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  1. Aye, there's not a lot of Scottish teams who have played in 4 European finals.
  2. It will be hugely disappointing if the tarriers are still allowed to tarnish the ethics and sportsmanship in Scottish football via an extremely self interested cabal at the heart of Scottish football, and which extends to the authorities, the media, and many companies with vested interest in this one football team and its associated culture. If other clubs are not allowed to question, or are blackmailed into agreeing with such obvious corruption,it does suggest that the whole rotten core is so far entrenched that they will not give up an inch. So much is now out in the open, the decent folk in Scotland and worldwide are aware of this, yet there is a fear within Scotland to question or challenge the corruption within football which spreads it's twisted tentacles so far. There was a time we looked at the political corruption of the game in East Germany, and the financial corruption of the game in Italy with disdain, but never dreamed that Scottish football would outdo both those corrupt systems politically, and financially. It has happened in most of our lifetimes, and my fear is that it will continue in a Scottish society which is distancing itself more and more from traditional values and decency in sport and politics. These issues cannot be rectified by one football club, our own, alone. Those who wish us to fight single-handedly are naive. The fight has to come at a higher level, with more support. But where will this future support come from ? Don't pass the onus and buck to our football team. Have a look at yourselves and see where the power lies and how you can fight it.
  3. Get the centre back positions fixed, get a new captain and confident holding mid player ( I expect both of those will be Jack at some stage, and hopefully Gerrard is mentoring him for the part), then Bariic and Tavernier will have the confidence to cause havoc on both wings. Morelos on form, or a decent targetman/finisher would fit in that scenario too. I think having Kent and Hagi in the same team could leave us a bit light weight in the middle against the better teams, Hagi playing the front creative mid is a surety. I think Kent has the athletic stamina to cover the wing backs too, but he needs to up his game consistently. Well there you go that would mean three players needed, or others to improve significantly. A really solid centre back, another strong attacking midfielder, and a target/finisher up front. Can any of the present players step up to those three positions ? Would save us a lot of money, to maybe spend on a great centre back.
  4. Go away and worry about the cost of the child abuse lawsuit settlements.
  5. Jock Shaw leads out the Rangers team, followed by Dawson before the Clyde v Rangers Glasgow Cup semi-final held at Shawfield Park, 24th September 1945.
  6. Jim Baxter at the side of the pitch during a training session at Arsenal's Highbury stadium in London on 4th November 196
  7. Future social distancing at games means we might only get a couple of thousand at grounds which have capacities of 10,0000-30,000. So basically no change for dundee united, dundee, or st mirren, though cellic will still be claiming an extra 10,000 attended their home games.
  8. Credible journalist who has good connections to radio and newspapers. Been on local radio down here talking about a Romanian player Brighton are chasing, and on BBC world sport.
  9. They were the last of the big 6 Glasgow clubs to wear hoops. (Edit: Looks like my picture links may have gone, they all came from searching by (historical football jerseys). The Clyde one is nice, blue and red hoops. Queens Park 1873 Rangers 1879 Third Lanark 1880 Clyde 1886 Partick Thistle 1900 Cellic 1903 (First time they wore hoops)
  10. Quote "A Daily Record journalist produced a fabricated account." That part alone is quite shocking. Wonder who it was, who authorised it, and why the editor allowed this, after all he is ultimately responsible for input. Heads should roll for that one statement alone. The Daily Record, a newspaper of blatant lies, and no integrity.
  11. So what have you done ? (Note: I've done this post in the traditional style of @.Williamson., i'e a poster who constantly trolls and tries to put down fellow posters with trite windups which appeal to a minority of fellow posters who think it is provocative and witty, and yes I now feel dirty at posting at this level. ).
  12. Yes, whenever the season or next season resumes we need a few big banners. I would go for "Scottish Football Authorities: Corrupt To The Core", and "Cellic: The Tainted Title Years 2012-2020"
  13. Or "Don't remember, but my bum felt sore a lot of the time I was there"
  14. When you first got your password, and they asked you for some codewords in case you forgot it, like "What was your favourite pet's name", or what was your Mum's maiden name, did you choose the "Which School Did You Go To" option ?
  15. I believe they have lots of "obsessive tim" filters on there, maybe the reason you are blocked. Are you on an online SNP database ?
  16. Don't be a dick, don't you know Scottish football history ?
  17. I think those "statistics" would change radically if the truth about corruption within the SFA and SPFL in those years, and the blackmail and pressure put on referees and other clubs in those years came out. 11/12 onward to 2020 and onward would all be illegitimate. And then there is the child abuse issue which should see them stripped of all titles in their lying years. Never forget Big Jock Knew, and if he did, they all did. The combination of the corrupt years and the child abuse years being made public would surely destroy them. Then add their support and allegiance to a terrorist organisation who killed folk indiscriminately in their own homeland. Scotland's eternal shame now that these bastards were never challenged and condemned.
  18. I expect the love affair most cities had with the traditional Oirish pubs, painted dark green with Guiness signs and wee Irish harps (which were mostly shite) and the myth of the craic contributed too. England seems to have forgotten the Fenian inspired cunts were still bombing them and taking the lifes of our countries young soldiers not so long ago.
  19. The unchallenged child abuse claims and court cases should have had alarm bells going off for a long time, but institutionalised self interest and cover up on the bigger issues of historic establishment child abuse, and the more recent politically sensitive grooming gangs seems to have encouraged all those in the establishment to keep it low key.
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