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  1. tannerall

    Gary McAllister interview

    Wit ? Not seen much of it around this thread.
  2. tannerall

    Gary McAllister interview

    Where is this Copeland Road you tell us of ?
  3. tannerall

    Gary McAllister interview

    Never knew he was a Gers fan.
  4. tannerall

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Russians first team to qualify for the knockout stages, was never in doubt.
  5. tannerall

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.
  6. tannerall

    Best Performance By A Gers Player At A World Cup

    Well, this went a bit better than I first thought, decent thread, even though I say so myself. 😊
  7. tannerall

    Best Performance By A Gers Player At A World Cup

    These are a few of my favourite things..........
  8. tannerall

    What's up with the site?

    I usually react to @plumbGERs posts in a non gender orientated, racially ambiguous, politically correct and neutral "Could Not Give One Fuck" kind of way.
  9. tannerall

    Best Performance By A Gers Player At A World Cup

    Yes, might have got away with it though, it's our secret, nothing like posting the right topic in the wrong forum to sharpen your mind and allow you to hastily adapt. 😊
  10. tannerall

    I would like to take this moment

    Easy times at the office for the Sun headline writers tonight. "We Kane Do It" "Harry Kane's It" etc.etc. etc.