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  1. Our Declan

    Blinding first half, up and down the park, lots of energy, pinging in crosses, got great potential. Just a shame he's got Windass beside him who hasn't read his game at all and has been motionless and brainless most times as John pushes forward.
  2. Windass

    Just one question. Why ?
  3. Was a great cup tie indeed if you were a neutral, almost like an old fashioned Scottish cup tie. Just a wee bit difficult at times for us non-neutrals.
  4. Even when we lose badly I can't stand the saddos who come on here solely to spread gloom with no positveness at all. Worse when there is not even momentary enjoyment of a Rangers win.. We.ve just won an amazing cup tie full of up and downs when it looked as if we'd blown it. a terrific effort in extra time. Okay the teams still poor at times but it's always the same miserable cunts (sic) complaining.
  5. So you want cellic to win ? I want him to be a hero on Saturday night.
  6. Pena

    Was gonna post the sam, he's sees the pases and can do the wee flicks in turns, problem is he looks a million miles from being mobile and fit. Has had two or three opportunities to push forward in to the box and just doesn't seem able to run.
  7. Paul Wilson dead.....

    One of the less annoying cellic players. First Asian to gain international honours in Britain. Took a lot of (unfair) racist abuse back in the days when fans did not seem to know better. R.I.P.
  8. Alleged interest in Morelos

    Breaking financial news: Morelos dollars now making huge gains against Dembele dollars in currency exchange markets. Current forum currency exchange rate: 1 Dembele dollar = Tree Fiddy Morelos dollars.
  9. Bridge building with the fans.
  10. Our DOF Mark Allen

    Simple questions. What direction does he actually take our club's football philosophy toward ? Are we seeing the results yet ? He may have worked at Man City, but how many players did he bring through,and what other abilities did he bring to the table given that Man City basically bought in what they needed ? After tonights result I really am thinking we need a Walter Smith or Graham Souness in there to get the passion, commitment, determination, staunchness and belief in our club as a whole back again.
  11. 1000 or so locked outside

    How do we know the 1,000 locked out weren't just Cologne fans who travelled up from the Arsenal game ?
  12. That law could basically be summarised as: Don't say bad things about people who instigate and condone the killing of innocent adult and children in our country.
  13. Harry Redknapp

    Apparently a salary already agreed, but contract won't be signed till our local stationary supplier gives a quote on the cost of brown envelopes on Monday.
  14. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    Was always New Kilbowie Park, but everyone just called it Kilbowie. The first all seater stadium in the UK, part of which was funded by them selling a certain Mr D. Cooper to us. When I wasabout 11 or 12 I wasn't allowed to go to Rangers away games so instead me and some mates would jump on the then "blue train" from Garscadden down to Singer station and go and watch Clydebank playing other wee teams four or five times a season.
  15. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    Here's the original version. They've just stolen the idea and built it bigger.
  16. Let's have some photos of our magnificent support on tour over the years.
  17. Seems unfortunate that due to watching out for foreign terrorists the authorities failed to spot 20,000 German football fans heading for London.
  18. The Rangers Travelogue, We Will Follow On

    @siddiqi_drinker is right it was 1967 Bridgeton fans going to Nurnberg, (I posted this before and forgot ) The building is probably Bridgeton cinema.
  19. The Rangers Travelogue, We Will Follow On

    Some great photos coming in Are you in one of those photos you posted @BLUEDIGNITY ? Anyone recognise any of the fans in the photos ?
  20. The Rangers Travelogue, We Will Follow On

    Families seeing off fans going to Barcelona from Bridgeton .
  21. Barnsley owner's letter to fans

    What a read, sincere and heartbreaking, but kind of uplifting especially his remarks about family. On the football side it shows how much more important than money a genuine love of the game and it's traditions are, shame thse who currently run most of our clubs and sporting institutions do not heed this. The bit about the medals impressed me, reminded me too of the Arsenal shares stolen from us and still not retrieved.......
  22. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    Okay admin, you were right. Please re-instate the dislike button.......
  23. Bheast FC: Statement

    You answered your own question, tims wanted to rule the roost, other clubs helped them, teams like Dundee United lost revenue, lost players to them, now most are floundering financially with no gain and no chance of success. They became a monopoly and a monster.
  24. Bheast FC: Statement

    To be fair James II was already guilty by that time of setting up a few personal EBTs in France and Ireland.........
  25. Bheast FC: Statement

    Don't fool yourself, as they proved before they all hate us,. Guilt trip ? Nah. It's just they are starting to realise the bigger threat is the tims and their contempt for the rest of Scottish football..