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  1. Maybe he's feeling the burden of trying to remember all his nephew and nieces and their various mothers' names.
  2. Sounds like the sot of cunt who goes round saying "I'm Leigh Griffiths brother" to impress any other cunt he meets, needs to get a life of his own.
  3. Cancel the game and take them to the Gullane sands for the week.
  4. I'd be happy to do your banning duties @gogzy . Idiot who suggested Griffiths could be available would be first on the list. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hopefully already signed up on a pre-contract.
  6. Fair point, a Canadian fella that's never attended a game would tend to be a Man U or Chelsea fan.
  7. See even if we are totally fucked, that's the sort of post we need to be going on with, we might not win it, but they might not either, so why the fuck shouldn't we stay happy in the belief we are the chosen people and our team is the greatest in the world. Good post my man @Bobby Hume
  8. Naw genuine, as a true prod don't believe in miracles, but helicopter Sunday was special and unexpected, and football's a crazy game sometimes. teams can lose the plot with one defeat, look at the Everton- Man Untd game today.
  9. Not sure if I'm right with this but four games to go,we need to win them all. Cellic draw two, win one, and lose to us, we got better goal average. Shades of helicopter Sunday but pretty unlikely we'll win four and they'll only win one of next four..............
  10. You got contact details still ? Time this guy was outed big style.
  11. To be fair the most scary road trip ride I had was not on a bus doing the Amalfi coast road at 60mph. And it wasn't on the German Autobahn doing 120 mph and watching Porsches speed past. And it wasn't being stuck in a wee Japanese hire car on the middle of the highway doing 60mph between two big fuck off American articulated. lorries from Cleveland to Akron. (If you've seen the lorry scene in National Lampoon Christmas Vacation you know what I mean) Wasn't even in Malta where even the wee St Christopher models on their dashboards constantly shit themselves. No, it was on the country road between Pula Airport and Porec in Croatia arriving at 10.30 at night in a rainstorm and the cunt driving the wee tourist bus doing 90 mph down the unlit road. No physical damage, but was mentally scarred for life. Those Balkan blokes are beyond crazy.
  12. I'd check his third party insurance for the flight too, didn't work out too well for Cardiff.......
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