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  1. To be fair to the OP did the media not suggest that Leipzig were prepared to offer £9 million for McKay after his performance against them..............I'm sure we'd be happy to do a deal with them for £5 - £6 million.........
  2. If a football team's results can knock the stuffing out of your enjoyment of life on a consistent basis then you'd be a lot better off giving it up in my opinion. Now, don't get me wrong here, I have hated the past four/five years just like everyone else on here, I love Rangers with a passion which I was born with, and I hated it when the tims were doing 9 in a row, hated it when we lost the league at Parkhead, hated it when we were third best behind dundee scum and aberdeen scum, hated it when our team was stitched up financially and politically, hated it when we were embarrasing ourselves to teams like Chesterfield in an almost meaningless third rate tournament, hated it when we were losing to teams like Alloa consistently. But I enjoyed the good times, and boy were they good times. I could write 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 + + + + + pages on here about those and still leave a million other great memories untouched. But when I see some Rangers fans criticising a bunch of young fans (some of whom have nowhere near the memories of good times I have) and our manager for having a wee moment of enjoyment and fun due to a win in the final game after the season of shit we had it just makes me cringe.
  3. "Main comments: - There could be news as early as tomorrow" Mr King will make two big signings, a faded international and an experienced Scottish Premier League player but Mr King is reluctant to spend too much money. "- The Chairman (King) is giving his 100% backing on his plans" Mr King has told Pedro he has some money to spend but not a lot, so don't go suggesting top class players, as Mr King is reluctant to spend too much money. "- He hopes to add a few more very soon in time for the team returning in a few weeks." Loans, foreigners and untested youths as long as not too much money is spent as Mr King is reluctant to spend too much money. "A few more on top of news tomorrow only suggests 4 or 5 signings? I was expecting double figures. I hope we sign quality because we need it." Mr King is reluctant to spend too much money.
  4. Another bloody catholic foreigner enjoying himself. He needs to acquire the staunch Protestant Scottish ethic of being sincere and miserable all of the time.
  5. She's good, I feel a lot better already.
  6. I thought we already were a new club. Sevco loyal.
  7. July was nice, 4 wins, including beating Motherwell in the first game. Reality kicked in with our 1-1 draw in August against Hamilton.
  8. And if we win the league as well we can enter two Rangers teams. The rules don't say we can't.
  9. I am sure the football community in Scotland will rally round with messages of support for dundee united, and in no way try to take advantage of this, and the SFA will be diligently investigating credentials of all individuals who become financially involved in the club in these difficult times for them..............................
  10. I've been in touch with our fans group and they've arranged a minute's silence on the 47th minute whilst waving a big banner with the message "Kenny Dummigan, Will Ye No Come Back Again ?" You heard it here first, and on the Scottish Sun website second.
  11. Correct gmcf The caption says it's the Bridgeton Supporters Club leaving for the 1967 final. Wonder if anyone on here was familiar with the Bridgeton supporters club in 1967, might even be in the photo.
  12. Nope.
  13. You;re on the right track.
  14. Great answer. Bears getting ready is correct. Wolverhampton Town is the wrong answer though.
  15. How old is this photo, and what is going on ? (No googling)