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  1. No one likes Millwall.
  2. The table

    The problems I have just now are more with our Chair rather than the table.
  3. Craig Thompson

    Pre meditated unjustified GBH attack on not just one Scottish green and white hooped player , but all Scottish footballers, all catholics in Scotland, and all their weans, the catalans, palestinians and 99.99% of the population of Coatbridge. Pope was so shocked he still hasn't been able to voice his opinion on it, though apparently he waved his arms around a lot.
  4. new manager anyone

    Needs someone with an inside knowledge of Rangers, someone who has worked with our great previous managers. Someone who was technically gifted as a player, and wore our shirt with pride. Also need someone who has had European experience as a player and manager, someone who is a winner and a good communicator, able to deal easily and confidently with the media too, and with decent contacts with other clubs and managers players in Scotland. Someone used to winning and achieving awards at domestic and International level. A bubbly, bright, witty, even funny character who attempts to get on with everyone. Step forward Mr Ally McCois..............err let's just start again and get in some hating unsociable self interested bastard to sort the team out and who is not closely associated with the club any more and has no obscure academic football qualifications or strange foreign football managerial experience.................I guess that leaves us with the one and only.................... Terry Butcher....err let's start again. Some ruthless but proffesional bastard who has never played Rangers and does not presently give one fuck about Rangers. Neil Warnock ?
  5. Type Of Past Players Back

    Lafferty, Naismith and Whittaker.
  6. A 24 inch TV was big back then.
  7. Hard to explain nowadays how big a game the 76 Cup Winners Cup final was, effectively the 2nd biggest European game after the European cup itself. Anderlecht were a great team then, played the Dutch way with a few great Dutch players in the team too, got to 3 successive European finals and won two. I really liked Rensenbrink and Van Der Elst the two players who won that final for them, but West Ham played their part in what was a great game between two quality attacking teams.
  8. What the Fuck is This.

    Does his surname begin with O' ? Was he putting a bet on Kilmarnock and Boyd first goal ?
  9. Crewe Alexandra Banned?

    All credit to those who run Manchester City for behaving with so much integrity, and to those Crewe fans who are demanding answers. I'd expect any organisation to be honest and act with integrity if similar accusations were made, especially when there is already reasonable and believable proof of similar offences. I would also expect decent fans and members of any sporting institution or club to be equally objective and asking what actually happened. The truth and quest for justice should not be avoided or suppressed. These abuses are crimes of the worst kind.
  10. Too many handwringers

    Agreed, apart from Tina Turner's "Simply The Best", the pre-match entertainment features very few songs by Afro American blues singers.
  11. Too many handwringers

    I'm going to die from alcohol poisoning the day after we win the champion's league. Felt like drinking a litre of varnish after last week's result. Would have been a horrible death, but a lovely finish.
  12. There was the monument f**CK up

  13. Too many handwringers

    If a non rhabid player gives a good performance against us then I will applaud him off. Players like Davie Cooper at Clydebank, and Kempes, Bonhof, Neeskens, Cruyff, George Best, immediately spring to mind, would never ever boo a Gers player on the park or off the park though, that's why I can claim to be a Gers fan and a football fan at the same time. And if it's an ex Ger who served us well, then that's just the way it is. Leave the bad loser's attitude to the likes of Sutton, Lennon and other reptiles.
  14. Too many handwringers

  15. Ticket refunds

    At the bottom of Mr King's CV there's a wee Latin phrase written in small print. Caveat emptor.