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  1. No matter the timing can slow down the team tempo and disrupt the whole team pattern, especially when it is a high pace intensive game, and one mistake could be crucial.
  2. Nat Lofthouse, 1958 FA cup final.
  3. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/LittleLittleArctichare-mobile.mp4
  4. Yeah, think how many folk on here would have been slagging us off for only getting a 0-0 result at Molineaux.
  5. tannerall


    It's easy to compare Katic to Goldson and say one is better than the other, i.e. Katic has more strength, athletiscism, heading ability, the spirit of youth, whereas Goldson has the composure, the experience, an ability to read the game, and leadership qualities. Maybe best to say they complement each other and may have the potential to be a very reliable centre back combination ?
  6. Do you mean posters on RM tonight or Gers players ?
  7. And we all know how well Aberdeen did recently against Eastern European competition.........
  8. Not joking, but he actually strolls around the park now full of confidence and looking 6 inches taller with his shoulders tall and his head held high, bossing it. Gotta be the Steve Gerrard effect.
  9. Another great post @johanhentze, endorsed by the fact it gets no likes from all the dicks on here complaining about the result, trolling, or just winding fellow Gers fans up. What we need is a seperate forum where football fans can talk sensibly about football.
  10. Seems you're taking it a bit personal with your issues regarding Davis. Or just a wind up. Either way, nobody's impressed.
  11. Surprisingly it was Flanagan and Katic who played well, Tav couldn't find an out pass, and Goldson seemed almost asleep, especially when Flanagan covered Taverniers lack of concentration when the winger outstripped him and Goldson didn't cover, that was some tackle by Flanagan.
  12. Totally agree. Wee knobs acting like big knobs. Premature ejaculation/floppy dick syndrome I call it.
  13. Polish teams ain't been mugs in Europe for a long time. especially at home in front of a passionate Polish support who were superb tonight. Too many wee pretentious dicks on here who think we have a god given right to stroll it against teams who play in far superior leagues than ours. Makes you think they have no idea how football works, thank god our manager does.
  14. Fuck the doubters on here. Would have given my hind teeth in last few years for that kind of result away to a tough team in Europe in the first leg. The last three minutes were a joy to watch compared to what we've had to put up with in recent years. We controled the ball in their half played out the tie, Ryan Jack was immense. Sets it up perfect for Ibrox. Once again the dicks on here who can't see how far we've improved in the last year need to take a reality check.
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