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  1. Scottish League Championship medal awarded to William Robb, one of our greatest goalkeepers, in 1923. The gold medal is inscribed "Scottish League Championship 1922-23" on the front and is inscribed "W.Robb" in the centre on the reverse and "won by Glasgow Rangers Football Club " around the outside edge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Robb_(footballer,_born_1895)
  2. To be fair, the dyed hair and haircut is almost as offensive as that jersey.
  3. https://www.hundredscarf.com/Rangers-celtic-half-and-half-scarf "More than 1,000,000 Rangers celtic half and half scarf exported to about 300 customers from 15 countries." 😀
  4. We also had internationalists like Black and Grezda. I suspect Young Boys and even Progres Niedercorn have plenty of international players, even Aberdeen ffs. Not sure of the point you're making there. "here’s a shock for you we would be small fry if we hadn’t went to the wall." But small fry in the regard that with our status at the time we would have been winning competitions and probably qualifying regularly for top European competitions, palying the likes of Barcelona or Munich occasionally and have a much higher standard due to the revenue. Unlike the present........
  5. Clearly you have no undertanding of the reasons our team are so inexperienced against beter competition, have a rookie manager, are still working on a restrictve budget, over-achieving in Europe, and still second best in Scotland. Cunts who think because we are Rangers we have a divine right to success, are deluded, especially in the present market where we are bit players, dependant on low budget players and loans, chasing a rival who has (unfairly, unjustly and probably illegally) pushed so far of us in income and success in the last 7 years.
  6. That's exactly what he is saying, basically suggesting the events of 7 years ago should not be seen to have any consequence on where we are now, and that it is not relevant to our current support. I'm not doubting the OPs keenness for us to be more successful at this stage, but our actual history, even up to 2 or 3 years ago show that it was, and still is a huge climb to put us back at the pinnacle of Scottish football, never mind have the current resource to achieve constant success in Europe. Read my post again and then tell me whether the events of 7 years ago had a huge knock on effect on us and Scottish football which we are still recovering from or not. If you think those events of past 7 years are not relevant then suggest why.
  7. 11 points actually, but 9 or 10 would see us through from what is going to be a tight group, and I think 8 points with a better head to head could determine it too.
  8. Nonsense. We are a club , just like any other, who experience constant change, and like any other club we have a history. And we respect that history, whether success or failure, because it made us what we are. And it is a history which contains great success, but also spectacular failures, even tragedies. And most importantly. we set our standards based on our history, and it is that which gives us our character and standing. The re-establishment of the club, under terrible circumstances has been one of our greatest achievements. but is stil ongoing. Are you suggesting we ignore this history, one which was almost taken from us in recent times ? Or worse, ignore the bits we don't like (as our rivals on the other side of the city do ?)
  9. Any obsessed travelling cellic fans being allowed in to support the home team ? There were quite a few at the last game.
  10. These songs about Tavernier give me the fear.
  11. Great player for Morton, scored lots, when he came to us was more of bit part player, remember him as being more of an old fashioned inside forward, rather than a midfielder. Just noticed his first game for us was an old firm game. R.I.P. Joe
  12. We really do need a seperate exclusive thread for tarrier tabloid "wind up" articles stickied to the bottom of the Bears' Den page just for the easily wound up, and the rest of us can then get on with discussing proper Rangers stuff. Here's an article with Provan selling his own cellic soul to wind up the tim mob for the benefit of the tabloids. Like most blinkered and obsessed tims the man has no morals or loyalty, just obsessive hatred for all, and a huge chip on the shoulder.. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4204221/scott-brown-hasnt-worked-celtic-titles-billy-mcneill-did-billy-provan/
  13. Not under rating the opposition, but I want a win too, we're playing at our peak and are confident, and hopefully the defence ha settled, in fact we have conceded few goals so far, and of course we have McGregor. And we also have a midfiel in form to stifle them, Morelos and Defoe on top form, and goals being spread around others too. A 0-0 draw would definately be a disappointment.
  14. Saw the two Derby guys who crashed had been at a club get together, the club provided transport back, but they were pissed and decided to drive themselves. Am surprised most of the big clubs don't just provide a 24 hour taxi service for players, and advise them not to drive at all. Given the money involved in the players, their cars, and their insurance, would surely be a lot cheaper all round just to use taxis, and more security againt them getting in stupid accidents ?
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