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  1. Some of our crossing is shocking at times. Wallace should be doing so much more with that but great run from Wylde
  2. I'd say why not? The boy hasn't put a foot wrong during both games. I'd give McMillian a game as well, he doesn't look out of place.
  3. Unlucky Davo, fantastic strike! Ever noticed our midfielders have cracking shots on them but we hardly strike from outside the box?
  4. Our play during the first half was sublime at times! With Davis and Naismith breaking up and charging in midfield + width from Wylde and Ortiz, this could potentially be a cracking team!
  5. Super Kyle goes ballistic Killie are atrocious! Fucking get in big man!!!
  6. Should be a good game hopefully. I can't see past 3-1 to the Rangers. Then again I'll take a scrappy 1-0 win if it comes down to it!
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