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  2. Did you read my other posts in this thread..?
  3. I know.. But i had a soft spot for McLeish.. Wasnt it the Birmingham bid that set this price..? Of course I understand that other clubs will do their best to get a bargain.. but i'm a bit biased towards Rangers..
  4. They are taking advantage of our poor financial state.. I was very disappointed in McLeish with that shitty offer,.. knowing that the bank is pulling the strings..
  5. Homer mid coitus. That's probably what I'd think to delay.... =

  6. The homer voice is fucking cracking :D

  7. Anyone who doesn't want to go for a Flanders tache ride has something wrong with em! :P

  8. No even the one I meant to post lol. I recorded that earlier.

  9. Auch don't mind if a do! I'll stick the kettle on!

  10. Pretty much if it's got cake I'm there! :P

  11. I've refused to watch films with him in it. The last one was Kick-Ass. And that film he was saved by a 10 year old girl actor.

  12. Ahhh such a shitty actor. How does he keep gettin work?

  13. RM's shittier withoot the Zeppster.


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