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  1. I thought I'd dundee right response.
  2. To be fair, many things currently are "all tae fuck". Coronavirus for example, probably the greatest "all tae fuck" currently around. Scottish Government ? Yes, "all tae fuck" Kafflick response and need for correct actions to be taken by relevant authorities regarding proven issues of sex crimes also"all tae fuck" Credibility of Scottish football, would be fair to say it is totally corrupt and "all tae fuck". However to come in to the Bear's Den with a user name like "tayside", location Dundee, and suggest your phone is fucked, either suggests you are a fucking hal
  3. Looking at the stats so far we still might have a problem with the lack of consistent goals from midfield, And maybe our centre backs should be contributing a few from set pieces ?
  4. So which player more deserving of respect was better than Law in that period ?
  5. Not sure if I saw him playing for us, but the name does rings a bell.
  6. Nicky Law was another unfairly castigated player , the main driving force in our rise from lower league obscurity to the top division, seldom missed a game, and top scorer ahead of Boyd and Miller in 2015-16. Not bad, when you consider the mediocrity of the players around him.
  7. Common fallacy that he was rubbish, especially amongst those who seldom seen him play. I used to watch Jim Denny in reserve games and he was head and shoulders above the rest,just wasn't able to step up a gear to the top. Anotherl question might be, when will Alex Ferguson and Roger Hynd get the respect they derserve ?
  8. Guarantee most folk would just say what they saw.
  9. As the season ended in May, with a break till end of July, those born after born after 1st August were born in the season which finished the following year. For example if you were born in October 1983, your top scorer for that season would be the 1984 top scorer, if born in December 1999, your top scorer for the season would be the following year 2020. And a little more due diligence would also have allowed the OP to find this link which conveniently contains info on every seasons top scorer all the way back to 1874. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Rangers_F.C._season
  10. 5th of May 1973. Early morning. This wee Rangers fan was about to go to his first Cup Final, and also his first Ranger-celtic game, full of excitement, anticipation and expectation.. Alex MacDonald was my first Rangers hero by then, Tom Forsyth became my second. Over the years, I’ve been able to fill an imaginary skyscraper with all the heroes and great people I have met or been aware of in my llfe. All the folk I’ve loved, all the great people I have known, and those who have influenced my life strongly, those who brought me great happiness. All my heroes in one plac
  11. If we analysed the old transfer thread we'd know now that 0.5% was true, 0.5% was probable and 99% was pish. So I agree with the OP. We should have a separate thread and then I can just ignore it.
  12. When we were little we used to imagine scoring great winning goals in a cup final. Aside from Rangers goals, and without bias, which goals would you have loved to have scored yourself ? Mine was Zidane's European Cup final goal. I would loved to have been in that position, in a European Cup Final, Hampden Park, waiting for it to come down from the big punt, and knowing I had the total confidence in my ability to hit it with my bad foot. Note: This was one of my threads from when I joined in 2012, tried to retrieve it, but unfortunately has been archived. The g
  13. I agree, either that or season ticket/agent hype. My gut instincts are Morelos will stay in the short term, if he does well though, there will be a lot of teams sniffing around come January.
  14. I'd like to apologise to lurkers for William Of Orange's actions in 1690, before the SNP take me and all Scots Protestants to court for historical damages in a few years time .
  15. Goram deserves so much credit for that game. He was magnificent.
  16. Of course we all have sympathy with black people who were abused by white folk in the past Wonder if any of the scum put up a "Mark Walters" sign anywhere today ?
  17. It's one thing bringing in a young lad to replace Halliday on the park, but will he be as staunch as Gerrard wanted Halliday to be in the dressing room when the squad are singing the Billy Boys ?
  18. I'll raise you Cannavero, Beckenbauer, and Puyol. Would throw in Zidane too, but under my own rules that would be cheating.
  19. He's not racist, his alter ego is Colombian.
  20. You mean Leicester, who are currently top six in the Premier league, have international tested players all over the place, recently won it, and have multi millions to spend, even on squad players ? We play in a diddy league, they don't.
  21. Traditionally the best centre back at a club wears number 5, not 6. As a football fan, I'm embarrassed I had to explain that to you.
  22. Black African football tournaments matter.
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