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  2. Did you read my other posts in this thread..?
  3. I know.. But i had a soft spot for McLeish.. Wasnt it the Birmingham bid that set this price..? Of course I understand that other clubs will do their best to get a bargain.. but i'm a bit biased towards Rangers..
  4. They are taking advantage of our poor financial state.. I was very disappointed in McLeish with that shitty offer,.. knowing that the bank is pulling the strings..
  5. Homer mid coitus. That's probably what I'd think to delay.... =

  6. The homer voice is fucking cracking :D

  7. Anyone who doesn't want to go for a Flanders tache ride has something wrong with em! :P

  8. No even the one I meant to post lol. I recorded that earlier.

  9. Auch don't mind if a do! I'll stick the kettle on!

  10. Pretty much if it's got cake I'm there! :P

  11. I've refused to watch films with him in it. The last one was Kick-Ass. And that film he was saved by a 10 year old girl actor.

  12. Ahhh such a shitty actor. How does he keep gettin work?

  13. RM's shittier withoot the Zeppster.


  14. was talking about you.. not to you..
  15. no.. he wants to create a new life..
  16. at this thread.. and i missed the first 9 pages..
  17. even though I didnt see what the "you're" quote referred to..
  18. Exclusive Update from reliable source coming up......
  19. can we keep this discussion on topic please...?
  20. They should decide if they are selling him or not then..!
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