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  1. Will Pedro's experience of the Mexican and Portuguese leagues where the defenders are tough, the midfielders creative and the forwards fast see us signing any of them ? Obviously he won't be as dependant on the lower English leagues this time round.........
  2. The surname "struth" is normally spelt with a capital S. However it is possible you meant to use the word "strewth" as in the popular Australian expression "Strewth mate" where the word strewth defines dismay or anguish. As an interesting aside, I also think it very likely the first thing any Australian Rangers fan would utter after reading that would be "Strewth mate"
  3. An article from a football magazine called "Charles Buchan's Football Monthly" from 1963. http://www.soccerattic.com/article/mighty-rangers-the-best-in-the-world/
  4. This Evening Times 1963 article's great, but even better I noticed a brilliant unintended optical "misprint" in the bottom paragraph of the second column. Anyone else spot it ? http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/dPAKHd3lBk_I3NKvk3-bjg640434/GW1161H1394
  5. And here's another great link I got indirectly from that site. http://www.rangersinlondon.co.uk/1963.htm An extract from this 1963 friendly testimonial report: Wearing a suit Jack Kelsey takes to the field and receives a fantastic ovation from all sides of the ground. In fact he is to play a small but interesting part in his game, he kicks the game off sweeping the ball onto Rangers right hand side…. FIRST HALF 25 seconds : GOAL 1-0 RANGERS : Jim Baxter scores a wonder goal almost directly from kick off. McMillan collects from the kick off and passes to Baxter, he nonchalantly runs 30 yards with the ball, pretends to line up a pass and thunders home a left foot shot past McKechnie who is still rooted to his line as the ball flies into the net. Of course it’s not Kelsey’s fault, Arsenal’s defence should have broken down Baxter’s attack. FINAL SCORE : ARSENAL 2 (Skirton 2) RANGERS 2 (Baxter, Brand). Attendance 33,007 Receipts : £7,000
  6. Just found this pic on the same site.
  7. Give these to them before the game to distribute to their fans..
  8. Foderingham Tavernier. A.N Other A.N Other Wallace A.N. Other. A.N Other A.N Other A.N. Other. Miller A.N Other
  9. Hmm, would that be the Newcastle United which is owned by a Mr Ashley ?
  10. That kind of tradition and history can't be bought and we stood to lose it all about five years ago. But we survived, we did not walk away, and although we are in a relatively poor place those old achievements set a standard and we can now use that heritage as a standard to start reaching towards the heights again. Onward and upward.
  11. I defend the right of posters like yourself @KeyserSoze to keep on making shite threads without the threat of a boo button. We're an all-inclusive club after all. Now a "Big Jock Knew Boo Button" to warn off tim posters, that could be useful................
  12. It didn't happen, the huge majority of our fans stayed loyal. Can you name even one that walked away ? I respect you have come to terms with wat happened to our proud and glorious team in those days. I still can't, and will never accept or forgive what those guys did.
  13. That's odd I don't remember any Rangers fans on here saying we were n't the same club and they wouldn't be back after liquidation, and I never met any Gers fan who said that either. Who aere these people who said they were wrong within a few months and came back. Stop fibbing about fans just cause your argument in a thread is being lost. Almost all Gers fans dug in and stayed loyal, regardless of not knowing what to expect. Do you remember the 50,000 attendanes for us at third dvisionmatches, the crowds of support marchig with Sandy Jardine. We did not do walking away. Ony the traitors did that.
  14. Who are you to tell fellow Rangers fans we don't give a fuck, regardless if we win a league or not. Most of us fans are not as fickle as you. What explanation was there for a so called Rangers fan to stand and tell the world the club was dead, and then opt to walk out for financial reasons whilst more experienced pros and guys who had had no allegiance but loved our club were taking the risk by staying ? You even suggest our reaction to probably one of the worst days of our supporting life is mock outrage. Do you remember watching it ? Did you cringe ? Or were you happy just to accept it ? Wee cunt will probably sell his story to rhe papers some day of how he was the victim. He's had plenty time to think it over, and if he really cared I'm sure he would have made some attempt at conciliation or apology. The wee coward does not have it in him to confront his past mistakes, never mind apologise. I hope this thread has made you realise you're totally out of tune with the majority of those who remember Naismith's words, Please stop trying to justify it, it's almost as embarasing as Naismith's wee speech itself.
  15. Can't see him wanting to bring in Scottish players he doesn't know either, was that why he needed a special local advisor ?
  16. Dunno and Dodoo up front ?
  17. He sounds Portuguese, bit like Deco or the Brazilian Dunga ? What position does he play ?
  18. Okay, we now only need to get rid of the other "strikers" and bring in another three for next season..........
  19. Our resident Sun reporter is probably wetting himself with excitement as he adds this to the web news page.
  20. Just phoned porkheid and they've agreed to give us a goal of a start next week if 10,000 of our fans each donate a bar of soap to be distributed amongst needy cellic supporters.
  21. This season's done. We might win a few, draw or lose a few of the remainder. Doesn't matter, many of our players now know they are not good enough. I expect every one of those who now know tthey are not good enough to be punted. 5 or 6, maybe even a few more we'll keep. (Fod, Tav, Wallace, McKay, Miller and the few youngsters who have been given a chance, Beerman, Bates. But where do we go from here in the bigger picture ? Less than two months till a new season starts, the board appears directionless, we still have Ashley holding out for all he can get on the cheap from his investnent. There's no way we'll survive a s the major force in Scottish football if the tims are alowed to carry on at will with us floundering without serious investment or innovation. And you can forget Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, wee diddy teams in a wee diddy league, which none of them can even dream of winning. So the bigger picture, are we still a recognisable brand with sufficient stature and potential to invest in ? I believe yes, but if no bugger comes along and tries to sort us out we're just gonna be another poor Scottish team without ambition. Cellic outclassed us totally today, that's scary enough, but I guarantee they'll be investing yet more 10s of millions in the close season to keep us in our place and achieve their European group league money earning rank again. How the fuck are we going to stop this rot ?
  22. That is a disgrace. What the fuck is wrong with all those involved in the running of Scottish football and the cellic minded ? Have they lost all dignity respect, ethics and morals ? Being pig ignorant and blinkered is no excuse, the Old Firm derby still operates on the bigger stage and folks outside Scotland will be nonplussed by this lack of resesct. Ugo was a well respected professional who contributed a great deal to both English and Scottish football. All plaudits to the fans at the Birmingham derby who observed the silence, especially the Birmingham fans who were already under pressure to compete against their rivals to avoid relegation but showed traditional respect. Are saddo immature idiots like @EastEnclosure72 really the norm of most football fans these days ? And as for Collum, if he unilatterly decided that no respect was to be shown then words quite simply fail me.
  23. No problem with the feedback mate, it's true and from your heart. My thread title and scenarios were deliberately provocative as it is going to take one big concerted effort to get us back to the top of Scottish football and regain status and success in Europe again. At present the only foundations and stability and concentrated effort all stem from our traditions, our ambitions, and most importantly, our amazing fan-base who have stayed loyal and true. As for my statement about being kept in our place, that refers to who we know to be enemies of our club, and at present it still goe way beyond anything our owners and board can match or compete with, and its not just a financial problem.
  24. Should've realised when a striker at our club has to go to an outside agency to imrove his technique that something is seriously wrong. Does all the right things for a lower division player, runs, chases, finds space, unfortunately does not have the clinical finish needed. One of the first who needs to go elsewhere. (Edit, Forrester and O'Halloran similar, not up to the level required.)