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  1. Looked like a mild downo
  2. I was joking and only post on my lunch break, you do need to get a life though
  3. I'm not getting into this argument but there probably are people who go for other aspects, don't deny this. I hate this argument.
  4. I reckon i could post 60 times in one day to be honest.
  5. Coming into Glasgow is it complicated to get to Hampden and parking?
  6. Thanks
  7. I don't even know, south stand i think.
  8. Oh aye and don't know the area well at all...
  9. Where's good to park for the QP game? Is their official parking or are there good places near the stadium? As much detail as possible please as this isn't for me personally.
  10. Tee hee! You're coming ex right hand man...
  11. You do know I'd fuck you up right you massive pussy?
  12. Stop trying to offend me. The way you take things so personally just shows you up. You can't take critisism of your posts and you resort to nonsensical ramblings and attempted personal insults, it's truly pathetic. We're ruining this delightful thread anyway, you can PM me if you want to continue your boring drivel though, i have to leave work and enjoy life.
  13. You actually do just talk nonsense like a 5 year old would Keep trying, maybe one day you'll post a funny... Mum patter again
  14. You were shown up. Ripped to bits? You're blowing your own trumpet here, you slagged me good once and that's all you've managed you mongol. Do you actually think i get any pictures of me, my inactive twitter and my life ripped to bits regularly? Do you read RM much? You have the worst patter out of anyone i've ever seen on a football forum. "Devoid" Mum patter - You sure you're not one of they 15 year olds? Let's post about our jobbies! You're a fucking walloper which probably about 2 people on here find funny.
  15. I do go to games and are you seriously saying it's just the 15 year olds that sing about that shit not fully understanding? I'm not uneducated, you're the tit that always makes it personal yet looks like a mongo when trying to debate something, you were shown up last week by almost the whole board ffs