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  1. Who punched Graeme Murty?

    Tenpole Tudor and the Sex Pistols (minus Johnny Rotten) aided and abetted by Malcolm McLaren.
  2. Who punched Graeme Murty?

    Apparently he said " @STEPPS BOY does post a lot of unsubstantiated shite on the Rangers Media"
  3. Who punched Graeme Murty?

    Davie King keeps pinching Murty's cheeks and saying "You're doing a grand job son."
  4. Who punched Graeme Murty?

    Was it Lee Wallace, ......in the dressing room, ........with a fist ? Cluedoloyal likes this
  5. Who punched Graeme Murty?

    Was watching shooting practise at training from the touchline and a wayward shot from Morelos hit him right in the face, then seconds later another wayward shot from Halliday hit him in the face, a few more seconds later and yet another wayward shot from Windass hit him in the face. Ended up standing in front of the goal for next 15 minute of shooting practise to protect himself.
  6. Sean Goss

    Might actually, be a kind of truth in that, I think that Murty upset QPR back in March by suggesting Goss was already going to be a Rangers player, and QPR manager Holloway got quite angry at the suggestion, then Murty clarified he knew he was a QPR player.
  7. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    So assuming we can actually put a team together with Wallace and Miller suspended, Halliday disgraced, Bates off to Germany, Kranjcar gone ages ago, O'Halloran barred from team for tim like tendencies, Hardie at Livingston, Windass semi fit, Alves possible injury, Rossiter probably 10-11 weeks away from comeback, Jack injury and accusations of dressing room mutinies and the boss under attack, even a rumour of Murty being shouted at by Candeias, how do we think we should start on Sunday ?
  8. More good news (not really) - Pena

    Pena would be recalled and come on as a last minute sub against them next week, scoring the winner with a deflection off his arse from a Scott Brown clearance.
  9. More good news (not really) - Pena

    Depends whether the payment contract is directly from them to Pena, or if they pay us and we pay his contract. They should have clauses in their contract with us which clarifies this, not sure how it usually works though,
  10. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I've just parked my offended bus round the corner from his house .
  11. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Can never understand why clubs don't invest directly for good goalies, if he does his job better than average, that's probably worth another 10-12 points a season, and looking at the table our biggest problem is shipping goals. .
  12. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    No worries, I liked the format of yours and it brought a bit of colour to the forum and certainly a more concise thread title. . Don't think there will be any great thought or even fight today, and both teams will play out a low score draw. Result don't matter unless we lose by too many, and actually gives us one more chance to gain at least one victory over the tims, which would be a memorable one, looking on the positive side.
  13. Q and A with Murty

    I don't think anyone really hates Murty. Most already know what you have stated, that basically he is another fall guy for our board's incompetency. Given his lack of managerial experience (and don't forget the likely lack of loyalty from one or two of the senior players), he may actually have done as much as he could. Twice he has stepped in to the breach when apparently no one else was available, and has never walked away. I for one wish him all the best, whether he stay in the background management team or moves on.
  14. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    This should be done as part of the bigger development of the whole area, which is one of the most prime positions for high class investment in Glasgow. Improved road and road links from the airport to the Ibrox hub. Underground links between local car parks in the empty areas at the back off the industrial estates and Govan to the new Ibrox and Bellahouston (for access to concerts and exhibitions at Bellahouston Park) train stations. Both stations linked to the underground for easy access around town. Ibrox stadium and Bellahouston park a very attractive centrepiece for business offices, hotels, conerence centres, and additional sporting facilities (I see @Inigo is typing on the thread as I type this, he knows this stuff too, a no brainer for Glasgow's future. )
  15. Q and A with Murty

    A herald reporter grilling and asking loaded, agenda driven questions of a Rangers manager for fuxache. Walter would quite simply have answered a lot those questions from a herald reporter with simply a disconcerting stare, a look of incredibility the reporter was even asking those kind of questions, or simply a few basic putdowns along the lines of "as a reporter you know fuck all and as I'm manager of Rangers your not gonna don't take the piss." Or maybe even a wee bit of this. Or maybe even take a wee tip from the master.
  16. Well, who'd have bet on that.
  17. The tims would never get near us. Those two totally dominate this video. Enjoy.
  18. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Tried and trusted goalkeeper £5 million Centre half with lots of experience. Our new captain. £5 million. 2 hard tackling dependable midfielders, £3 milion each. Cummings, under a million. Experienced, tough forward, £3 million. Then see if our DOF can do his job and bring in two hungry midfielders to bolster midfield another hungry forward to pressurise the three strikers. Still short of another decent centre half, so maybe have to give youngsters a chance, or look at decent English championshio guys who are only slightly past their best, or pinching one from an SPL club. If Wallace is kept I still think he could do a turn alongside a decent centre half.
  19. Favourite Rangers Kit

    Am I the only one who thinks our original white shirt with the big blue star, and the white shorts was class ? Would like to see it re-introduced for our 150th sesquicentennial celebrations in 2022 maybe a wee motto to go with it along the lines of "Our Star Shines On Forever". And I've even thought of a wee song to go with it. "Our founding fathers wore it as youths, in the bygone days of yore.....................and it's on the 12th July we love to wear the star our founding fathers wore"
  20. Rangers bar falaraki

    I'm doing an Antarctica expedition in August , then September I'll be climbing the Himalaya's. Heading over to Italy to wave to the pope in July. Any bars for bears in those areas ?
  21. Wenger away

    Second greatest Arsenal' manager.
  22. Statement from A Johnston

    A very calm, peaceful and laid back statement regarding all our current ills. No knee jerking or finger pointing just an optimistic view that things are under control. Is he on opiates ?
  23. Pena

    Now that's what I call a real threat, if that does not sort him out, nothing will.......
  24. Admin

    @Ian Blacks Paintbrush
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