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  1. Traditionalist me, black socks, red tops. and a great big white V collar. And preferered when there was no advertising on the kit too. Greatest player wearing the greatest strip. (No offence @mearns loyal )
  2. I'm not the kind of guy who believes that wearing a kilt makes me a better Scotsman. I'm not the kind of guy who believes eating haggis on Burn's night make me a better Scotsman. I'm not the kind of guy who believes supporting the SNP would make me a better Scotsman. And I'm also not the kind of guy who believes supporting a Scottish international team that discriminates against picking players from my favourite football club, a Scottish international team that represents an association which would gladly have destroyed my favourite football club, and a Scottish International team the majority of whose football fans hate my favourite football club with passion, makes me a better Scotsman. I am a proud Scot. Fuck the Scottish national football team and their associates who are an embarrassment to my proud Scottish traditions.
  3. Daily Record have demanded their resignation after imminent news about the new DOF failed to materialise.
  4. Here's a wee question from the sports forum to keep us occupied while we wait.
  5. First poster to get it right posts the next stadium.
  6. Correct. Sorry about delay. Well done, a perfect wee stadium for Lisbon's "third team" Beleneses, another team who are proud of the blue jerseys. This is it from the southern side of the river.
  7. In other words: "No breaking news on a Monday after a weekend Scotland match forces our reporters to speculate what could be happening in the future at Ibrox in futile attempt to keep Rangers fans interested in us"
  8. Not so famous, this one's a favourite. It's in the background of the second photo.
  9. Correct, was expecting a few younger fans to guess Ibrox.
  10. The way Scotland plays it should be in the OT methinks.
  11. Clint Hill player of the year, and Kenny Miller young player of the year.
  12. I've always dislike the garish monstosities with the multicoloured wide diagonal stripes known as Rangers club ties as they bear no resemblance to our shirts. We should notbe doing diagonals and multi colour stripes. I also not a great fan of the tartan one. Here's what you need. Blue tie, subtle red/white accent and club crest. White shirt, Black or dark blue suit, black shoes. Sorted. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RANGERS-FOOTBALL-CLUB-TIE-VINTAGE-RETRO-FC-NAVY-1990s-MENS-NECKTIE-/201742256476
  13. Subtlety and strength is the name of the game here mate. Nothing more cringey than some bloke with a football shirt or an obvious "look at me I support......." tatoo, tie or badge. I tend to avoid them as they often lack character. Be yourself, enjoy, and when someone's interested then tell them your background and heritage, they'll respect you more.
  14. That is one terrific post Mr Moonlighter.
  15. So if you are not happy why did you join and what exactly are you getting out of it or expect to get out of it, that keeps you here Mr King.......
  16. No, it was a basic courtesy, or at least send a decent representative to express your condolences. A Gers-cellic game around New Year is still a rememberance of the tragedy, and there are still many relatives and friends of those who suffered and died who continue with the pain. Was extremely ignorant and showed a lack of understanding of one the most important emotions that unites and survives amongst our fraternity and Scottish football in general.
  17. Is that the one well away from the entrance where they put dodgy characters who might not be able to pay the bill due to dodgy credit card or lack of cash in pocket ?
  18. The square root of -2 is ?
  19. Business is business, the fuck up between the two was actually manipulated and allowed for by both sides, and we the fans are made mugs unaware of the inner workings, but basically we all know they were allowed to leave under dodgy circumstances by mutual undisclosed agreement and no further consequence. Onwards and upwards.
  20. First question from me Mr King: Why don't you tell the sun and record to take a walk and concentrate on bringing our own media services up to a 21st century standard where we are in control of, and professionally skilled at, our own news output, and at the same time engage in direct talks with the fan base rather than dealing through chancers and charlatans like Houston and the Scottish media. Communication is the key here and you should be playing fair with your immediate customers, i.e. the common fan, first and foremost. Basically we need to be solely responsible for the accuracy, honesty and professionalism of our media output, and not reliant on others who may have their own agenda.
  21. Is the Sun taking the piss with that headline ?
  22. Martin's deid OP
  23. Since our demotion and bad times 5 years or so years ago how many ex players/managers have done us any good at our club ? Answer zero. The capable guys like Souness, Smith stayed out of it. Even McCall did not last long. Brown our village idiot and Barry the ned ? Puppets for KIng, just like Houston. Pedro and his backing team are surely a wee bit more wordly wise and sophisticated to take them seriously, never mind their failures in coaching and management. Gordon Smith has all the credentials required to be logistics advisor to Pedro with his experience of Rangers, and his knowledge of the workings of the politics of Scottish football. Shame Sandy Jardine ain't still around too.
  24. Caption competition ? ""Hello Pedro, we are the biryani boys" "If you beat the Tims in the cup I'll pay for the next meal Pedro" "King and Pedro having a wee Chatt" Pedro: "Will we go Dutch ?". King "Naw, we can't afford Frank as DOF as well as a manager"
  25. And doesn't say what level they were when they won the two league titles, which means they could be two players who played under Jose, but then went on to manage teams themselves. But then I thought that's beginning to get too complicated and would probably entail me having to write an overlong post stating my reasoning and justification and allowing for all sorts of interpertations of the original statement and thought simply.....fuck it, I'll just admit defeat, especially as I believe it would take a million football fans typing on a million typewriters at random to find a correct answer which the instigator of the question would not even be aware of.