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  1. Can't we just settle this by playing all the currently remaining games behind closed doors with the players keeping 2 metres from each other throughout the game ?
  2. Did we ever hear anything else about the guy under the car ? Something didn't seem right at the time.
  3. I'd rather not, we chose not to, as it was the correct ethical and moral thing to do. This is why we are different from them. I would expect if they pursue their claims to an even more tainted title for them to be seen for what they are in the football world. Juventus fans have already set the bar on this. They can try and reach that bar themselves, or as I expect totally fail to see outside their wee bubble. And history will condemn them for it.
  4. Lot of speculation in that article, apparently there are "at least 50 cases" at "one legal firm" Of course there will be many claims in at various legal firms. Many of these will of course be genuine, the truth behind many of these claims is also pretty much an open "secret" now. Others may be speculative, and though I hate to say it, some may not be true, or even those taking advantge due to ongoing publicity. However I strongly believe these will be in the minority. And some may be settled already, or in the future without a thorough and truthful investigation. We'll probably never know the true full extent, but would n't be great if those fine and noble Scottish journalists investigated the truth more thoroughly and accurately themselves, rather than just speculation.
  5. Yeah, that's why they built the Broomloan Flats and filled it with taigs, so the pilot would know to swerve round and take the correct flight path, if they got it wrong especially the older ones who were in the habit of flying over Ibrox, which was a listed building and therefore more important than the Broomloan flats. Please don't let the facts interfere with the sensible reasons I've given above.
  6. Reason I think folk are feeling the current period is the worst is because we've now had almost a decade pulling back, but there just seems to be no end to it. My worst despair was when we went bust and realised we had so many political and football enemies in Scotland, something I would never have dreamed of years ago. I genuinely feel that politics and the pro-Catholics in Scotland did have an agenda to destroy us, or reduce our power severely within the game, and nothing that has happened since makes me think different. And that has added to the anger and frustration. . Fortunately our massive fan was probably the main obstacle to those shenanigans, and probably pulled us through. but the frustration, anger and bad feeling is now so much more than any one off defeat, or bad run. I also never forget that the Ibrox disaster was our true worst experience, yet look how the city and other clubs rallied round . Nearly 50 years on, and we are now at the other extreme where most of the Scottish football community is split and full of hate. Sad times indeed.
  7. We don't do threesomes, but would consider wife swaps. Send pics. Oops just realised you probably meant one of these ? Or maybe you'd like a Turkish football team hat ?
  8. I'm still looking for the wee rubbery Willie Henderson football figure with the keyring from the sevnties around the web. Found the wee Jimmy Johnstone one, but can't even find a picture of the Willie Henderson one.
  9. No, but you can get the DIY rug kit with the fabric, the wool, and a wee tool that threads through each strand individually, online quite easily. Only took my wife a few weeks, she's clever that way, but doesn't have the time just now. Will I ask her to knit you a Gers tammy or crochet a scarf instead ?
  10. Was surprised the tims didn't do this, as they could have then taken the moral high ground, and given it the GFITW shite. Good for Juventus getting in there first. Respect.
  11. The flight paths were over Ibrox originally, that was the reason the Broomloan Road flats were built, basically they were there to cause the planes to swerve north to stop any danger of planes crashing in to Ibrox. Broomloan flats were full of taig. In those days the council considered taigs to be more dispensable than nowadays, as there were so many of them from big families and they were poorly educated, so was a good decision if there had ever been a collision with them.
  12. Flight control at Glasgow airport are also notified whenever Rangers are awarded a free kick at Ibrox.
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