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  1. Fleetwood Mac ?
  2. I think it's just co-incidence it's orange and there was probably no real intention to persuade staunch protestant Gers fans to buy it, we're an all-inclusive club after all. Same with the new second goalie kit which is red with a picture of King Billy on a white horse on the front, and has FTP on the back in big letters.
  3. Said it last season,top teams use 4 forwards and at least 2 need to be on form to keep the other two out the team and hungry. Miller's okay, but why is Waghorn still here. (Not expecting anything fom Dodoo this season either) That leaves us needing at least two experienced or hungry forwards. Let's hope we can get two good frontline opportunists on loan. As for our defence, I can't see Wilson being here for a long time, we need another experienced capable bullying centre half in there, if even just for this season, who would walk it against Scottish opposition, a kind of poor man's Alves, then use a couple of the younsters alongside them against weaker opposition where necessary to get experience. Wilson positions well but no real toughness at all and poor in the air. Having said that, can't complain about the result, it highlights what we need sorted and basicaly Pedro now needs to go to the board and tell them which of last season's imposters stil here need to be shown the door (Waghorn soon, Wilson later). Wallace is now a puzzle, the potential he had a few years ago has evaporated. Personally I think it's partly the pressure of being Captain in a dislointed team with a few manager/player issues and he may not have the character to rise above the general malaise. Definitely a keeper (no goalie jokes please) and think if the pressure was off him would be a much more confident and creative player. Stick at it Lee, still think he has the potential to be a great player.
  4. "Haw ref, can you tell me where I can stash this until full time."
  5. Some right soft wee idiots on this thread blaming Kranjcar for being furious at a knee high studs up hit on his dodgy knee from a no-mark in a meaningless friendly. Imagine that had happened to Souness or Ferguson. What would they have done, shook the guy's hand ?
  6. That's him banned for the 3 pre-season friendlies we're playing against St Johnstone in the next two weeks.
  7. FIFA have a poor record on paper throwing, especially with catholic teams If this had been protestant Dutch fans throwing the paper game would have been abandoned.
  8. I don't think we train our stewards well enough to cope with this kind of thing. This is how it should be dealt with.
  9. We should appeal and blame it on the Luxembourgers as it was just our fans exuberance. Here's a precedent. Albanians provoke trouble in match in Serbia and Albanian team refuse to play on. Uefa turn it round and blame, fine and deduct 3 points from Serbia. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/33478446
  10. Although the actions were harmless was a stupid thing to do. But I do understand those bits of paper were probably a greater threat to their goalkeeper than our front line was.
  11. A representative of an organisation whose business consists solely of organising and supplying words, not being able to organise and supply words which is basically what he is being paid for, and what it says he does on his contract. Sums up these imbeciles completely.
  12. Apparently at Candeias first training session, Pedro picked the ball up and pointed at it and said "ball". He then pointed towards the goal and said "goal". Pedro then kicked the ball in to the goal. Candeias then said to Pedro "No to worry, I speak some good English" Pedro then said, "It's not for your benefit Daniel, it's for Waghorn, Dodoo................
  13. No else notice right at the end, Waghorn, who has just watched the shot hit the target, is deep in thought.........
  14. Courageous journalism sending it to the guy's work. You'd think a s a senior newspaper editor with a mass of experience of journalism and correct use of English language would have been able to complain in a coherent, sensible fashion by communicating his point directly in a factual manner and explaining his concern. Oops scrub that, words and phrases like "able to complain in a coherent, sensible fashion by communicating his point directly in a factual manner and explaining his concern" obviously have no part to play in today's Daily Record. To be honest though, this actually saddens me rather than annoys me, what is wrong with these people in the Scottish press these days ? Seems to me they are pandering all the time to their peers who carry a similar obsessive unhealthy attitude, and to the general rabble. Independent, factual, objective journalism my arse.
  15. Aye Tav's free kicks caused a lot of threat lst year. Mostly to fans high up in the stands.
  16. Was on a run..........
  17. Tims played a five card trick against Linfield and hit a deuce, but by the time we get them in front of a full house Pedro might have an ace up his sleeve and they could end up a busted flush.
  18. Rangers v Manchester United. Coronation Cup. Attendance 75,000 http://movingimage.nls.uk/film/0905
  19. Maybe we'l just call him Mike from now on.......
  20. Bottom line on this is Linfield football club stood and were counted as they backed us in our worst times. Massive respect to the second most successful football club in the world.
  21. http://www.canadiansoccerhistory.com/British_Tours_to Canada/GlasgowRngrs1928and1930.html http://www.thecoplandroad.org/2013/06/the-good-ship-rangers-and-north.html