their lack of big time games, apart from that we've been fine.